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Publication numberUS854617 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1907
Filing dateJul 3, 1906
Priority dateJul 3, 1906
Publication numberUS 854617 A, US 854617A, US-A-854617, US854617 A, US854617A
InventorsSamuel Francis Aaron, Samuel Harbert Hamilton
Original AssigneeScient Preservation Company
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Gas-generator for fumigation.
US 854617 A
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Wit-names PATENTED MAY 21, 1907.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented. May 21, 1907.

Application filed July 3,1906. Serial No. 324,568.

lb a, whom/ it 11mg coll/corn:

Be it known that we, SAMUEL FRANCIS AARON and SAMUEL HARBERT HAMILTON, citizens of the United States, residing atl 5 Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Gas- Generators for Fumigation; and we do here by declare the "following to be a hill, clear,

1 and exact description oi the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the'art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

Our invention is directed to improvements I in fumigating chests, closets and storage chambers, within which a gas generator is employed for generating gas by the admixture of chemicals for finnigatingthe contents of the closure.

The invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts set forth in and falling within the scope of the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings wherein we 2 5 have illustrated one embodiment of our invention-Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal section of a closure which may represent a chest, closet or storage chamber and a separate gas generator-device therein wherein a 0 gas is produced by the admixture of chemicals in a novel way for lumigating the contents of the closure. Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section of the gas generator device, the chemical containers being in the condi- 5 tion prior to the admixture of the chemicals forproducing the fumigating gas. Fig. 3 is a like view of the gas generator device showing the chemicals in the condition of their admixture by the breaking of separate connected chemical containers and the delivery of the mixed chemicals into a third chemical container in effecting the generation of the gas.

Our invention is designed more particu- 4 5 larly for the generation of a poisonous gas for destroying moths, carpet beetles, and similar pests and disease germs, and for iumigating woolens, iurs, carpets, etc.

The articles to be treated may be contained in a chest or closure 1, which may be permanent or portable but air tight and pro chemical for the purpose of solidifying the gas producing chemicals after they are delivered therein from the suspended vessels or containers, and the evolution of the gas has taken place. The upper vessel or container 4, is of frangible material preferably of glass suspended by its neck 5, centrally within the box by a cross-bar 6, fixed t0 the walls of the box about mediately of its height so that the mouth of the neck is open for access preferably above the bar. This frangible vessel contains a fluid which is a part of the gas producing chemicals and its neck is closed by a stopper 7, fitted so as to render the vessel or container air tight and to be readily driven down into the vessel through its neck in the operation of delivering the contents therefrom.

The lower of the connected containers is preferably a bag 8, which may be of paper, cloth or other suitable fabric which may be readily torn open at the bottom; or it may be of other breakable substance. It also contains a chemical 9, either fluid or solid and it is preferably fastened to the neck of the upper suspended container by a string, paste, glue, held by a rubber band or any other means of attachment so that the bag envelops the walls of the glass vessehwithan air tight fitting. The jar 10, is of acid proof material within the open top of which the connected chemical containers are centrally suspended. This jar contains a non-gas producing chemical 11, so that, when the chemicals in the two suspended containers are united or mixed to form a poisonous gas, the admixture of these gas producing chemicals with the chemical in the jar results in a solid or semi-solid which will not spill if upset and so results from an absorption of the liquid by the chemicals in the jar. The generation of the gas takes place instantly upon the union of the chemicals in the suspended containers. The gas passes from the open jar into the box and into the chest or fumigating chamber, and for this purpose the walls, of the box are provided with openings 12, through which the gas passes out as it is generated. The chemical in the jar is provided primarily to semi-solidify the liquid resulting from the mixture of the contents of the suspended retainers by absorbing these li uids and thus prevent the chemicals from being spilled out into the box when the fumigator is made portable but when the structure has a permanent location the jar may .or may not contain a chemical, or it may contain a gas producing chemical.

