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Publication numberUS861610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1907
Filing dateMay 14, 1906
Priority dateMay 14, 1906
Publication numberUS 861610 A, US 861610A, US-A-861610, US861610 A, US861610A
InventorsRichard S Sarver
Original AssigneeRichard S Sarver
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Massage apparatus.
US 861610 A
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MASSAGE APPARATUS. APPLICATION FILED MAY 14, 1908 arousal) s. slaves, or KANsAs oi'irnissoum.


. Specification of Letters Patent. Application as May 14,1906. Saris-1N0. 316,778. g

' iPatentedJuly so, ieo'n' To allwhoari it may concern; I

Be it known that "I, Ricnann S. SARVER, acitizen of the United States, residing at Kansas City, in the county of Jackson and State of certain new and useful Improvements in Massage Apparatus; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention,,such as b will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, referenpe being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the lettrs andfigures of reference marked thereon which form a part of this specification.

My present invention relates to amassage apparatus,

and more particularly to a device of the class described in which a liquid or vapor jet is employed.

It is the object of my invention to provide a 'device of the' class described which is simple and economical in construction and operation and will comprise the improved details of structure which will presently be fully described and pointed out in the claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification in which like reference numerals refer to like parts throughout the several views, and in which, I

Figure 1 is a detail view in central vertical section of the head and a portion of the handle of an apparatus constructed according to my invention. Fig. 2 is a de-' tail view in front elevation of the head shown in Fig. 1; the front cap being removed to illustrate the interior mechanism. Fig. 3 is a view in side elevationofthe apparatus illustrating the parts as connected with a motor and vapor or liquid supply. Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view of the tool illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2. .Fig.

'' 5 is a view in central vertical section of a modified form of tool. Fig. 6 is a cross section on the line 6-6, Fig. 5.

Referringm ore in detail to the parts,-7 represents the head of my apparatus which may be composed of any suitable material, but is preferably formed of brass, with its body in the form of a circle and provided with around neck 8. In neck 8 isa horizontal recess 9 in which is seated a crown wheel 10, the hub 11 of said wheel being extended'a short distance into the recess 12; which latter extends through neck 8 and opens into, recess 9; Recess 12 is threaded as shown and carries a cap 13 having a central perforation 14 in its face, the ina net edge of said cap being of sufficient width to form a seat for the crown wheel and the bottom of the cap a seat for the wheel hub. Extending through the perforation 14 is the shank lo 'o'fthe tool 16, which shank is threaded to fit the threaded interior of the hub 11. Shank 15- is provided with-al'earrying flange 1'7 whichwithin a chamber lfigfitool 16, with ingthrdugh an opeifi g in thetopof the tool as i1lustrated. in the of the tool is a series of perfora- Missouri, have invented 'volveand a conduit for the vapor oris ldcated the shank extend-' tions connecting with chamber 18 and-carried by said bottom are a number of pliable studs 19.

In head 7 is a conduit 20 extending from the rear a short distance into the interior and thence into connection with the horizontal, recess 9. Rigidly secured in head 7 in registration with conduitZO is a tube 21 which extends downwardly through a centralpassagein the crown wheel, and through the shank 11 and flange 17, forming an axle upon which the wheel and shank reduit 20 to chamber 18, as will presentlybe described. Rigidly secured in head 7 is a tube section 22, the interior of which registers with conduit 20 and which is provided with. a stop cock 23. Connected with tube-j.

section 22 is a flexible tube 24 extending to, and con-- nected with a supplytank 25. Y

.The front of head 7 is offset as shown and provided with a cap '26 which is removable from the head, and

liquid from com when applied thereto, provides a recess 27 in which is located a spurwheel 28, the teeth of which mesh with the teeth of the crown wheel before described, said spur wheel being carried on a shaft 29 adapted to revolve in a bearing in head 7 and which extcndsa shorl'.v distance without said head. 7 Connected at the outer end of shaft 29 is a flexible shaft 30, which is in turn suitably connected with and driven by a motor 31 of any desired type. v

In cap 26 is located a spring pressed latch 32 adapted for depression into contact with spur wheel 28 for a purpose presently set forth. ,33 is a handle of leather or other. suitable material which may be provided for conveniently handling the apparatus.

In use the parts are arranged as described and shown and connected with the motor and supply tank. Upon v the power being applied the spur wheel will be revolved, and through its'toothcd connection therewith causes the revolution of the crown wheel; being rigidly connected with the crbwn wheel hub, the tool will be given a rotary movement. The vapor. or liquid when turned into the tool follows the course described and is delivered against the surface being operated upon in a jet of a desired force, which jot together with the application of the rotating flexible fingers is highly invigorating to the skin, tending to opcn'the pores and stimulate circulatioh.

When it is desired to remove the tool, the spring latch is depressed into contact with the spur wheel and the tool unscrewed, the latch preventing the backward revolution of the crown and spur wheel. 7

While 1 have specifically described a tool for use with the apparatus, it is readily-apparent that there may be a number of different forms of tools that may be employed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim;


as new therein and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1. A device of the class'described comprising tool carrying parts, a tool carried by .said parts having projecting portions on its outer face, a chamber, and-perforations con nectlng said chamber 'with spaces between said pgojecting portions, and :means tor operating said tool independently pot the movement of the'carrying parts. A v

2. In a device of the class described, a movable tool provided with an internalchamber having suitable outlets,

means for conducting a cleansing agent to said chamber, and means for operating said tool.

3. In adevice of the class described, a suitable head, a tool carried by said head, means for revolving said tool, and a tube carried by said head and extending; into said tool tor the purpose set forth.

4. In a device of the class described, a recessed head, a

vdrivingmechanism located in said head, a tool connected with said driving mechanism, and conduits extending through said head and tool, for the purpose set forth.

5. In a device of the class described a recessed head, a crown wheel seated in a recess in said head, a tool carried by said crown wheel, and means for operating; said wheel, i

6. in a device of the class desmihcd. a recessed head. a crown Wheel seated in a recess in said head, a tool having a shank extending into said head and secured to said wheel, and ineans'for operating said wheel.

7. in a device ofithc class described, a recessed head, a perforated cap carried by said head, a driving mechanism and a tool having a shank extending through said cap and connected with said driving mechanism.

8. in a device of the class'descrihed,.a channeled head,

a driving mechanism, a chambered tool connected with said driving mechanism, and a tube connecting the chamher in said tool and a channel in said head, for the purpose set forth.

9. In a device of the class described, the combination with a suitable head of a tool having an interior chamber provided with outlets, a shank on said tool adapted for connection with said head, and a tube extending through said shank'into connection with said head and having an outlet into said chamber.

10. In a device of the class described, a channeled head,

a chambered toolfa driving mechanism in said head, a shank on said tool connected with the driving mechanism,

and a tube rigidly secured in said head in connection with the channel in said head and extending through the tool shank into connection with the chamber in said tool.

11. In a device of the class described, a head, a shaft journaled in said head, a spur wheel rigid on said shaft, :1

tool, a driving mechanism connected with said tool and operated by said spur wheel, and a latch adapted for engagement with said spur wheel, substantially as set forth.

11.. In a device oi the class described, a channeled head, a driving, mechanism carried by said head, a tool connected with said driving mechanism. a motor and means con-

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