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Publication numberUS854045 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1907
Filing dateFeb 7, 1906
Priority dateFeb 7, 1906
Publication numberUS 854045 A, US 854045A, US-A-854045, US854045 A, US854045A
InventorsLouie T La Paugh
Original AssigneeLouie T La Paugh
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US 854045 A
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a sHEETswsHEB'T 2,

PATENTED MAY 21, 1907.




Swim/essen Unirnn fsrnfrns inrnn'r orrion.

lLouis fr. .in reinen, or orion, New Yonx.


No. @54,045 Specification or" Leiters retest. .Patented may 21,1907.

.application ned February 7, 1906. suriaiiio. 299,954.

-flfdo hereby declare the following to be a full,

clear, end exnctdescri tion of tlie invention, such. nswill entibieot A.ers vskilled in the srt .to-wbieliit npperteins yto ineke end use the 4s fioi'ie,"reference being lied ,te the accompanyi ng'drnwingsnd to the letters and figures of reiereiice marked tbereon, which forni e. part t this specification. 1 .f

This invention. relates to newend useful improvements in outlet boxes for electric conduits, and consists in the provision of e. -nov'elnisnn'erof fastening tbe cover to the box, involving t saving ci laborl sind inste- .rinfend-providing e. secure sind' inexpensive g viesteningineens, doing away with` inwirdljr or-outwnrdly bent eers which are con'imonly i'orjined upon junction boxes and which ere frequently lisible to breek ofi'. j

v in'order to 'molte steel drawn boxes witli eers bent at right angles to the well of the box, a ver)T ductile and liigli grade stcfl must be' used, and in so doing, the operation oi blanking end drewing :i box without bei inv vco 'ver and boxdisassembled grise that it is very dill'icul't to bend. the parts ofthe box :it riglit ongles to tlic sides witli- -esrs st tbe point oi bending', and it tlie nim of' tlie present invention to produce n box without any inwardly or ou twnrdljT extending lugs, to obviete these objections.

The invention consists urtbcr in various details 'of construction ind arini'igeinents ol'l parts wliicl'i will be lierciiielter fully described sind tben speciiicsllvdeii ned in tbe npjiended claims.

l illustrate niv invention in tlie` eccomjpanving drawings, in wliicli:-

Figure 1 is e. persj'iccti'rc view showing` en outlet box with tlie cover secured thereto and nitide in accordance fwitn .my invention. 'i2 is e. persnccti c view showing tbe Wig. 3 .is e. sectionei view` vertically and cent" lv through tbe box on lin 7 3 oi'liig.. l. l is n, 'i'fpeetive' `rie el :my invention es'ejijilied goeto nere box. und cover.

i from. leterel' movement, l,

spective view of the form of box shown in Fig. .4, the cover end box being disassembled.

Fig. is s perspective view oi en outlet box showing' a slight modiiicetion in the detailed construction of tlie cover in which e lip upon. tbe cover is adapted to hook in to e slot in the wall oi the box,'tlie cover and the box being.

Fig. 7 is e perspecshown es disassembled. tive view with the parts disassembled, showing e square box, of tbe modification illnstinted in Fig. 6. Fig. 8 is e )erspective view showing a inodiiied forni oi 'estening ineens.

Fig. 9 is e. sectional view on line 9-9 of Fig.

8, and Fig. l() is si detail perspective view of e portion of the box with n fastening lug detached therefrom. A j

Reference now being lied to the details of' the drawings by letter, A designates a. box of circuler outline with e turned-down enguler lip B 'formed integral with the cover B Seid box A lies en elongated slot A formed prefer- :ibly adjacent to tlie upper open edge of the box end is provided to receive seid angled lip B in tlie manner shown clearly in Fig. 3 of tlie drawings. At suitable locutions about the flange of seid cover are downwardlybcnt lugs and tbe portion ol' seid member above seid.

shoulders is bent :it rigbt ingles and projects tliri'iugli sind slot ll), sind has e threaded :iper- .ture l? tlierein ndzipted to receive a screw F.