For manipulating the gas generating device that effects thefumigation, means are provided for breaking through the bottom of each of the suspended chemical-containers to cause the admixture of the chemicals contained therein and their delivery into the jar in a mixed condition. For this purpose the generator box is preferably mounted immediately under the lid of the chest and a tube 13, depends from the top of the box in alinement with an opening therein and with the neck opening of the suspended chemical container and terminates just above the mouth of the container. In alinement with this tube the lid has an opening 1.4, closed by a plug 15, and when it is desired to start the fumigating process this plug is removed for access to the interior of the receptacle and a pointed rod 16, is inserted through the opening and through the depending tube into the neck of the suspended container, the mouth of which is preferably flaring, driving the stopper therein down into the container and breaking through its bottom and causing the admixture of the chemical therein with the chemical in the lower suspended container and thereby generating a gas. The rod being further inserted and breaking the lower suspended container causes the combined chemicals now a liquid, to fall into the ar. The gas passes upward and out of the box and into the chest by diffusion and results in fumigation of the interior of the chest, closet, etc. and the destruction of life therein. The box having the separate connected containers renders it convenient to charge them separately with the chemicals, to seal each to prevent their deterioration, and to move the generator to the desired place in the chest or closure without danger of separating the containers or mixing the chemicals; while the provision for mixing the chemicals gives the advantage of hand work through a plug closed opening in the chest. The box is also advantageous in allowing the placing of the charged containers and the removal and replacing of the broken ones and for this purpose one side of the box may be hinged, and it may be removed from the chest at any time for purposes of recharging, etc.

In inserting the rod it may be thrust with several blows to break out the bottom of the frangible container and to break, tear or split the bottom of the bag to allow the liquid chemical to pass freely out and the rod caused to drop and rest on the bottom of the jar and to stand within the depending tube to clear the opening in the lid so that said opening may be closed by the plug as in Fig. 3 thus rendering the closure air tight and preventing the escape of the poisonous atmosphere, the gas generator continuing to pro duce gas until the chemicals are exhausted.

An important advantage in the use of a poisonous gas for fumigation is its eflicacy in destroying insects and disease germs.

The upper suspended vessel is supplie with the chemical through its open neck which is then closed by the stopper and the vessel is set in its suspending seat, the neck for this purpose being-formed preferably with a flaring mouth or shoulder. The lower vessel is supplied with the chemical and tightly fitted upon the walls or neck of the suspended vessel so that the bag'hangs below the latter and both vessels are sealed. The two vessels may in this way be prepared and mounted as a unitary device.

The suspending of a pair of closed chemica1-containing vessels, the upper one by its neck and the lower one from the body of the upper one is to allow the bottom of each to be broken to discharge and mix their contents by a hand operated rod caused to enter the mouth of the upper vessel to break it first and empty its contents into the lower vessel and then to break the bottom of the lower vessel so that the contents of both shall be mixed before they are .delivered into a third open receptacle.

While we do not wish to be confined to any particular character of gas or to any particular chemicals because they may be varied according to conditions, yet as to the character of the gas it may be carbonic acid, hydrocyanic acid, hydrochloric acid or a mixture of these gases; or the ases may be bromin. chlorin or some related poisonous gas which it would be dangerous to inhale. To give an example of the chemical liquid and the chemical employed and supposing that it is required to fumigate for disease and stench, the upper vessel would be filled with some dilute acid liquor, say hydrochloric, and the lower vessel would be filled with some chemical that would evolve,say chlorin (as chlorinated lime) when the acid liquid came in con tact with the gas producing chemical. In this operation the liquid chemical from the upper vessel when united with the chemical liquid or solid in the lower vessel forms a chemical combination and gives off (generates) a poisonous gas which is death to animal, insect, or germ life. This combination is effected by breaking through the upper vessel and delivering its contents into the lower connected vessel resulting in the production of gas. Then the further breaking through the lower vessel precipitates the resul ting chemical mixture upon the third chemical in the jar where the generation of the gas is continued, the fluidity of the mix ture being absorbed and chemically combines with the chemical in the jar and solidifies the liquids from which the gas is given off. This non-gas-producing chemical may be some salt of lead which would unite chemically with the resultant liquid calcium chlorid and produce lead chlorid which is a solid and would not spill, but obviously such chemical compounds may be varied.

The provision of an air tight chest containing a sealed gas generator and means whereby interior access is had externally of the chest to break the sealed generators within the chest, and allow the means of such access to be sealed within the chest to preserve its air tight character, is a distinguishing feature of our invention and it saves much trouble and prevents danger in the use of the device. The rod may be removed after the suspended vessels are broken or it may be left within the broken vessels to allow the chest openings to be closed.

We claim:

1. In a fumigator, an air tight receptacle, having a normally closed opening, a pair of frangible vessels fixed within said receptacle one below the other, the upper one of said pair having an orifice in alinement with that of the inclosing receptacle and each adapted to contain liquid chemicals for generating gas, and a hand operated rod adapted for insertion through the opening in said inclo'sing receptacle and in the orifice of the upper vessel of the pair for breaking each of said vessels in succession the upper one first for causing themixing of its contents with that of the other for producing gas within said air tight receptacle. 7

2. In a fumigator, an air tight receptacle, a box located therein, and having wall openings, a mixing jar within said box, a necked vessel suspended within said j ar for containing a gas producing chemical, a removable stopper closing said neck, a closed vessel depend ing from said suspended vessel for contain ing a gas producing chemical, and a rod adapted to be thrust within and through both vessels in succession to break and open them for causing the chemicals to be delivered in a mixed condition therefrom into the jar, whereby a fumigating gas is produced and caused to pass from the box into the closure.

