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Publication numberUS859199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1907
Filing dateFeb 15, 1905
Priority dateFeb 15, 1905
Publication numberUS 859199 A, US 859199A, US-A-859199, US859199 A, US859199A
InventorsHoward William Chinnery
Original AssigneeHoward William Chinnery
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Apparatus for displaying illuminated multicolored signs or advertisements.
US 859199 A
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PATENTED JULY 9, 1907'. l

No. 859.199. .A




,APPLIUATIOII rILnD rms. 1 5, 1905. v

- 4 sums-sum1' a.





MM jyawa'l ,vmimery BY r NITED vSTA-riss PATENT OFFICE.



specification 'of Louviers' Pattini.

Patented Julv 9, 1907.

Application tiled February 15, 1905. Serial No.' 245,7'711.

To fill 'whom it may l t Beit known that I, .HoWARnWnLrAn GrrntNEnY, a subject ofthe King of Great Britain, residing at 11S Milv lais road, Leytonsone, in the county of Essex, England, photographer, have invented certain new :md useful Improvements in Apparatus for Displaying Illuminated Multicolored Signs or Advertisements, of which the following is s specilication. l

My invent ion is un improvenicntin apparatus for displaying illuminated multi-colored signs, or advertisements, wherein :i stencil bearing the inscription or design to be exhibited is interposed in the path of a beam of light (natural or 4:mitici-Jl) which is transmitted through a multi-colored translucent medium and projected by reflection. By the word stencil is to be nnderstood u screen whereof sonic portions are translucent und other portions nrc opzique, the boundaries between the trunslncent'uinl opuque portions being of such conlgnrution us to presentun outline or outlines, constituting nu inscription or design udupted to be rendered kvisible by lne-tinsl of light projected through the translucent' portions from the but-l: of the screen.

in the tuwtnuptinyiug thuwings wherein ure 1luS- truted by wav of extunpl` :uitnlsurruugenlents ol apparotus lor carrying the invent ion into ettect-l`igure l is u verticul trunsverse `section-ul view pzn'tliv in perspective showingn preferred l'orin ofoppu-rutus. Fig. 2 isnnA other siinilm' view lllu'rwing :i inoditieztlion. Fig. i is :i set-tion' through u retleeti'ngr medium. Fig, t is u pew spot-tive view ol' :t tlnple'x eouenre eorruguted relleeting medium4 Fig, is u vertical lrunsverse section .showing :1 forni ol upptuutm4 wherein u rotor)l drum is employed to cont rol the trunsinission of light. Fig. is n sepurute und longitudinal tuceview ol' one torni ol' such drum. lfig4 T is n luce viewol'u niodilied forni otV uppurulns ndnpted lo el'leet the spelling ont ol n word. Fig'. S is u diullruunnutie view of tht periphery ol the drinn shown in Fig. 7. High is uiperspeetive view pautly in section ol u complete t'ortnot npptuutus pro- \'ided nl,v top und bottoni vwith drums ns shown in Figs. 7 und h'.

Similnr letters of reference indicute like parte in :lll the figures.

ln the forni oi the invention :is lshown in Fig, l, lhe nppnl'ut us is inclus-ed in u eusing l\ wherein :i duplex reflector is elnpldved, ibut is to `s'uv, the rellectoreonslsts of two unlin portions l und ll' which meet :It u uu'dinn pulnennd recede front one unotber upwurdsund downwnrd t here":'onl res|nctivel v. the upper portion li :-lopingr reznn'urd und tlpwurd trout the lniddle olY thil height oll the iront w-.ill t'. while the portion il slopesy rculwurd und downwurd from the `l:une level in the height. ofthe l'ront woll. lly :n'rungilg relleetors in this mun nor the depth oll tho eosing troni front. to b-txclt reduced us l'ur us possible. An udvertiselucnt to Le disl l l l played by means oflight thrown upon the reflectors is in the form of :i stenciled design und :is borne by. 0r forms the front wall C ofthe casing A. The light which muy be sunlight or other source of illulpinntion G Gr` (such for exuinpleas rows of electric linups :isindicated) is transmitted to the reflectors B and B tlirougli` multi-colored inediti. D and D lespectivelv,v so that the illuminated udvertisementvwill likewise appear multicolored.

'lhe surface of the reflector us n whole is of'zig-za-g or 6F.

ridge-und-furrow configuration, ns shown in Fig. 3, the juxtn posed individual surfaces being set preferably at right angles to one another as indie-txt edy 'und the ridges b und furroivs b extending in vertical plaines perpendicuhtrlo the plane of the stencil C, S0 that While the 70 illuminutitm of the rldvertisernentis continuous. its Colors will uppenr to cli-.inge with the position ofthe spectator. lhe multi-colored medium nia-y consist of stript' of glas-s of different colors mounted side by side so as to constitute :t continuous sheet and is supported between the reflector und source of illtnninzilion. v

