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Publication numberUS851045 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1907
Filing dateDec 30, 1905
Priority dateDec 30, 1905
Publication numberUS 851045 A, US 851045A, US-A-851045, US851045 A, US851045A
InventorsJacob Henry Ullrick
Original AssigneeJacob Henry Ullrick
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US 851045 A
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No. 851,045. PATENTED APR-23, 1907.


APPLICATION FILED 1530. 30,1905.


WW/bu mac o 95L" PATENTED APR. 23, 1907.





Z pwwuvemto wi/tmaoocq I NI TATES .PAEE OFFICE.

, JAGOB To all whom it may concern:

;Be it known that'I, "JACOB HENRY ULL- RICK, a citizen of the United States, residing at Nashville, in thecounty of Davidson and State of Tennessee, have invented a new and useful Still, of which the following is aspeci'f' ficatio The present invention-relates more particularly to means for distilling water, though not necessarily limited to this use.

,The principal object is to providea novel structure wherein air is comrningled with the ,stcam, so that the'flat tasteisto avery great degree eliminated from the water ofdistill'ar5t1on. f- I Means are also provided for securing the escape of Objectionable gases and vapors thatv may bebrought over-"with the steam to be condensed. Another and important object is to provide a simple still of a novel nature that is very compact, is easilyoperated and cared for, and is so constructed that it is automatic? sally supplied'with waterfor condensing pur- 2 5 poses and with water to be distilled.

1 The referred embodiment of the invention is isclosed' in the accompanying drawings, wherein a Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view throu h 0 'the still. Fig. 2 is a top plan view of t" e g generator 7 is provided, said generator comprisin a body 8 and a conical cover 9, the.

; atter aving dependin flanges 15), that embrace the upper edges of the-body-walls, said [cover being held in place by suitable clips 11. A cover or casing 12 of asbestos or other suitable material preferably incloses thegenerator and is spaced from the walls thereof,

as shown in Fig. 1. Any suitable heater as, for instance, a gas-burner 13-maybe employed for heating the said generator. A

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed'Dedember 30, 1905. Serial No; 293,954.

- tank, as shown at 33.


' arm: I

Patented. April as, 1907.

comprising a closed1tank 15, within which is located a coil '16. This tank has an upper offset portion 17, through which extends an inlet-conduit 18, connected to the upper end of the coil 16. The conduit 18 also has communication with an offset discharge-nozzle any number, of which maybe employed, as

j 19, forming a part of the'generator-cover 9. 1 The coil 16 .consists of a plurality of whirls,

desired, depending, of course, on the size of the still. This coil is made up of straight angularly-disposed sections 20, each section consisting of an'gularly-disposed substantially fiat walls. The said coil terminates at its lower end in a delivery-spout 21,'that projects from the bottom of the condensingtank 15 andis arranged to receive beneath it a receptacle 22--for the water of distillation.

f F or the purpose of introducing fresh air into the steam and condensed'water in the coil an upright air-inlet conduit'23. is provided depending below the tank 15, and preferably havinga flared inlet end'24. This conduit extends within the coil-transversely of the saine and has communication with the diifer ent whirls through openings 25. 'duit preferably terminates at-theupperend The C0111 the outer side thereof at dilferent points. These conduits have communication with the whirls of the coil through openings 27 andit will be observed that the openings 27 are at diiferent points from the openings 25. many ofsaid outlets'may be employed as desired, the same being preferably controlled by suitable slide valvesor gates 28.

Water is supplied to the condensing-tank I from anysu-itable source through a pipe 29,

which communicates with the lower portion of said tank andinay be closed or regulated by a valve 30. A waste-pipe 31 communicates with the upper portion of the tank, and

connected to this waste-pipe is a draw-off pipe 32, having communication with the lower portion of the steam-generator and with the lower portion of the condensing- Valves 34 and 35con- .trol the flow ofwater through said pipe 32. The Water to be distilled is supplied from the upper portion of the condenser-tank by condenser-14 is also provided, said condenser means of suitable connections. In the pres I Q i out embodiment an intermediate filter-tank having inlets thereto in communication with dillcrent whirls ol the coil and having an 36, having a removable cover 35, is provided, having an upright slidably-renwvable filtering-partition 37 therein. This partition, as clearly shown in Figs. 3 and at, is slid ably titted in guideways formed by sets of spaced angle-irons 36, secured to the opposite side walls of the tank 36. Pipes '38 connect the oll'set portions 17 of the condensertank with the lilter-tank on one side of the partition, and another pipe 39 connects said filter-tank on the opposite side ol the partition with the steam-generator. The supply of water to the generator is auto1nat' ically controlled in any suitable manner-as, for instance, by means of a iloatdt), mounted on a pivoted arm 4], which carries an upstanding valve 42, that moves into and out of coaction with the discharge end of the pipe 39 as the float rises and falls.

