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Publication numberUS853049 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1907
Filing dateNov 24, 1905
Priority dateNov 24, 1905
Publication numberUS 853049 A, US 853049A, US-A-853049, US853049 A, US853049A
InventorsSarah Hooper Weston
Original AssigneeSarah Hooper Weston
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US 853049 A
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Attorn eysp Witnesses:

, TON, a citizen of the United illhllihi STAES AE tries.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patentea May 7, 1907.

Application filed November 2 1905. Serial No. 288,909.

To all whom, it may concern.- 4

Be it known that I, SARAH HoorER Wasat Congaree, in the county of Richland and State of South Carolina, have invented a new and useful Mattress, of which the following is a specification; i

This invention relates to mattresses.

The object of the invention is to rovide a novel form of mattress in which t e filling may readily be removed for the purpose either of Washing the case or of cleansing the filler, whereby a mattress that has been soiled may readily be cleaned and rendered sanitary.

A further object is to ro'vide a mattress having its filler arrange in a plurality of cells or chambers, each partitioned from the other and so arranged as to ermit ready insertion or removal of the filler from one-or all the cells as may be necessary or desirable.

A further object is to improve the manner of securing the partitions within the. case whereby the exterior. of the case will present a smooth and seamless appearance throughout all of its exposed surfaces. Y

A further object is to provide a novel form of sheath or cover for inclosing the mattress, which may readily be combined with or removed from the mattress, and in which, also, its exterior shall present a seamless ap earance throughout all of its exposed su aces.

With the above and other objeetsin View, as will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood the same consists in the novel construction and combination of parts of a mattress, as will be hereinafter fully described and claimed. l

In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, and in which like characters ,of reference indicate correspond-- ing parts: Figure lis a view in pers ective exhibiting the sheath or cover, and a so one of the mattress sections positioned therein. Fig. 2 is aperspeetive view of a mattress section, a portion of the side being open to exhibit the manner in which the filler may be inserted or removed. 1

A salient feature of the present invention is that both the sheath and the case are preferably made of a single piece of material, save the partitions that are employed in con ncction with both parts for the purpose, in the case of the sheath or cover to segregate the mattress sections, and in the case of the States, residing sheath or cover,

mattress sections, to hold the filler separated and bottom are of greater length than the partitions-and project beyond the same to form flaps 4 and 5, the latter being secured to the ends of the sheath at 6, while the flap 4 is disconnected and is adapted to be folded over the flap F and secured thereto by any suitable or preferred form of fastening device, tapes or strings 7 being shown in this instance, although buttons, lacing, strings or the like may be employed in lieu thereof.

The mattress section, shown in detail in Fig. 2, comprises a case 8 which is constructed in the same manner as the sheath or cover, the flaps, 9 and 10- cf which are shown as secured together by a lacing 11 although, if preferred, tapes, such as shoavn in Fig. 1 may be employed, or any other form of his tening device. The section is herein shown as divided by partitions 12 into five cells or compartments in which the filler 13, which may be of any suitable substance is confined, each filler being held out of contact and sepa-' rated from the adj acent filler by the partition.

. Generallyitwill be preferred to employ the but this is not essential as the mattress may be constructed on the same lines as the section-that is to say, the filler could be arranged in the compartments 14 of.

the sheath, and thus present a thoroughly efficient form of mattress. In either form, that is to say, Whether the mattress is comor in a slheatl having a plurality of compartments for he ding bunches of fillers, the same feature is present, namely, readily be removed when the sheath or case is to be laundered and be readily replaced. Furthermore, should the filler iii one of the compartments become soiled, or rendered unsanitary from any cause it may be removed and be re laced by a fresh filler without disturbing t ose in the other compartments.

While the invention is herein described as applied to mattresses, and one that is shown as approximately rectangular in shape, it is to be understood that it may be used in conneetion with other than mattresses, such as with cushions, and that it may be made in posed of a series of sections held in asheath that the filler may othershapes than that shown, and of any material desired for either sections, casings or fillings. V

Instead of employing tapes or strings 7 for securing tiie'tflaps 4 and 5 together, the flaps may be omitted and the edgeso'f the parts may be sewed together. It Will be observed that each partition is of a regular width and,

length, sewed in from the inside of all sides giving it the uniform box appearance, wh ch does away with all cords through and throu h the mattress and the old unsanitary tu ts used on other mattresses.

A further feature of the invention and one of salient advantages that there "are no seams on the outside of the sheath in which .vernnn can hnd lodgment.

The improvements as a whole aresimple, may be readily carried into operation and will not require any special form of machinery in the manufacture of the article.

Having thus described the invention, whatis claimed is A mattress embodying a substantially rectangular sheath open at one side and having smooth continuous top and bottom walls arranged parallel with each other, and integral end walls of the same width as the sheath a plurality o1? spaced pprtitions secured to the interior suifaces-of t e top and bottom Walls and of less width than the width ofthe mat tress to form lon itudinal flaps disposed at r the open end of t e sheath, and continuous with the top and bottom walls of the latter,

respectively, one of said flaps being of the same height of the end walls and having its op osite ends rigidly secured to said end we ls and the 0p osite flap being free and adapted to be f0 ded downwardly over the fixed flap, with its lower longitudinal ed e in alinement With the bottom of the sheat removable mattress, sections fitting between string on the folding flap.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto aflixed my signature in the preseneeiif two witnesses:




W. T. AroooK.

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