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Publication numberUS849855 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1907
Filing dateMay 2, 1906
Priority dateMay 2, 1906
Publication numberUS 849855 A, US 849855A, US-A-849855, US849855 A, US849855A
InventorsJohn C Repp
Original AssigneeJohn C Repp
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US 849855 A
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No.a49,855. PATENTED APR. 9, 1907.



p 111111111111110/lllllulllllllllluq111011111141,a/n

uNiTnn sTATns PATENT ori-fion.

JOHN c. einer, or riTTsBURGyPENNsYLvANiA .l CURTAIN-Pone;

Specicaton of Letters Patent.-

Patentefi Aprii e, 1907.

Application liled May 2', 1906. Serial No. 314,818.

capable of being readily adjusted-longitudi-` nally to adapt it to windows, doorways, -or alcoves of different widths.

A further obj ect of the invention isto provide a curtain-pole to which curtains or portires may be attached'without the employment of either rin s or suspending-pins.

A stillluither o ject of the invention is to provide a curtain-pole comprising adjustable telesco ic sections and detachable end caps or kno s, all adapted to be secured together without screws, nails, or like fastening devices.

The 'construction ,of vthe device will be fully described hereinafter iny connection with the accompanyingdrawinvs, which forni a part of this speciicicationanda its novel features will be defined in the appended claims.A

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a view in perspective of the improved pole. Fig. 2 is alongitudinal section of the saine. F ig; 3 is a transverse section on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is a transverse section through the outer tubular section. Fig. 5 is a transverse section on the line 5 5 of Fig. 1

The reference-numerals 1 and 2, respectively, designate an outer and an inner, tube, preferably of light sheet' metal. The outer tube l is oi' slightly-larger diameter than the tubular section 2 to permit the latter Yto fit within the tube 1, forming a telescopic connection, the frictional enga ement of the meetii?r ends ol the two tubu ar sections being su icient to retain the sections at anyposit-ion to which they may be adjusted. The

outer end g of each of the telescopic sections 1 and 2 is slightly tapered' to adapt them to be easily inserted into the sockets 4 of the knobs 5. These knobs are also preferably constructed of metal and are detachably secured to the outer ends of the telescopic sections of the pole by the means hereinafter described.

Each ot' the tubular sections] and 2 is formed with a longitudinal slot 6, extending throughout its length, and,'as shown in the drawings, the slot of-one section alineswitli that-of the other to rovide a continuous longitudinal opening t roughout the length of the two connected sections through which i thecurtain or portire passes. To maintain the required` parallel relatio of the twotubular sections and the proper registering ofthe slots therein, the outer secv tion 1 has its edges bent inward in opposite directions, forming longitudinal lflanges 7,

Which frictionally engage the section 2, the

edges 9 ofthe latter section being received in the grooves 8, formed by the inward bdnding ofthe edges ofthe section 1. This construction permits the two sections toi be readilyadjusted to lengthen or shorten the pole without affecting 'the radial `,relation of the sections. y

The numeral 1() designates a tube of small diameter arranged within the telescopio sec,- tions 1 and 2 and loosely supported therein to serve as a sup as illustrated in FPig. 5.

The inner surface "of each of the/knobsockets 4 is formed with a recess 11, said re.

orting-rod for the curtain,

cesses extending transversely of the socket.

and ofsi'iflicient width and length to receive catch-lugs 12, projectingfrom the outer surface of the tubular sections 1 and 2 and disposed `on opposite sides ofthe slot 6 adjacent to the outer endsof the sections.

. The resiliency of the sheet metal forming the sectiensl1 and 2' causesthe lugsl 12 to snap into the recesses 11 of the knob-sockets,

and thus provide .a secure but detachable connection of the knobs l,with the ends ,of the pole ofthe Acurtain is passed around the small rtube -10, after which the latter is inserted into one end of the hollow pole, the curtain depending through the slot 6. After the curtain is thus secured Within the pole the knobs are applied and secured in the manner already described.

It will be apparent that my improvement entirely avoids the employment of the usual lcurtain rings and pins, as well as screws or' nails, in connecting the knobs to the endsv of the pole.

As all oi"- the parts of the pole are detacliable, they may bc packed within very small compass for transportation.-

I would have it understood that I reserve The utilityy and advantages of the device f Vwill be readily understood. The upper endl 'KOC IIC

fitting on said tapered ends of the sections; Asaid sockets having recesses, and lugs on Athe tapered ends of the sections to engage in said recesses.

outer of which sections has its edges bent inwardly in opposite directions forming {ianges between which and the body of the outer seetion the edges of the inner section are received and frictionally held, and removable knobs lia-ving sockets fitting on the outer ends of said sections. f

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature in the presence of two witnesses` `JonN e. REPP.

Witnesses A. M. lVILsoN, E. E. POTTER.

2. A curtain-pole comprising two telescop ing sections both slotted from end to end, the

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