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Publication numberUS849653 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1907
Filing dateAug 10, 1904
Priority dateAug 10, 1904
Publication numberUS 849653 A, US 849653A, US-A-849653, US849653 A, US849653A
InventorsEmile Bachelet
Original AssigneeEmile Bachelet
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Electromagnetic apparatus.
US 849653 A
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f and preferably wound the apparatus.



A Specification of Letters Patent.

atented April 9, ILQG?.

Application filed August l0, 1904. Serial No, 220,262.

fomit Zvi/wm, t indy concer/2,:

Be it known thatl, FMILE Bachmann 4of Tacoma, in the county of .Pierce and State of iVashinOton, have invented certain new and uselul mprovements in AElectromagnetic Apparatus; and I hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereoi, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which forni part of this speciiieation.

This invention is an improved electromagnetic apparatus especially designed ior creating vibrating or pulsating magnetic liclds and particularly adaptedr for use m therapeutics 'for the treatment o'r' all diseases of the nerveus system and to reestablish the normal condition of the organs, Iheilig particularly useful in diseases where muscles or nerves have become stiffened, strained, or distorted and also useful in restoring the blood to a healthy normal condition. rlhe apparatus may also be used for other purposes in the art where magnetism or magne -c 'fields have been iieund useli1l--sucl1, ier example, purifying or clarifyingliquids, stima ating animal and vegetable growths, and in refining and aging liquors, &c. l do not, therefore, wish to restrict my invention te therapeutic purposes.

The invention also includes a novel construction oli an electromagnet whereby I obtain a large magnetic iield with a solenoid or magnet ol large diameter, but very short length, and .which magnet is so constructed thatanore or less oi its'coils may be cutout, so as to render the strength of the magnetic field easily controllable.

l will new describe the invention with referenceto the accompanying drawings, which illustrate a practical formcf the apparatus, and refer to the claims ior summaries of those features of the invention for which protection is desired.

ln the drawings, Figure 1 is a iront view ol" the preferred form of .the apparatus incased. 1Fig. 2 is aview showing the coil or solenoidmagnet oiE the preferred form. ll ig. is a longitudinal section through Fig. 1. Fig. t is a detail View showing one application of Fig. 5 is another view showmg another inode of using the apparatus.

The apparatuconsists, essentially, of a solenoid-magnet A, composed wholly oil` wire, in one continuous length.- In a ood pr etical form of this apparatus the said. i olenoid may be about fivel eighths of an inch long or thick by eight inches in diameter, with an internal opening of about one-inch diameter. The solenoid is wound on a suitable mandrel not necessarily having any spool. After a certain length of the wire has been wound ou the mandrel a loop B is formed in the wire, this loop proliecting out ol the plane ol the solenoid and iorming a means for connecting this division of the solenoid to a suitable contact-point C on the bex. Any number of such sec-tions maybe thus vformed without breaking the wire, each section being indicated by a loop. The solenoid. shown has six suoli sections, whose loops B B i2, oie., are respectively connected to thc contacts tl (ll, tc., which contacts are arranged on thecasiug l),within which the solenoid is secured. Said casing is preferably of wood, but may be ol' any other suitable material, and the contacts C (Y, ctc., are attached thereto. A switcharm c is pivoted on the casing and is ally connected by a wire c to a binding-post E on the easing. Similarly, one terminal oi the solenoid is attached by a wiref to the other binding-post fli on the box, the other terminal oll the coil being attached to the last contact-point Ci of the series. By bringing the arm c in contact wit h the terminal the whole solenoid will be thrown into circuit, and by shifting this arm c onto any of the other contaos more or less ol the coil can be cut out. t bus iu a simple 'manner the strength of the magnet can be easily controlled.

The binding-posts l` aud E may be conhigh frequency, so that the magnet is enorgizcd and deiuergized witligroat rapidity. Ibis results in a succession ol" umguetic impulses or waves boing projected iulo space, as is well known. Where an alternating current is not obtainable, thebinding-posts may beconuccted iu circuit with a continuous current of electricity, iu which case, howcvci', u rotary transformer or lluluulioi'lll coil and interruptor should be interposed in thc circuit,so as to obtain a vibration or alternation of the current through thc solenoid.

The solenoid is secured 'iu the casing iu lsuitable manner. A convenient way is to center it around a 'plug (l, screwed to the box. li desired, this plug (l may bo of iron or other suitable metal to form a core for the solenoid, which will increase its intensity'. My invention, however, includes the solenoid with or without a core. i

electricncctcd in an alternating circuit, preferably olfV lOO

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Cooperative ClassificationA61N2/02