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Publication numberUS859559 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1907
Filing dateJun 7, 1906
Priority dateJun 7, 1906
Publication numberUS 859559 A, US 859559A, US-A-859559, US859559 A, US859559A
InventorsAnders G Hoegren
Original AssigneeAnders G Hoegren
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US 859559 A
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Specication lof Letters '.Patent.

Patented July 9, 1907 Appiicanon sled .Tm 7,1906.A serislNo. szo,ao1.

To 'all whom it may concern:

Be it known that .1, ANDERS G. HOEGnEN, a citizenoi the 4United States, residing atChicago, in the county .of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useiullmpiovement in Gloves, Aof which the following isa specification.l v

My object is to provide a glove, more especially oi the type known as working gloves, of an improved construction which materially cheapens the cost of in positions.y which prevent any tendency to disconimanufacture, as compared with similar gloves as hitherto produced, and 'wherein the .linger seams are located fort, as by chang the Wearers fingers.

In carrying out my invention the glove, `whether o canvas, leather or the like, lmay be formed, for the mostpart, from a single blank cntvto the proper shape.

Only two smaller`additionalblanks are n`ecessary,

which, when attachedto the main blank,- form, re-

spectively, the face-portions of the two middle'ingers, Vmeaning those between the index and little fingers,

and the back portion of the thumb.

In'the drawings-Figures 1 and 2 are views'oi the front and rear portions of a glove of my improved construction turned inside out to `expose the raw edges at the seams; Fig. 3, a broken perspective View showing the insert piece which forms the front of the middle fingers, and the manner of sewing it in place; Fig. 4, a broken section illustrating the way the transverse seams between fingers are formed; Fig. 5, the main* blank for the glove; Fig. 6, an insert blank lforv the inner parts of themiddle fingers; and Fig. 7 an insert blank 'for the outer part of the thumb.

`The'main blank A is shaped in outline approkimately as illustrated in Fig. 5 and provided with theslits indicated. When the blankk is folded approximately upon `the dotted line 8, theiparts 9 and .10 orrn the back and front portions,'respectively. ofthe little l linger, the parts 11 and l2 the back por-tions oi the midn dle, or .third andsecond, fingers respectively, and the part 13 the front the back portions of the rst,"or index lfinger.Y The blank B shaped and slitted as shown,

when bent and cupped asindica'ted in'Fig'. 4El, orms the rontportions'of the middle, or second and third,` fingers. The slit causes the blank B to present the raw edge a, o, s, andthe raw edge b, d, e. The blank A isslitatthe bases of the'. finger partsr 10, 13, to form the rawvedgesfgjh, and g i.

The blank G is formed with the upper part k, lower part l, side. hump jm, and side projection n having the edge p. TheblankA at the thumb is cut as shown `to leave atonguel/l and presentv the `raw edgesns, lt around the. opening from which the tongue Lis cut;

In forming the glove from the cut and slittedblanks This is done by sewing the edge a c to the edge hf, the edge c edv to the edgel f g, andthe edge d b'to the edge g i. This causes the part at the dotted line 15 oi the blank 1 3 to assume the looped shape shown in Fig. 3, and form the seamless crotch between`the second and third fingers. The edges a c and hf sewed together forrnthe .crotch 16 between .the first and 'second findescribed, the blank B is first applied to the blank A.

gers, the transverse joining seam being right in the V base oii the crotch as indicated in Figs. 3 and 4. The i edges d and i g` sewed together form the crotch 17 between the third and little finge/rs, the transverse 65 joining seam being right in the base. ol the crotch, as A indicated. As the next step, in the formation of the glove, the tongue 14 is bent upward on'the dotted line 18, the edge p is sewed tothe edge t," the part kiaround its edgento the edge of the tongue 14, and the part l at 'its edge to the edges s r of the opening in the blank A. This causes vthe parts to appear as shown in Fig. l,

the sewing in oi the thumb being performed in one stitching operation. The'blank A'with the thumb complete, and thel blank B attached thereto Aas indicated in Fig. 3, is then folded upon the dotted line'S.

Stitching is then commenced atthe point 19 iollowing the continuous seam indicated in Fig. 2 to the point 20.

The glove may be completed by providing a welt seam v 21 around the baseor wrist portion of the glove.

so The blanks A, B', C would be shaped with dies in a common manner. The making ofthe glove, as shown,

requires but 4 sewingoperations, and I have found, in practice, that such la glove may be completed by an ope-ratormuch more quickly than any other glove, ol the same type, of which I am aware. The seam 2 2, formed in lattaching. the blanks A, B togethenvis'lright 'at the base of the inner side of the second and thirdlingers oi the wearers hand and, offers-no obstruction to the bending oi thengers. lt is usual in forming gloves toprovide seams between lingers which extend ,obliquely outward a short distance alongthe'fingers.

a plain working `glove,.such as shown, Aa glove having. fourchettes on the back, or infact, any type of glove' made of any suitable material. n desires, the blank B may'befin two pieces stitched'together at the line 15;

` What claim s new, and desire to secnre by Patent xsfl space and sewed along its severed edges t'o the severed In a glove, the combination of'a main glove-blankform- .base-line between `tl1e first and fourth' finger-portions ill Lette'rs tfaliy thehun-shaped enlargement formed hetween the sev ered edges, said inst-named blank being contained in said ingth first and fourth fingers and the backs of the sec- Sadmain blank, Whel'eby the transverse seams between 15 t 5 ond and third fingers, tnefronts of the first and fourth thefingers, 211'@ Wholly at the bases of their crotches.

fingers being-separated -by :1n interposed insertion-space -1 havim,r aninciined base, sind each said front being severed ANDERS G' HOEGREN partway Iaci-oss its base-portion, and a second and third In presence ofl finger frontfblank folded upon itself between its ends and J. H. LANDES,

10 severed psu-tway along the, foldingiine, `with a snbs`tan- HARRY Dwyn'n.

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