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Publication numberUS853750 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1907
Filing dateFeb 26, 1907
Priority dateFeb 26, 1907
Publication numberUS 853750 A, US 853750A, US-A-853750, US853750 A, US853750A
InventorsEdwin Whorrall
Original AssigneeEdwin Whorrall
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US 853750 A
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'f' ingt e conveyor( or folded condition. view of one of the Vconveyor.

-' specially 'designat 'gro anv atom f "Be it known that that al parts reached withequalfacilityl l i other ends in view which r as the nature of the in essere.

citzenfo the United States, residing at-Loda, Y. in the county of Iro '.55 .have invented new in Grain-Conveyer is aspeciication.

. -wat el ventionis better understood, the saine conconstruction of aiiexible sists in an improved tion andnovel arrangement an" of parts which will ber-...hierei scribed and part l claims.

In' the accompanying drawings illustrated asinipl invention; it I'that no limitation i recise structural tions within the sco 3 5 be resorted to when in the drawing, of a grain convev detached.

(.orrespondingr parts in the severalfigures are denoted by like characters of reference. The improved conveyer is composed oic a sections or members 1-1 plurali ty ot tubular 1d sections being slightly provided at its u eed 2 and the it may concern.-

quois and State of Illinois, and useful Iinproveiiienis s, of which the following ese and will readily appea e and preferredform of the being,

s necessarily made to the details therein exhibited, ut that changes, alterations and modificape of' the invention may` Figure 1 is a side elevation er constructed `in accord v rinciples of the invention,

sections .of the 'improved Fig. 4 viewshowing theuppermost or top section,

Eat" per edge with a reinforcing owerinost section ed by the numeral 3 is pro- EDWIN wnoniiALL, .or LonA, iLLiN enniwconvsvsn.

Specication of Letters Patent. `implication filed Febriiary26, 1907. ,Serial No. 359,355.



iion 4 having' a ta edge as shown at 7.


tachably connected arl -yrpointed out in the will be clearly seen has been the drawings.

however, understood desired..

the material may be discharged foregoing descrip ti Y with the.

is a vperspective'detail with the discharge inay be effected b scribed, in suoli a may be convenien directions.

upper in the direction oi' flexible, and oi said sections is which is passing through drawings hereto I improved conveyor may be 'very conveniently connected with a portable elevator or ordinary construction, and


Patented May 14, 1907.

vided at its lower edge with an annular reinforcingl band 4, as will be seen in Fig. 2 o: the lfn addition to the sci-,rions i-A- and 3 there isv a specially constructed top secpering` tubular portion 5 and a square or rectangular hopper shaped extension 6 Vwhich is reinforced .lhe hopper shaped por- Each ot the sections l', 3' and 4L is provided adjacent lto its upper edge, on dia'inetrically opposite sides, with loopsA 1l having` chains `-12 connected therewith, being provided with a terminal snap hook 13 whereby the several cach olz said chains sccti ons may be deby platine` the said snap hooks in engagement with the loops 11 as by reference Ato Fig. 1 of The sections 1-1 of the improved cone o any desired length,

hatsoine of the conveyor o the uppermost sections,

short g this being for the purpose oi enabling the uppermost portion of t e conveyer to flex readily in order that the conveyer in various directions.

The operation and advantages oit this iii-- vention will be readily understood iroin the on taken in connection annexed. The

hood of an elevator of the connection y the means hei-ein deinanner that the spout tly rextended in various The entire conveyer spout but especially -that portion thereof which is adjacent to the uppermost section fi-,

is readily material passingP through the spout may thus be discharged in any desired irection. The various sections also have a swiveling movement with relation to each other which is effected in distributing the at its upper IOO weer of the device so tlict all parts will Wein l lslmqied extension having chains connected equal, and tlieli'le of the' device will tlius be wit i the four sides tlielco'l, two of seid increased. lNlien not in use, the improved chains being connected with the loops of conveycl' spout may be collepsedinto small l the sulijeeent cylindlical sect-ion, und one ol" 5 compass and it nifty be conveniently stored the renicining chains being `provided with oi' tienspoited. v ineens whereby it may be cdjustolbly con- Having thus iully described the invention; neeted with the opposite chain loi' the pur what l claim ,as new is1 pose of suspending' or supporting the con- A device of the class described, coinpiising' veyei in position for operation. c plurality oi" slight-ly tapering; cylindrical in testimony whereof, l nllix my signature sections each provided adjacent to its upper kin presence of two witnesses. s edge with dimnetiieally'op osite loops, und l r EDYHN \\'.ll0ltll\lili. chains connected with said oops and luwing terminal snep l1ool s; the uppermost section 5 being provided with 5L rectengguloil lioppei

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Cooperative ClassificationF16L11/18