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Publication numberUS854 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 26, 1838
Publication numberUS 854 A, US 854A, US-A-854, US854 A, US854A
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US 854 A
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`teil enhlnetionnnd uren UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.

` "snU'NAN mm, oF GIBSON, PnNNsYLvANIA. i

llnbvll In` Int Ammus ron sslsrms nl In: oren/mon or mamie mit@ j fui-In. pms: um 125mm. en, amd July 96,1838; mama i that; I, Anmun TmANY, of Gibson, Beigaben county. Stets of Pennsylvn*l reinvented n ney and ,useful Apmtelndlihtetbeoperation of Fishing, 'Het follows, reference being had; drswin of the same,

efnthbrmils 0n i of my invention consists in a eerp ent of the plate marked l and and `the hook G, to he Medio the ruil of n vessel or other l place whelfthelehin is to be eerried on, for

reducing etion in drawing in the linee to wlll the books or seines `are fastened, the rollers` lervin torednee friction `and weer ottbelineein p Mm llltiillihArepreaents the plate wlwiliftielrollers and hookseeured to i thereil This plate is mede nndqeidqwhieh lieson the top rimandi. to the nil by two flplgfpusingthron h it at the h "sidesereinoreased n thickness, rib! `t'lll'eill BIB, for guiding` the ,for strengthening it, and in front, tormineers O C, which to reeeivethe gudgeons of the and ,on thennder side, at like @hook for ttanning under l l eplate more p 2 eers une thus formed and bttbelplete, esjnst described p geonsof the roller are detached itto "inserted intheirpleees after the :a: fsw meer `v geen o e een moet be made to eplveter neuter-pin, in order to admit itllxed gud nl' end for this of the leftri and which forms `ult be mede seperate, in the in thedrewin and to "Lrldng'omthe p te, sons is im il g i' i tobeo roller wimnxea gudgeom, ,1 l,

in its proper positionthe moahleelr is i l on its pivot and closed terreni the roller, the i 3 gudgeon enteringwthe epertnrethereilgd v l is secured by means of one of the aerei E and n projection from the plete is made bell-shaped. e u

The side of the plate toverd the ,1,

roller is made eonvex, in orderito roller. `The oppos over them moreeasily. l The i the center thereof, and is `frein-irish `by annali pin inserted horlnontnllyend oftherollerg i The roller D has ehnnnelegor,fgrilmveejllg1 the spindle above the upper around its ends foreurying tlellnegjg;

The curved :mn` orhookG tally on a pin inserted thlwlhltlfllrletelll into the topo! the plate neer theenneeve edge.

mortise made in the `edge of hookis closed round the line its plaee when letting` `it font,` end` 1 The invention claimed, and

euredbyLettersPntenneonsisin-W i i The combination of the leteA,

as described, with the rolersD the hook G, es herein set forth.` ,i



pened in order to'admltlthe `im ters a noteh, M, in the enr. Thllroll,l` well as the other, to be i @il` back ontofthe wnywhen drnwinlin f In the lett rib of the plateie mndefsnotnhfw or cavity, H, for eleaninghe;hookswill` l u IBUNAII TIFFANY. i

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