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Publication numberUS858863 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1907
Filing dateFeb 11, 1907
Priority dateFeb 11, 1907
Publication numberUS 858863 A, US 858863A, US-A-858863, US858863 A, US858863A
InventorsHart A Farrand
Original AssigneeHart A Farrand
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Transfer mechanism.
US 858863 A
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To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HART A. FARRAND, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Jackson, in

I the county of Jackson and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Transfer Mechanisms, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompa nying drawings.

The invention relates generally to means for transferring a layer of stratified liquid from one vessel to another, and more particularly to a device of this character especially designed for separating cream from milk, and the invention consists in the novel and simple construction of a transfer device, and further in the peculiar arrangement and combination of parts as will be more fully hereinafter set forth.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a vertical central section through an embodiment of my invention; Fig. 2 is a section taken on line xx, Fig. 1; and Fig. 3 is a sectional view through a closure of a modified construction.

In the drawings referred to, the reference letter A designates a milk bottle, in which milk is usually delivered to the customer. The bottle is provided with the usual wide mouth and neck B in which is adapted to be fitted the closure member of my transfer device, indicated by the reference letter O.

The closure is preferably in the form of a plug, 'and has formed longitudinally therein two complementary bores a and b, and the bore b terminates at its lower end in a counterbore 0 formed in the inner face of the closure, as plainly. indicated in Figs 1 and 3.

D indicates a check valve arranged within the counterbore described, and E is an air inlet pipe fitted within the bore b above the valve, and provided at its free end with a rubber bulb F, which is fitted about the pipe end, as indicated, and is provided with an air inlet d adapted to be closed by the finger or thumb of the operator while the compression is being effected.

The check valve referred to is formed preferably of rubber, and consists of a tubular body e arranged and cemented within the counterbore c and downwardly projecting and normally contacting lips f adapted to be forced apart during the compression of the bulb, to permit of the entry of air within the bottle or other receptacle, and to collapse or contact to prevent the discharge in the opposite direction. I

G designates a complementary pipe constituting the discharge conduit arranged within the bore a for vertical adjustment to permit of being moved downwardly into the bottle, or other receptacle, into communication with the layer or strata of liquid that is to be transferred. The usual construction ofdischarge conduit is as indicated in Fig. 1, being of U-shaped type,

Specification of Letters Patent. I Application filed February 11,1907. Serial No. 356.906.

Patented Ju1y 2, 1907.

the longer leg' of the conduit extending within the bottle, as shown.

In Fig. 3, the plug closure is shown as formed entirely of elastic material, as, for instance, of cork, which clamps sufficiently tight upon the pipe, or tube, to prevent the escape of air. In Fig. 1 another form of closure is shown, comprising a body prope of hard material, as wood, which is incased within a sleeve I of elastic material, as cork, which contacts with the bottle neck to prevent the leakage of air. In

this latter construction of stopper, or closure, a counterbore, as 'i, is formed in its under face in alinement with the bore a, and in this counterbore is arranged a washer .I, of leather or other elastic material, the opening of which is slightly less in diameter than that of the registering bore, so as to fit tightly about and clamp against the discharge conduit to form a tight joint.

In practice, the transfer mechanism is sold independently of the bottles, and is adapted by proper tapering of the closure to fit any size of milk bottle ordinarily used in the milk trade. To separate the cream from the milk, the closure is applied, as indicated in Fig. 1, and the discharge pipe, moved downwardly until its lower end, is substantially at the division line between the milk and cream. Pressure then being exerted upon the bulb, forces air within the bottle, and this internal pressure causes the discharge of the cream,

' the check valve preventing the escape of air in the bottle, except through the discharge conduit.

From the description of the invention as set forth, it will be obvious that an effective device is produced for the particular purpose set forth, and of an exceedingly What I claim as my invention is: p

1. The combination with a closure having two bores formed longitudinally therein and extending entirely therethrough, a check valve in one of the bores, and an air tube in said bore above the valve, a bulb connected to the tube, and a delivery tube or pipe fitted within the other bore for sliding movement.

2. The combination with a plug closure, having two bores extending longitudinally therethrough, one terminating in a counterbore formed in the lower face. of the closure, :1 check valve seated within the counterbore, and an air inlet pipe, or tube, within the alining bore above the valve, a bulb for forcing air through the inlet pipe, anda U-shaped delivery tube having a leg extending through the other bore and having a sliding engagement with the closure, for the purpose specified.

3. The combination with a plug closure provided with two bores extending lo gitudinally and entirely therethrough, one terminating in a counterbore formed in the lower face of the closure, :1 check valve consisting of a tubular body portion seated within the counterbore, and terminating in normally contacting lips projecting beyond the closure, an airinlet pipefitted within the valve-controlled bore, a rubber bulb fitted over the free end of said bore, a bulb arranged over the free end of said tube, a delivery tube arranged Within the other bore for sliding engagement and extending through and beyond the washer, and a sleeve of elastic material fitted about the closure.

In testimony whereof I aifix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



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