Seid cover liesfii slotted extension designedto-receive tiieQb'ody portion of tbe screw F', the heed of the screw being adapted to bear against the uj'ijiersurlnceor the projecting or extending portion of the cover when the.

screw turned down.

.ltelferring to Figse end 5 of the drawings: will be seen tlie application of myinvention' loo . to a` square box .find in wlicli figures, llieve,...

illustrated n, plurelity oi angled lips Hwbhere formed integral with the cover end are ndepted to engi-ige slots A formed in the side well oi tlie box adjacent to'tlie-uppe1-rnen gli' nl edge thereof. Said cover illustrated in .131g fl, 'it will be noted is provided with 'the angled lugs C which engage tbe outerA sur.n fece oi the box sind ser o .bol-'d the cove' 'tiie fsstening vwith the cover B',

means comprisingI tlie'lseparate. detachable' member E is similar in construction to the one illustrated in Figs. 1 tf) 3 of the drawings, and as hereinbefore described.

In Figs. 6, 7 and 9 of the drawings, I have shown a slight modification in the manner of construction of the cover of the b ox in which I illustrate the lip J which is formed integral in the shape ofv a hook adapted to be inserted through the "slot A, Ifrom the outside, forming a hinge connection,

and the angled lugs C which are formed about the marginal edgev of the flange of the cover are adapted to engage the outer surface of the wall of the box instead of the inner surface, as illustrated in Figs. 1 to 5, inclusive, the purpose, however, of the lugs being to prevent a lateral movement of the cover, 4as in the other figures of the drawings.

In Fig. 7 of the drawings, I have shown the application of the modification illustrated in Fig. 6 to a square box and cover corresponding, and in said Fig. 7 is illustrated a plurality ofthe hooked lips J which engage a plurality of slotsA.

In Fig. 8 of the drawin f s, I have shown a slightly different form of astening means in which the clip K is provided with a threaded aperture to receive ,the screw F while the inner end of said clip, a detail of which is shownfin Fig. 10,'is split and 'adapted to be bent`in the form illustrated in order to securely hold said clip in place. i

In applying the cover to an outlet box made in accordance with my invention, it will be noted that it will notbe necessary to remove the screw from the member E carried by the box lafter said screw has once been in serte'd in the threaded aperture therein at the factory, it only being necessary to loosen the screw slightly, which will. allow the angled member E to tilt su'l'liciently to cause the screw to 'engage the slotted `extension of the cover, after which a slight lateral play toward the screw may be imparted tothe cover to allow the angledlips or the hook modification illustrated in Figs. 6 and 7, to be inserted in aslot' or slots A in the wall of the outlet box, after which the screw may be tightened, which will cause the downwardly extending portion of said member E to form a lever against the screw and by reason of the shoulders, said member will be securely held or removed therefrom.

within the box, and. as the screw is tightened,

'- curely held together, the angled lugs C pre venting any lateral movement of said cover.

, In the modification shown in Figs. 6 and 7.- yof the drawings, the lips, which areof hook' form, are inserted from the outside lthrough. the slots A and the cover otherwise fastened in a similar mannenas described.

From theforegoing, it will be noted that by the provision of an outlet box made in accordance with my invention, all integral lugs which are struck up from the sides ofthe box are dis ensed with, thus forming a more substantia and economical box in which the cover may be easily and quickly applied to What I claim is 1. An outlet box having a slot in the wall thereof, a cover liaving'aii-integial lip adapt ed to engage said slot, a loosely mounted member having an angled part projecting through an aperture in the wall of the box, and fastening means engaging said member' and cover to hold the latter iii place, as set forth.

2. An outlet box having a slot in' the wall thereof, a cover having an integral lip adapted to engage said slot, a loosely mounted member having an angled portion passing through an aperture in the wall of the box,4

against the inner wall of theli'ox, and a part extending through an aperturein said box, said extended part having a threaded aperture, a headed screw fitted 1n said threaded aperture, and a slotted extension upon'said cover engaged by said screw, as set forth.

Inx testimony wlieregflrhereunto,atlix my' signature in the prescnc'c'of two witnesses.


Ihlitn esses: l I

JOHN A. Honnnn, .EDWIN GRAY. y

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