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Publication numberUS851999 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1907
Filing dateJan 29, 1906
Priority dateJan 29, 1906
Publication numberUS 851999 A, US 851999A, US-A-851999, US851999 A, US851999A
InventorsDaniel P Skellenger
Original AssigneeDaniel P Skellenger
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US 851999 A
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PAATENTED APR. 30, 1907.





DAN ll-'lli P. ijvii'llilililNGlilR, OF iltiOlllll'lli'liliil, NEW JERSEY.

i No. einen.

urnrwh rarement Appli 30, 19o?.

pplicnbinn llletl lainniry 29.1906. Serial No. 298,430.

GER, :i eitizeii nl' the lfniletl Huiles. residing al; Morristown, iii t'he eoiinty of Morris and Slate of Newdlersey, have invented certain i new und useful linproveinenl's in (lawlieg'ulut-ors, of which the following is :i spot-thea4 tion.

Myiiivention relaies io tui improved eeono-4 'inizer, espeeia'llf.' adapted l'or use in connecburner so that the ras passes through the eeoi'ioini'fier tiel'ore reaeliitu;p llie burner.

This invention rens-ists ol' a brass nipple or ferrule, so eoiis'rrueleil. as lo eonluin :i hull nl' l suitable riniierial, preferably ol' ailuininiuni.

The object ol' this invention is lo insure rhntlhe pressure oikgais iii the point ol ignition will be. unlforn'iinil independent nl any variations in the iniliial pressa re whieh as a. rule, is nlwnvs grenier lluin is requisite lo insure combustion; the aini in the use ol ii, being to keep down l'ilie pressure le the lowest liniit consistent with the proper combustion of the gas, n saving;- nob only' ol gas, but globes where open luine burners are used; also mandes and chiii'ineys neressnrily used in connection with inenni'leseenl burners, which nre often dosirolveil olv excessive pres" sure ofirried h v gris eoiiipauies, which lori-es the gris lhroiuh the burners lin-tl roiisuined. cruising it to llirker, siiiolre, and blow, and ill led too hist: wih in'iperlee iight.

The reiiioviiilile vulve ,seuil or socket on which the lil-ill rests, is so eoiislrueted ns not to retard the progress of the gas unless n 'very heavy pressure is put on, when it will rinse the bull iuttoiiintiezillv, t'ilosini; the onlfle above, but never fullyr checking' lille llow oi" gas, which .ien wire nl by ihrerl liv-'posses formed trii'irignliirly un the various sides so as t "tube n eonsliiiinl sourt-e u'l leetl to llie burner in order to keep it supplied; said b v-passe.s` being extended lo the rop oli' he governor Ain cnselhe hall i.

the gas is turned on.

sizes, allowing; the quantit): ol" gas in he burned Subject to the. ooiisnuiefs order` zuid can be accurately gagged, measuring emot,

forced there by rihe pressure., ritaill times keepingl the burner supplied n lien rl`lie bjr-passes in" this i removable valve seal ran b inziile dillferenl.

` sireil :woordiiiuly :is greater' or less weight is beiner equally distributed on rue i zirious sidesy of the hall. a. larger tip cfm he used producingu n beller light lroin the saine amount-of gris, wii'houi` wasting; Llit uns.

The object ol this invention, is :i saving of fron-i {SOST/f ro 50% of gris to the consumer, with saine results. v v

My eronoinizer eoiisisis ol n brnss ni ple or ferrule lo lie srrewetl to lho pillair-eoe r, and 65 having lhe inmindeseent burner or gris pilhir sereweil lliereoii. this l'erriile being eonstrlcted al, ils upper und and lfirovideil` with `grooves l'or he escupe ol' `eas, and internally serew-lhreaded nt its lower eiitl lo receive u removable vulve seuil, said valve seatl (foulinin;IA a l iill-vnilve between ily und ille vulve seul,

l aly he upper end ol the lerriile, the bull valve heine' :nlupted io niove within lhe eonl'ines of the enaniher which is l'hus formed for the expansion and regulation ol1 the low und pres sure ol' lhe gus before il is burned. and being ri proper distance l'roin the oriliee ol the burner causing: the gris to develop more light lor the suino consumption, as the gas issues lfroni lhe eeonornizer u'ty less pressure eiinsiiu;l :i sien-dier flow, and `yielding n more uniliorni lie'hl.

My invention still further consists in otherv ininor details which will he iiiore fully deseribeil hereiinil'liir.

ln the. rinconipanving` drnwingsz-Figure l is i view in verlieal seetion through an ordinary pillar und liip showing my improved gas eeoiintnizer in pi'isition. Fig, 2 is zi horizoiilal section on the line u---b on Fig. 1, Fig. Il isa bottoni plan View. l

A, represents` a pilhir with the usual tip l, in` the upper end willi n giiuxe diaphragm if desired, til un intermediate point, therelbelowy and herring internal screw threads 3, nl; its lower end whioh are employed to fristen the oilhi` io the eeonoinizer; B, represents lhe le'rrui, the sinne being externally Sernwlhreiilleil al' one end as zit 4, and internally serev,-lihrezided :is at 5 nt. lhe lower end where ity serez-w lio the gus fixture. At its upper end this lierrule is Constrieled as :it und provided with several grooves 7, 7, pre-f orali!)Y three in nuinl'ier, equitlialnntly arranged for the passnee ol' iras therethrough. C, is a lmll valve niatle ol' alutniniuni o; heavier ineial and perl'oraled or not as dr:-

requiretl. This hall is eonlinetl within the chamber S which is enlarged above tho ret amount consumed by nach burner, und in l nioi'uble valve, sent, however, so that the gas isnever cut oli` by the valve notwithstanding its position therein. The chamber 8 is formed between the eonstricted end 6, Where a valve seat 9 is formed 'for the ball when the latter `is in the elevated positionfindicated by outlines in Fig. 1. At 'the lower end a threadedocket or bushing l screws into the threads of the ferrule, and this threaded socket or bushing is likewise provided with grooves l1, 11, corres onding with andv for the sameY function as t e grooves 7, 7, at the opposite or upper end of the ferrule. This t ireaded socket orbushing is milled out at its upper end to 'form a removable valve seat 12 up'on which the 'valve C normally rests. The chamber S is somewhat enlarged just above'this valve seat-12, to aTord the eX- pansion and undisturbed outlet for the gas issuing up through the grooves 11, 11.

In operation under ordinary pressure vthe 'gas escapes beneath and around the ball 'described without departing from the 's irit and scope of my invention, andhence notwish to limit myself -to the' exact construction herein set forth, but z- Having fully described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

l. The combination with a ferrule or nipple,`the innerbore of which has two diameters, the smaller of which has a constricted outer end, of a ball valve of less diameter than the smaller diameter of the ferrule or nipple and a valve seat reniovablysecured in the larger portion of the ierrule or nipple and provided with a grooved bore so that even when the valve rests upon its seat, it docs not entirely cut oil' the supply of gas.

- 2. The combination with a ferrule or nipple, having an enlarged screw threaded lower end, of a ball valve of less diameter than the diameter of the smaller end of the ferrule or nipple, and a valve seat having a grooved bore and removably screwed in the threads of' the jferrule or nipple, it being of less length than the length of the threads, whereby the ni ple may be screwed to the pillar cock.

n testimony whereof I aiiX my signature in presence of two witnesses. l



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