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Publication numberUS850070 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 9, 1907
Filing dateJan 12, 1907
Priority dateJan 12, 1907
Publication numberUS 850070 A, US 850070A, US-A-850070, US850070 A, US850070A
InventorsRichard B Spikes
Original AssigneeMarine C Spires, Richard B Spikes
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US 850070 A
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No. 850,070. PATENTED APR. 9, 1907 R. B. SPIKES. BEER TPPER.v


z Ah w/TNESSE f Hlm-IARD E- EPIRES A TTOHNEYS Pif Y ji u sii-fhg? eigener snr-on.

.sienten s, seines, or nissen, ustioni TERRITORY, AssieNoR oF ONE-;


New. stoms.

Patented .April l9`, 1907.

T all 'whom t may concern:

Be it known that i, Biennial) B. Sprints, e

. citizen of the United States, residing et Bisbee, in the `county of Cochise :ind Territory of Arizona, have invented e new and useful linproyeinent in eerJeppers, of which the following is a specilicntion.

My invention relates to that class of devices known "l beeuteppers, which in the nature ot appliances vl'or opening and dispensing beer from the lieg or barrel. Such devices have heretofore been employed which simultaneously opened en outlet Vfor beer und un inletlior oir.

My invention involves this general method of tapping beer, nndconsists in the novel construction and arrangement o'r' puits herelluefter shown und described with reierenee to the drawings, in which- F igure l is u Vertical section through my devices shown applied to e. bestel. Fig. 2 is un enlarged section. on the iifie 25 :E of 11. Fig. 3 is s cross-scction on Sine 3 oi F l. F ig. A is n sectional perspective vier' of the interior ot the stationery cup iu the borrelhoftd, and Fig. 5 is e partis-l View in perspective oi" the detachablecoupling `lor connecting; the barrel with the ber-fixtures.

In the drawings, A represents e. tube which extends the full length oi the beer-barrel und has et its opposite ends integral cup-slieped heads B und C. The chenibered heed i3 lies in the plane of the upper heed et the barrel und has a. 'llunge m, that is screwed to the outside of the barrel-heini or otherwise anchored in the head. The cheinbered head C rests on the inner surface of the bottoni head of the borrel ond hes pointed. pins m, which sink into the Wood eudhold the pipe A stead i end permanently in plsce in the borrel. nside the tube A and capable (if-loosely turning therein is an inner concentric tube A2, bearing st its opposite ends iigi(lly-ettuclied disks B2 C2. The disk C2 fits und turns inthe head C oi tubc A2 and there is s hole c in the heed C und a hole c, in the disk C2, and when. disk C2 is turned to the position shown in Fig. 1 these holes are in registration and beer can poss through the coinciding holes to the spacebelow the disk Cf and thence up through the interior of the inne? tube A2.

At the upper end of the inner tube A? the rigidly-attsclied disk B2 has e hole t?, which is adapted to register With the hole b in the upper head B to admit compressed sin `5 5 through the seine to the surface of they heer, r1his sir comes through. s tube l. Whenthe holes c c2' et the bottom are turned into coincidence by the i'otetionof tube A2" Within A,y

the seme movement also brings the 'sir-holes' 6o t b2 into registration, so that beer is )drown out sind compressed zur passed in by one and s the seine ediustinent. 'lo permit thetube A2 to be inserted or removed from A, .the lower heed C of tube A hes a bottom D,.that

is detaohubly held by screws. The lowerm l disk C2 is integral or iXed in relation toits tube A2, but the upper one, B2, is detachable and held in piece for .rigid lrevolution with; tube A2, es shown in Fig.. Q-that is to' say, 7o

'the tube A2 'hos s, list side and the disk B2 has hole through it, with e corresponding flat side, ss seen st Z13; This locks the tWo together for rotation, and the dish is detach-j :ibly held down. onto thetube by s ring-.nut n, (ses Fig. 1,) sore-Wed upon' the upper screw-threaded end of the tube A2. The rernovubility oi' this nut `end disk B2 and the detachable bottom D of the head C below e1- lows the tube A2 and head C2 to be slipped 8o into place and the disk B2 to be afterward applied and retainedby thej nut. This is done before the tubes A and A2 are put in the berreLso that the bottoni D may be applied und screwed tight, and the parts A C and A2 B2 C2 are then inserted in the barrel sind permanently remain therein.

To turn the inner tube to open and c lose the ports, the beer-dispenser or bar*keeper is provided-With ls special coupling. .(Shown at the top of Fig. 1 :sind in detail in Fi 5.) lt consists of s cup F, having e' central dispensingftube Eend air-tube I, fixedly connected thereto. On the outside of the cup et dininetricelly opposite points are tW'o lugs 95 o o, that are adapted to enter slotsS, (see Fig. 4,) and calm-grooves r, so 'that when the lugs o are turned under the cam-surfaces' the cup F is locked down. The tube E extendssome distance below the cup and hss', e I0@ squared end tapered end e, as seen in Fig; 5, and when the cup F is applied-t0 thehead B this squared and tapered end e enters e corresponding squared and tapered socket in tube A2, es seen in Figs. 1 and 3. Then 105 when the-cup F is turned'to lock the lugs o o, the cern-grooves drew the s usred and ta` pered tubes t'o atight lit zind'tl e same.' movement alsol rotates thel inner tube A2: and

turns the disks B2 and C? to bring the air and beer ports into registration, as indicated by arrows in Fig..2. -When the cup Fis turned in the oppositefdireetion to uneouple it from the beer-barrel, -this backward movement throws the ports b2 and c2 out of registration with b and c and, closes up the barrel.

' To facilitate the turning and locking or u n- 'loekingofthe eouplin -eup F, a hinged Wrench-'handle G is attac ed to the eduetion pipe' E and is turnedl toa position at right angles in itting on or removing the coupling. Sto' -eoeks H and t are respectively arranged in t e air` and beer pipes to close them when necessary. For fitting the stationary parts in the barrel the lower head Cismade somewhat smaller than the opening in which the upper head B iits to permit insertion.

claiml 1. A beer-tapper, comprising two concentrie tubes, the outer one being formed with chambered heads fixed to the opposite heads of the barrel, the inner tube being rotarily adjustable and having disks at its ends arranged in the chambered heads of the outer tube and having registering ports, the ports in one end being for beer and those :it the other end for air, both oi said tubes extending the full length of the barrel.

2. A beer-tapper, comprising two concen-v trie tubes, the outer one being formed with. ehanihered heads iixed to the opposite heads of the barrel, the inner tube being rotarily l I i l l i l 'tube and' having registering -ing ran. eduetionpipe with. a squared and tapered lower end adapted to lit in and turn the inner tube and a rigidly-attached eup having outwardly-projeeting lugs, and a stationurv ehambered head with earn-grooves adapted to engage the lugs and draw the squared and tapered tubes to a tight fit.

4. A beer-tapper, comprising two eoneentrie tubes the outer' one having at one end a ehanibered head with a detachable Closure l and at the other end a ehainbered head with locking-Canis both said heads having ports', the inner tube having a fixed disk at one en d and a detachable disk at the other end and both provided with ports, and an interlocking dispensing-coupling arranged tohengage the cams of the ehamhered head and'also the inner tube to simultaneously turn it.




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Cooperative ClassificationB67D1/0832