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Publication numberUS855016 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1907
Filing dateMar 5, 1907
Priority dateMar 5, 1907
Publication numberUS 855016 A, US 855016A, US-A-855016, US855016 A, US855016A
InventorsWilliam R Orthwein
Original AssigneeWilliam R Orthwein
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US 855016 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

- PATENTED MAY 28, 190?.



I ITNESSES 7 ATTORNEY "W'ITE WILLIAM ii;- ori'rrrwem I or ST: OUIS, iiussouei f I "core-owe],

Bpeeiiicstion oi' LettersPetcnt.

Patented my 2B, 1907.

I Application filed iiimnergcv. BeriiilNQSBOflOQ 'To wll whom it mug/concern;

f Beit known thetfL'W LLIAi/r R. OR'rrF 7 WE 1 N, 'a citizen of the i United. Stetes, 'residv mg at the city of St: Louis, in the State of MXSSOUIi have invented ,cert'ain new and useful Improvements in Golf-Clubs, ofwhichl vthe following is e specification; reference be.-

incillhed to theeccompen'ying drawings. v f y inventlonrele'tes to improvements, in

xio 'clubs, sticis'end,and particularly to" sticks ns'ed in ge'mes for'striking alball orlike object, as in the games of golf, hockey/polo,

etcl; and-en object of my invention

vide a stick of-this character with 'mee'n's for 5 giving theplayer La firm grip upon the stick-- and forkeeping the hands in the same rela 4 tive'po'sitionduringplcy. r c In the drawings illustratin'gthe principle'of T y-invention and the best mode now'known to me of applying that principle, Figurelis an eloiraition oi the upper end of'a golf club" I embod lng'my, invention; Fig, 2 is nplnn View 0 the/same; andF1gs-3-and4 are'sec- 'LlOIlitI details. hereinafter referred to.

I 5 Two separiite hand holds or grips arepros 'vided,'one for the fingers of enchhandp The .'-upper hand-hold is niade-up' of a1 body-portion on which iswra podhrou'ndthe upper end the golf cliiii I) and both edges of .36 which onlv one ed e bein show in the fi .i u I" 1?? I u ro) are formed with yes 0 through which "is tlireadcdh lace d inthe same manner as'in enordinary lace shoe. 1 The: ends of the lace. (i are tied together, as indicated at d. in' Fig. By slitting the body portion a,-it "is pro videdi with; integral straps or hands bejs manner entire ysirnilar to the upper hand- I hold and isprovided with eseriesof finger loo 5 h.

' twill beobvions .that the grips may be of which is .the fingersj A.,D. 1907,et said St. Louis in the of the'two Witnesses undersigned.- I

-Lu's ed clubs of different -"sizes end ere -readilyrernovable for purposes of. repairend reple'cer-nent,-v when worn," Any suitable material, such he leather orfebric; lnzty he. 1

--1. A'stickof thechareeter'descrihed hairin'g secured thereto e-plurality of finger loops each. of which is of'a'size and'shepe adapting it tofit sni l 1y. :1. finger of the player.

,2. A stic of thef'character"described hiiving secured .-tl'ieretoIa hand-hold provi'ded with a plurality of finger loops each of which is ofns-izje and shape, adopting to fit snugly I a finger of the player;

'3. A stick of the c and lncingior holdingsaidjhend-hol d 1n place. .4.

player in the seine rele- .5. A st'ickof the 'chariicter-descxibed having secured thereto, a hand-hold: provided.

Astick of the character described heving' secured theretotwo series of-finger loops, one for each hand said loops serving to mainftttllilthe hands of the rive position.

hariicter desoribed hev I Y 4 inga hand-hold provided with finger. loops,

with :tstrip formed into a series'of-loops each of a size and 'shapeedapting it to fit snugly a.

finger of the playel'zz e. A stick or the character described Rev; ingehend-hold end a lacing which secures said hand-hold in place 's'aid lacing servin to'xada'pt the hand-hold to different sizes -'o sticks and enabling the hend-hold to be readily removed therefrom. o 71 A stick of the character ing securedthereto a pair-of hend-holds'cach' provided .with a strip for holding In testimony whereof I have hereunto'set my'ha'nd this twenty third day ofFebrua'ry, presence WM.R.oRr-HWEIN; Witnessesz' j E NA Pi. WHELEN,


described I

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Cooperative ClassificationA63B53/14, A63B59/0014, A63B59/0088