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Publication numberUS851384 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1907
Filing dateDec 18, 1906
Priority dateDec 18, 1906
Publication numberUS 851384 A, US 851384A, US-A-851384, US851384 A, US851384A
InventorsWilliam Sleicher
Original AssigneeWilliam Sleicher
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Securing wigs in place.
US 851384 A
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PATENTBD APR. 23, 1907.



fus Ncxms Puras cn. yasmunron', u. c



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Api-i1 .23, 1907.

Application filed December 18,1906. Serial No. 348,422.

tion, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to improvements in the material for securing wigs and toupces in place, which is disclosed in my Patent No. 833,092, dated October 9th, 1906. In that patent is described a material which consists of a thin, narrow strip of flexible material adapted to serve as an intermediate flexible connection and adhesive carrier between the wig or toupee and the scalp1 and being for that purpose coated on both sides with an adhesive material. In use a short strip of the material is applied to the inner surface of the wig at appropriate points and the wig is then applied to the scalp, the adhesive material on the underside of the strips adhering to the scalp. I find that in the use of this material, it sometimes occurs that the strip of flexible material, instead of adhering to the wig when the wig is removed is left on the scalp. The object of my present invention is to overcome this objectionable feature. I accomplish this object by spreading the adhesive material over a greater area on the side of the strip which is placed next the wig, than on the side which comes into contact with the scalp. The result ofso doing is that when the wig is lifted from the head the pull tending to separate the surfaces between which the adhesive material is located docs not occur until the wig has been lifted sufliciently to begin to separate the surface of smaller area which is next the scalp. The greater area which is in adherence with the i under surface of the wig, besides having itself different ways in which the adhesive material it being understood that the surface of the strip which is to come into contact with the wig is entirely covered with the adhesive material.

Referring to the drawings, Figure l represents the under surface of a toupee with three strips of my holding material in place thereon, Fig. 2 represents a strip of the holding material showing the exterior protective coverings; F ig. 3 represents the surface of a strip which is to come into contact with the scalp and on which there is a short space at each end uncovered bythe adhesive material, and Fig. t represents a similar surface in which there isa margin around the entire surface left free from the adhesive material.

'lhe flexible connecting and adhesive-carrying strip comprises a strip of some appropriate textile material a, one surface of which is entirely covered with the adhesive material indicated at I), while thc other surface is only partially covered with adhesive material, as indicated at b. For the purpose of convenient shipment and handling, both surfaces of the strip are protected with a removable covering of protective gauze, or the like, indicated at c.

ln use, the protective covering is 'first removed from that side of the strip which is to be applied to the wig, and the strip is so applied. '.l`l1cprotective covering may then be removed from the side of the strip which is to be applied to the scalp, and after all of the strips are so applied in the proper places, the wig is pressed onto the head. On the removal of the wig, the extent of the adhesive material in contact with the wig will insure that the strip will adhere to the wig and not to the scalp in the manner which has been doscribcd.

Though l have illustrated and described as the preferred form a strip in which the adhesive material completely covers the surface applied to the wig7 yet, it will be obvious that this is not necessarily so, so long as the extent of the adhesive material on this surface is materially greater than on the surface which is to be applied to the scalp.

What l claim is l. Means for securing wigs or toupees in place, comprising a thin, narrow strip of ilexible material adapted to serve as an intermediate flexible connection and adhesive carrier between the wig or toupce and the scalp, said strip being provided on both sides with an adhesive coating, the area of the adhesive IOO IIO

which eovers only the Iniddle portion of the strip leaving an uncovered portion at each end, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I aHiX my signature7 in presence of two witnesses.


coating on one side being greater than on the other, as and Jfor the purpose described.

2. Means for securing wigs or tonpees in place, Comprising a tliin7 narrow strip of leXil 5 ble materiel adapted to serve as an interinel diate leXible connection and adhesive earrier between the Wig or toupee and the scalp,

said strip being` entirely covered on one side Vitnesses:

with an adhesive coating, and being provided J. F. VI-IELAN, [o on the other side with an adhesive coating I. M. VITMAN.

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