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Publication numberUS858811 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1907
Filing dateJan 24, 1907
Priority dateJan 24, 1907
Publication numberUS 858811 A, US 858811A, US-A-858811, US858811 A, US858811A
InventorsJohn C Hull
Original AssigneeJohn C Hull
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US 858811 A
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l vi lmeooco arena ros.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 2, 1907.

Application filed January 24,1907. Serial No. 353,891.

To all whom my concern:

Be it known that J, Joan Cl HULL, a citizen of the United States, residing at Gasport, in the county of Niagara and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Spraying-Nozzle, of which the following is a specification.

I The object of the present'invention is to provide a novel and s'imple articlego imanufacture, which will eject a finely difiused spray, and is so constructed that the number of parts is reduced to a minimum, lessening the 'cost of maufacture, and avoiding the necessity I 'In the embodiment illustr ated, a single-piece nozzle body 5 is employed, comprising a face plate 6, from the rear side of which projects a centrally disposed boss that is int'eiiorly threaded to receive the usual supply conduit 8. The face plate 6 and central'boss 7 furthermore have at one side, an integral tapered enlargement 8.

10 extending through the-enlargement 8, and opening as sliown at 11 through the front face of the body plate 6 eccentrically to or at one side of the center thereof. I

The periphery of the body plate 6 is threaded, and

screwed thereupon is the annular wall 12 of a hoodcap having an inwardly concaved front wall 13 provided with a central opcning'l l. A flat detachablc front wall or disk 15 is located within the hood, and has a central discharge orifice 16 of comparatively small diameter. The margins of the disk 15arc spaced from the inner face of the front wall 13, as shown in Fig. 2, and a packin'g washer 17 of compressible material is interpdsed between the margins of the disk and the front'face of the body plate 6, being located outside the discharge endll of the channel, and 'alsoasurrounding the discharge orifice 16. It will be observed by reference to Fig. 2 that this packing ,washer spaces the disk 15 from the body plate 6, forming between the sain'e, a chamber 18 with which the channel 9 and the discharge orifice 16 communicate. Further said washer bears against'the said spaced margins of the disk,

A tortuous conducting channel 9 extends centrally through the boss 7, and has a helical portion thereby securing a yielding pressure that produces an effective liquid-tight joint. Experience has demonstrated that this nozzle is very effective, and that it will producdLja finely commiputed spray. There are no intemal removable parts to the body, which are liable to become corroded in place or lost when the nozzleis taken apart. is comparatiyely large, so that there is no danger of clogging. Moreover, because of the conformation thereof, the liquid is forced outwardly throughsaid channel, and is driven against the cap or disk at an angle which causes the liquid to flow rapidly in the little chamber, said liquid being finally discharged through the orifice in the disk, while the same has a whirling motion, thus causing a very fine spray under ordinary pressure.

From the foregoing, it is thought that the construc- The channel from the conduit tion, operation. and many advantages of the herein 7 described invention will be apparent to those skilled in the art, without further description, and it will be understood that various changes in the size, shape,

proportion, and minor details of construction, may be Having thus fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:-'

1. As an article of manufacture, a spraying nozzle comprising a body having-a tortuous channel tlierethrougli, a cap'th'readed on one end of the body and having an inwardly dished plate provided with an opening, a disk loouted inside the cap and having :1- discharge orifice, said disk bearing against the inner face of the front wall or said cap around the opening but having its margins spaced from said wall, and a packing washer interposed between the spaced margins and the opposing face of the body.

2. Asnn a'rticle of manufacture, a spraying nozzle, comprising asingle-piece body having a substantially flat front face and a substantially central rearwardly projecting boss that'is threaded to receive a conduit, said body and boss having an offset enlargement at one side and a tor tuous channel extending through the boss ii'nd having a helical portion in the enlargement that opens through the flat front face" of the body at one'slde of its center, a hood cap threaded on the front end oi the body andhaving a detachable I out wall or disk provided with acentr-al discharge orifice, and a, packing washer located in the hood and interposed between said front wall or disk and the front face oi the body. said washer surrounding the discharge end of the channel andthe discharge orifice and forming a chamber'betwecn the front wall or disk and the front face/of the body. 3. As an a'rtlc le of manufacture, a spraying nozzle comprising a singlepiece body having a substantially central rearwardly projecting boss that is threaded to receive a. conduit, said body also having a substantially flat front face, and a icortuouz: channel extending; from the boss and I 10 of the front face of the body between the end of the tortuone channel and the edge and forming a contracted chumher with which said tortuous channel communicates.

in tcstlmnny, that l claim the foregoing an my own, I have hereto aillxed my signature in the presence 6! two witnesses.


Witnesses GEORGE E. Rn HURT A xnx.

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