The operation of the apparatus may be briefly described as follows: The water in the generator being boiled, the steam therefrom will pass through the conduit 18 into the coil 16, wherein it will be condensed and will finally escape through the spout 21 into the receptacle 22. The said condenser-tank is of course tilled with water, as is also the filterlug-tank 36. Therel'ore as the level of the water in the generator i'alls water will be automatically supplied thereto, and this water will be cleared from all sediment by the filterii'igpartit'io n, which may be readily removed for cleaning purposes. The rapid passage of steam into the coil will cause an indraft through the conduit 23, so that the fresh air will be commii'igled with the steam and with the water of condensation. This draft can of course'have an outlet, and this outlet or escape will be through the conduits 26, so that all odors and objectionable gases will be driven o l.- To remove the sediment from the generator and condenser-tank, it is only necessary to open the valves 34 and 35, whereupon the water will flow freely into the waste-pipe and fresh water at the same time will be supplied to the tanks. It will be apparent that this structure is exceedingly simple, and it has proved entirely efi'ective for the purpose described.

From the foregoing it is thought that the construction, operation, and many advantages of the herein-described invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art without l'uther description, and it will be under, stood that various changes in the size, shape, proportion, and minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any hf the advantages of the invention.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is I 1. In a still, the combination with a condenser including a coil, of an outlet-conduit open discharge end separate from the coil.

2. In a still, the combination with a condenser including a tank anda coil therein, of

'a substantially upright outlet-conduit extending across the .wliirls of the coil and com municatn'ng therewith, said conduit having an open upper end.

3. In a still, the combination with a condenser including a tank and a coil therein, of

an outlet-conduit extending within the tank and lo rated within the coil, said conduit having communication.with the inner sides of wlnrls thereof, and having an open upper end.

4. In astill, the combination with a condenser including a COll, of common means for conducting gases 'lrom dil'l'erent whirls of the coil, said means extending across the whirls and having separate commi'inication with each whirl.

5. In a still, the combination with a condenser including a coil, of an outlet-conduit for permitting the esca e of gases and the like from the coil, said con uit having a plurality of openings in communication with different wliirls of the coil.

6. In a still, the combination with a condenser, comprising a tank, and a coil located therein, of an upright conduit extending through the tank and openiiig above the same, said conduit extending transversely of the coil and having communication with the ditlerent whirls thereof.

7. In a still, the combination with a condenser including a coil, of an air-inlet communicating with ditl'erent whirls of the coil, and a gas-outlet communicating with different whirls of the coil at ditl'erent points from the air-inlet. v

8. In a still, the combination with a condenser comprising a water-tank and a coil located in the tank, of an air-inlet pipe extending from the exterior of the' tank into the same and communicating with one side of the coil between the ends thereof, and a gas-outlet pie communicating with the opposite side o the coil between the ends of said coil, said outlet-pipe having its discharge end proj ecting from the tank.

9. In a still, the combination with a condenser including a coil, of an upright air-conduit extending across the coil and having communication with diil'erent whirls thereof, and a gasoutlet conduit extending across the coil and having comn'iunication with ditl'erent whirls thereof, and at ditl erent points from the inlet communication.

10. Ina still, the combination with a condenser-tank, of a coil located therein, and comprising. angularly-disposed straightsections, upright inlet and outlet conduits having communicationwith ditl'erent whirls of the coil, and extending transversely of certain of the flatsidesithereof, means for suptank and a coil located in the tank, at steamplying water to the tank, a generator, a con nection between the generator and cond ensercoil end supply means for the genera tor connccted to the condenser-tank.

1]. In a still, the combination with a l steam-generator, of a condenser comprising a conduit connecting the generator and coil of the condenser, an intermediate tank, a; detachable filter-partition vertically slidaihle in an intermediate portion of the intermediate tank, a liq ind-conducting pipe connecting the upper -iortions of the condenser-tankand. intermediate tank and connected to the letter on one side of the 'liltcr-pm'titiion, another liquid-conducting pipe coimcctcd to the interincdiaite tank on the opposite side of the partition and connected to the sleznngenemtor, 1

and means for controllin the pessage of liduidfrom the condenser-tan through the intermediate tank and. partition to the generator.

nir-inlet conduit communicating with different whirls of the coil within the tank, and an outlet-conduit having a discharge end outside the tank, said outlet communicating with different whirls of the coil within the'tank.

In testimony that I claim the-foregoing as my own I have hereto affixed my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.




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