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Publication numberUS853667 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1907
Filing dateApr 21, 1903
Priority dateApr 21, 1903
Publication numberUS 853667 A, US 853667A, US-A-853667, US853667 A, US853667A
InventorsLouis N D Williams
Original AssigneeRobert w scott, Louis N D Williams
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Knitted fabric.
US 853667 A
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10.853,667. PATLNTLD MAY`14, 1907.1 L. N. n. WLLLLLML,



lInit the use of heavier rwill render the fnbric entre erlernte eirrnnfr entren.,

Louis N. n.v WILLIAMS, or oeoiirz, Piani HALF TO ROBERT W. SCOTT, 0l?

No. 853,6e7.

Application tiled April 2 1, 1903. Serial N1. 153.709.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented, May 14, 1907.'


My invention consists of certain improvements in the knitted fabric forming the sub-- ject of Letters Patent No, 709,734 issued September 23rd 1902 to Robert NV. Scott and myself, as nssignees ol David C.' Bellis, one object of my present invention being to peryarn in the boeking web than in. the fece web, in such n wey :is preferable, in ininny cases, to the patented tnbric lniv'ing such. conrse'beck web, a further objeet being to render available for the heiivier web nime rial not evailable'in the 'hibric ne originally made.

These objects attain in the Jnnnner here innfter set forth reference being had to the aeeompni'iying drnwi ng, in which-'- l"igure 1 is nn exaggerated .eert onnl view of n" piece ol' l'nhric inode in ueeordnuee with my invention; und Fig. 2, is nn exnggernted time View ol' Suid inbrie.

The l'nbric is'siiuilur to thut l'oliuerty pntented in tho-t it consists ol' two single webs, one overlying the other, these webs heilig united together nt :my 'desired points by reusing yarn of one web to enguge with the '.thcr web, such engngennnit being in the form ot n, loop or stitch, thus in Fig. l. ot the drnwing, l represents :t fau-e web, 2 c, biieking web, and 3 uniting loop` of the l'neeweb one.

ried into the beek web and inlerloo yed there with so es to tie the two webs togeliher.

, The present fabric is nkin to that shownA in Fig. 7 of the drawing of the former partent in having a backing web composed ol' eoinner yarn than the facevweb, but it di'll'ers 'troni the former fabric in having, in the beek web, vboth fewer walesA of stitches end fewer courses of stitches than ere contained in the face web, the fabric shown in the drawinghaving just one-heli as -rnnny wales nud courses in the beck web as there nre in the face web.

A fabric such ns that shown in Fig. 7 of the Bellis patent is open to either of two objectiene, namely: the Stretching of the stitches ol' the finel trice web it' the heavy rear web is the dominating one, or the bulging or ing ol' thereer web between the tying points il the line fece web is the dominating one, since it is evident thnt n. certain number of courses sind wales ot stitches knitted with a,

heavy yarn will occupy n greater crea than 6o that number ot courses :ind wnles of stitches knitted with n. tine ycrn,.unless the hitter stitches fire stretched or spread, thcreliy producing n face web ot o ien texture, while il, on the other bend, thei close texture the greater eren ol the rein' web between. Successive lying oints will nnturnlly result in :ibn lge'orpmnili in scid rearweb. liillieully will l'urthermorc be experienced in knocking over" theY stile-hesv ol courrier y nrn unless web holders nre used in connection with the needles 'tor knitting the sinne., been-use ot thct'nilure ol' lthe tnke-up to iinpnrt proper tension to the longer :ind conrscr web. lijf lessening the number of wales and courses oll stitches in the lin-ck web, excess in eren, oi seid web i prevented, the web cnn be subjected to proper tension, conrser needles can he employed for engagement with the 5o courrier ynrn oi' which the beck web is composed, e lesser amount oisitid yarn will be needed than before, :md said yarn cnn be composed ol mnterinlnot otherwiee nvnilable, l'or instance, it muy he composed ol'- 85l knittingr :ylinder nnd diul with cylinder com 'g5 box :nid dial com plate ceusuel, but having independent ynrn leeds l'or the needles ol the cylinder und dini, hull us man needle groove` in the dial as there ure in t 1e cylinder, :ind half ne many ynrnfeeds :ind cams loo tor the d inl needles ns there are for the cylinder needles, :auch machine forming the subject ol. a separate implication-tiled of even dette herewith Seria No. 153,710;

pouch- 5 5 nee web is knitted iwf-65 the 7o for underweor is, in main) enses, 9o

I have shown in the drawing but Vour4 method. of uniting the time und buck wohn of.

thv fabric, hut it .is evident, that my prisent/ Tho good results of my invtntion may, in' u nunsurn, hv uttu'inrd hy simply dumnfl ishlug: the nun-ihm' o coursrs of stxtlzhtu in thv hurking iuhrir :is runumrrd with ttul nulnhnr ot courrsvs 1n the` fawn tuorli', or @You hy diuushuu;l the. nulnhvr of watios ot' ut ltrhwinstvud ot hy lrssrningr thv nulnhor ot huth struction is preferred. f

1n u them linvd fuhriu7 thv tivni-t produrrd h v hrushin;r th(` yurus ot thv 'mu-li wvh sirvns to rovvr th(` imrti otx ilu` hihrii' und thus disguisrs thrown (-,hzuurtrr ot' smid hnrk wvh.

in my Lrttvrs intuut No. Ttthtt, dutvd Svptvluhvr 23rd, tutti, tout; ur turk worn draiwu in rvrtzlin portiun ot thv tuuu wnh, hut throughout th x grvutnr portion ot Having thug dcsrrihcd my inwntion, I rhlini und dnsire to ser-ur@ by Lotteria Put,-v Qnrlv t.' A knittod fabric comprising two wahsi nuinhvr ot courses of stitches thun Suid othor .v

vcrh, suimantiadly :1S fuwvifivd.

2A A .knittnd tuhriu rolnpriSing two n'chs onu m-orlying the other sind united uty intorvuh; h); yarn ot" one weh vnguging tho other WN, onu weh hving composed ot' u ronrum )urn thun thv other vrvh und huviug u tess numhrr ot wuhs; ot stitvhvs thun `Quid othm coursfs und watios, although' tho hittvr rouwon. suhshmtiidly :is sprifiud.

A knitted hihi-ic conurfiaaing two rhs one owrtyinf.: the` othir und uuitod ut intorvnls hy yarn ot om` wth vnfngiug tho other ln'vh, ouv n'vh huilt;Y composvd ot :1 voursor )':un than rho othnr wel) und tuning' u tous i uuinhfu ot' univr: und roulsml ut stitvhns thun said l'au'o wrt, thry hittrr hud ns umu)- coursrs

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