As the surfaces ofthe two portions il und B of thex reflector :neet :is shown. they are virtually continuous witlroneanother und the effect as regards illumination of the advertisement: is equivalent to that derivable from i reflector' extending fro'nl the foot of the stencil C oe-u'wnrtls und upwards the whole distunce'to the top of the lstencil, where-tis the depth ot the casing A iront (he stencil C to the buck u ol the casing is manifestly rcdueed by the arrangement shown in Fig. l. 'S5

lu order to`t`urther reduce thedepth of the casing from trout to buck. und ut the sinne time eeononxi'ze the light us onu-h uspossible b vclfosingit to be projected from the reflector in the most :\d\'uutu \.:etn1sdirections. euch nortiou li und ll ol' the rellector is composed ol scverul soc- 90 tions {tnx-ce lr' 1i I1 beingr showul which. counting from the point or level whercul the portions l, lineet. :tre sel ut progressively diminishing inelinnl ions` to` the i plone ot' the stencil us indieutetL the |n'eti ^eu|1glesleingr obviously dependent on the position ol tlie'souree 95 oi licht relatively to the rettet-tor und stencil. tlr the 'surlncc o1y the rcllector )night bc runde of continuously e :rved cone-.ive torni so us lo produce the suine result us `:own in Fig. L

lhe conipixrtments ll. ll :1t top :nul bottom of the l0() (using .k wherein thc rows of linups` t?, ti orev'contzlilnnl nur v be lined with reflecting nurteriol :is indieutedut u, u.

Fig. 2 .shows u-u urrungentent wherein n single row of hunpsus ut. (l pluced between upperuud lower multicolored medi-.r D und D illuminate sepnrote upper and lower stencils (l :tudC by relleetioi from oppositely ie clined rreflectors-1 l :tud ll, respectively, Coeh`ol` these relier-tors being constructed of differently inclined seetious h' b b4 as alrendy described. in this case, us bel l0 fore, the front of the compartment' H containing the lamps G mayV carry a stencil as indicated at h.

With a horizontal stationary mediunias More Lle-V scribed, a drum .l (see Figs. 5 and 6) mounted on an axis j and formed of opaque material )such as thin sheet metal may be employed to inclose the row of lamps G, tlredrum J, as indicated in' Fig. 6 having a helically or otherwise shaped translucent portion or por tions K provided in its periphery through which the light may be'transmitted to the reflector, so that by a somewhat rapid rotation of the drum, which may be effected by any convenient means7 a progressive and recurrent flickering of the illuminated advertisement will be produced.

' The progressive and recurrent spelling'olut of words, sentences, and the like, may be effected by employing V(as in the case last described) anopaque drum .l (see Figs. 7 and 8) to inc-lose the source of light G, said drum being providedon its periphery with translucent segmental portions `or slots corresponding in position to the letters of the word to be spelled out, the successive translucent slots K K2, K3, K* being of progressively diminishing angular extent commencingrespectively at progressively advanced points lcfk, k, lc* in the circumference of the drum and all terminating at the same point k in the circumference, so that the letters com posing the Word to be spelled out may, :liter appearin gi successively and remaining until the entire word is com*v pleted= simultaneously disappear. In this the surface of the reflector may be plane instead of zig-zag, while a partition l of opaque material would preferably extend from the back of the stencil to the face ofl the reilecc-or between ouch two adjacent letters sons to pre-` vent premature partialkillumination of` the letters and insure sharp definition. if

Means similar to those described may obviously be employed to cause the whole of the advertisement to Y successively appear andwdisappear at intervals.

ln Fig. 9 iis shown a modification einployiiig` a yduplicate reflector comprising two main portions B and B, meeting at a median plane and inclining backwardiy to said portions ol' the reflector.

above and below the said plane, the portion B sloping rearward andupward, and the portieri B rearward `and downward.v `The advertisement to be displayed is in the'form of a stencil device and is borne by or forms the iront wall C of the casing A. The rows of lamps G are inclosed in drums' .l similar to the drum shown in Figs. 7 and 8, `and which may be rotated by any suitable means. The multicolored medium may'consist of a sheet D oi glass composed of a series of transversely extending strips oi different colors placed between the drums'J and the. reflector B, Bf. The portions B, B of the reflector are constructed of differently inclined sections b-', b, b4, as before described.

Having now particularly described and esem-1 mined the nature of the said invention and in what umnner the same is to he performed l declare lhat what l claim is:- i i 1.` ln nn illuminated Inulli-cololml ign or advertisement wherein n stent-il hearing the inscription or design rohe exhibited is intel-posed in the path of :1 boum of light, combination with asiencil. of n relier-lor umile in lwo portions which diverge from one :mother in n rearward direction from about tht` middle of lncluighl oi' lhestericil; separate sources of illumination suitably plm-m1 in relation und tlh` corresponding porlions of the toncil; und scpnrnlc multi-colored medio interposed between the respevivo portions of the reflector and the corresponding sources tinlly ns spocllied. y u

2. In an llluminnled multicolored sign or advertisement'.

or' ihn kindu'eferred lo. the combination with the `source of licht and with the stonchof :i zig-zag reflector made in sections when-vol' successive sections are set nt progressively diminishing.;y inclinations to the piane of the stencil as specllied.

3. In un illuminated multco1rn'ed sien or advertisement of the kind referred to, ihe combination with the stencil,`

the retlecto'r, and the translucent multi-colored medium, of a rotary drum int-losintr the source of light and having un 4opaque, peripheral wall :ipertul-ed to give pnssuge to'the light, substantially :is r11-scribed.

nownnn 'WILLIAM emNNnnY.

Witnesses 1I. D. Mawson,

A.` Nourri-1N.

of illumination, substnn

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