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Publication numberUS851873 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1907
Filing dateFeb 11, 1907
Priority dateFeb 11, 1907
Publication numberUS 851873 A, US 851873A, US-A-851873, US851873 A, US851873A
InventorsMariette E Eagleton
Original AssigneeMariette E Eagleton
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US 851873 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED APR. o, i907.


BAG HOLDER. APPLIOATION $11.111) FEB. 11, 1907.


inirnn'r engeren.,

`BAGHOLDEFL in. senses.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented @epi-ii 3 0, i907.

pplieetion filed February 11,1907. Serial llo. 355.809.

To alii whom, it may emu/'wuts Be it known that I, MARIETTE E. EAGLn TON e, citizen or' 'the United States, residing et lhree Rivers, in the county of St. Joseph, State of Michigan, lhave invented certain new end useful 'Improvements in Beg- Holders, of whioh the following is a specificau tion, .reference being had therein to the aoeornpenying drswingr.

This invention relates to e bag holder, and particularly toe device for supporting a bag above e jer or other vessel into which material is to be strained. 'V

The invention has foi" an object to proyide a. simple and inexpensive construction :1nd arrangement of parts by Ineens of which a bog to be used for straining purposes may be firmly suspended above the jor or other vessel into which the material is to be strained, the seme being' supported by n novel errungernent of elaine seeured to the edge of the jar.

A further object is to provide a novel con struction of suspending ring for the beg by ineens of which thebrig* is held with its mouth extended so es to perrnitthe use of both hands in the straining operation.

Other ond further objects und advantages ot' the invention will be hereinafter set forth and the novel ll'eetnres thereol` defined by the appended elninis. l

the dreniiigsz-h`igii1e l is s perspective of 'the invention, Fig. 2 is e section on the line 2 2, Fig;` i.

Like numerals reifer to like pin-ts in the several views of the drawing,

The numersl l designates standards which support: e ring 2 .from

which the bag isafidapted to be suspended-- These arms indy be formed in shy desired izuinner or of :muy suitable instr-ridi, but those herein shown are lorined from twoslrsnds of 2 spring v," e twisted it their ends, as shown,

und leaving;y e contrai loop l whieh surrounds The top the upper portion of the ring;l 2. odge of this ring', which preferably formed of sheet nietnl, bent or rolled over the loop 3 to forni s strengthening sud supporting rib or shoulder d encircling; seid ring. This ring also hns the hooks formed therein on any suitable manner, l'or instance by bending spurs outward' upon vt hieh th speer end olt the has 0 is cured. The loner ends of the arms il are spread spart bese and 5" et the biluronted ends bent the arms or;

lv eind dcwfnwerdly therefrom shown :it 6 to form a lii'in i i beek upon itself and then dow iwurd to form the hooks or elsnnps 7 to engage the edge 8 of the jor or other vessel upon which the invention is. to be used.

The advantages and usefulness oillhe invention will be at onee apparent for it will be obvious that the twisted wire supporting y erins allord e rigid and iirni Ineens or holding the beg suspending ring, while the bifureated feet serve to hold the sinne against any that these :nuns bein formed of spring :nete: rial may be attache to any width of vessel 'thus rendering it adjustable to lit any: eher* toter of jor or dish With which itis desired to use the same. The begsuspending rlng'elso comprises a very convenient ineens for holdposes where it is desired to strain materiel of l any character.

, Having now described my inventionend i to secure by Letters Patent is l 1. In a beg holder, e beg suspending, ring, outwardlyI bent sharpened spurs on said ring to engage the materiel ot' the bag-and supporting erins lor said ring euch having later- I elly seperated hooked ends to enibhtee the edge oi' o 2. In n beg holder, u suspending ring hev- I ing' bug nttfiohing ineens thereon, ond lsupl porting; arms depending l'roin seid ring, oooh l having zi plurality or laterally seperated hooked ends to embrace the edge of n vessel. 3. In u, bag holder, zi. bag suspending ring having hooks thereon to engage the material of the buff, supporting Aarms for said ring formed of twisted strands, the central portion oll said strands being formed into u loop surrounding seid ring, und the ends of seid strands being separated und iorined into hooks to engage the edge ol the vessel.

lateral displeeement, land it will also be seen ing or `lor use in connection with otherpur-I set. iorth its merits, what I claim sind desire 'ing the beg for 1t will be observed that it is e IOC 1. in n beg holder, a bag suspending ring no v gzvcfdthu edge of the vssel.

having its upper edg's Hangul, supporting arms ,tur snrl lung ''orium m' twistcll M11-ands the Central portion mi' said slrus 'bolug-3 cugugm! by tw flange 011 san] Plug und the @nds o1' ,S11-:d Strand x' formed luto' n loop u ,iw

being separated and ioxnwd rito hogks t0 0inin testimony whcwol I affix my Signatura in p11-wmv@ of two X'citxlnsSvS,


".\, xlussos: y

'Hummm l. RlTCluE, LESTER (I. EXNEDY.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47J43/22