3. In a fumigator, an air tight receptacle, a device located therein for generating a fumigating gas and comprising a box having wall openings, a mixing jar within said box, a pair of connected vessels one depending from the other, both adapted to contain a liquid chemical, and both closed, and a rod adapted to be driven within and through both vessels to open them to cause the chemicals to be delivered in a mixed condition therefrom into the jar.

4. In a fumigator, a fumigating device comprising a box having openings in its walls, a frangible necked vessel for containing a liquid chemical, means for suspending said vessel by its neck within the box, a fabric vessel connected to and depending from the exterior walls of the frangible vessel, each vessel adapted to contain a chem ical, the neck of the upper vessel closed by a stopper, and the lower vessel closed by its connection with the upper vessel, an open mixing jar within which the connected vessels are suspended, and means adapted to be inserted into and forced through the walls of the connected vessels for breaking them to cause their contained chemicals to be mixed and delivered into the mixing jar.

5. In a fumigator, a fumigating device comprising a box having openings in its walls, vessels for containing a liquid chemical suspended one above the other, the lower one depending from the walls of the upper one and both rendered air tight, an open mixing jar within which the chemical containing vessels are suspended, and means whereby the connected vessels are caused to be broken open in succession to cause the mixing of the chemical in one with the chemical of the other and the delivery of the mixed chemicals into the mixing jar.

6. In a fumigator, a fumigating device comprising a box having openings, vessels for containing gas producing chemicals suspended one above the other within saidbox, an open mixing jar into which the contents from said vessels are caused to be delivered, an air tight chest containing said fumigating device and having an opening in vertical alinement with the suspended vessels, a removable plug for said chest opening, and a removable stopper for the upper of the suspended vessels, and means for causing the stopper of said vessel to be driven therein in the operation of breaking the said vessels in succession.

7. In a fumigator, an air tight chest having an opening in its top normally closed by a plug, a box located within said chest and having wall openings, an open mixing jar within said box, a frangible closed vessel suspended within said jar for containing a gasproducing chemical, a fabric vessel depending from said suspended vessel for containing a gas-producing chemical, and a rod adapted to be thrust through the top opening in the chest and through both vessels to break and open them in succession for causing the chemicals to be delivered in a mixed condition there- I ing, a plug closing said opening, a frangible from into the jar for the purpose stated. vessel having an open neck and adapted to 8. In a fumigator, an air tight receptacle contain a gas producing chemical, a stopper having a top opening normally closed by a I closing said neck, a sealed vessel depending plug, a box iixed within said receptacle havfrom the frangible vessel, and a vessel Within ing an opening in alinement with that of the which the connected. chemical containers are receptacle, a pair of frangible vessels Within supported, the plug, the stopper and the conthe box one below the other the upper one of nected vessels being in alincment, and a rod of said pair having an orifice in alinement with suitable dimensions adapted to be passed that of the box and each adapted to contain through the chest opening for breaking chemicals for generating gas, and a hand opthrough the sealed vessels in succession and erated rod adapted for insertion through the allow the opening in the chest to be sealed. openings in said inclosingreceptacle, the open- 11. In a fumigator, an air tight receptacle ing in the box and the orifice of the upper I having an opening, a pair of frangible vessels vessel of the pair for breaking each of said I each adapted to contain a gas producing vessels in succession the upper one first for chemical, each closed and connected together causing the mixing of their contents for proone above the other, means for supporting said vessels in vertical alinement With the opening in the receptacle, and means applied through said opening for breaking said vessels and means for closing said opening for the purpose stated.

In testimony whereof We have signed our names to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


ducing gas within said receptacle.

9. In a fumigator, an air tight receptacle, a group of three vessels therein each for containing a chemical, one below the other the upper pair sealed with the chemicals therein, the lower vessel open at its top and Within which the pair of closed vessels depend, and a rod hand operated from outside of the chest for piercing the closed pair to break the bot- I tom of each the upper one first for causing the chemicals to be mixed together for generating gas.

10. A receptacle or chest having an openl l/Vitnesses FRANK R. BUCHANAN,


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