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Publication numberUS862397 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1907
Filing dateMar 27, 1905
Priority dateMar 27, 1905
Publication numberUS 862397 A, US 862397A, US-A-862397, US862397 A, US862397A
InventorsLouis Hruska
Original AssigneeGeorge De Blois, Louis Hruska
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Electric-light cluster.
US 862397 A
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E27/@7660?. lamb* Mu/@ y wgvgws APPLICATION FILED'ABfM, 1905.

LOUIS' HRUSKA, or CHICAGO, ILLINois, lesiones or ennemi' 'ro esoneri Ds errors', or

` CHICAGC, immers.

ELECTRIC-LIGHT CLUSTER To all-'whom it may concern:

Be it 'known that I, Louis HRUSKA, a citizen ol the United States, residing at Chicago, in the countyoi Fig. 2, a vertical section on line 2-2 ol Fig. l with thel shade and shade holder removed; Fig. 3, a plan view of the removable member of the fixture; Fig. 4, a plan yview ofthe stationary member oi the iixture, and Fig.

5, a detail section on line 5-5 of Fig. 3.

Like letters of reference vindicate likeparts in all the drawings.

ngeneralythe fixture-comprises two parts, one oi f which is' adapted to be more or less permanently fixed to the wall 'of the room or otherwise, while the other, supporting the lamps,-is removable by a very simple operation-easily understood by any one. It will be obvious that the device can take a number Ci different 'forms according to the particular adaptation to use,

and, therefore, I do not purpose to liniit myself to any one construction.

In the form shown in the drawings, A represents a hollow' shell, preferably of metal, which may be secured tothe ceiling by means of the tube or pipe A1, or be hung from a cord in any usual manner. To the shell A is preferably clamped a shade holder B, as for ex ample, by meansv of the-screw Bl.

C represents the shade held in position on the holder by the screws Cl Cl. v Within the shell A, is a block D of insulating material, preferably porcelain, which is secured to the shell A by means of thescrews Dl D1.

i Centrally in .this block, is set the socket D2 which is preferably made of brass and screw threaded.

.l3ncircling thisl and also set into the porcelain block, is the Contact piece D3 which is preferably made as shown in Fig. 4; that is, in the form of a hollow cylinder with a segmental part-cut therefrom.- I have represented the block D as consisting .of one piece of material, apertured to receive the socket and the contact piece, but

Vit is obvious that it might be made -up of a number of separate parts. The screw D4 extends through the :block D atithe place where the Contact piece D3 is cut f away, and makes electrical Contact with the socket D2.

A washer D 5 may be provided, and between the washer. v

Speeiiication of Letters Patent. l

Appnmuon and nach 2v, niet.

ramasse ruig. e, reo?n Serial lilol 252,7641

.Gn the other side oi the block is similar screw D a taking into lthe Contact piece D and provided with the washer D7, and this serves a binding post for the conductor El, the conductors E, El, it will. be understood, supplying the lamps with current.

The removable part ci the fixture is composed oi a shell F preierably ol metal to which are secured any number er' lamps GG vol any preferred type, and in any desirevl` ina-nner. The lamps GG may, for example, be provided with screw threaded nipples GHG?. For conven iene-e in assembling, .l preler to support the 4contact pieces in the lower part oi the fixture on removable cross piece l-l, which maybe secured to the shell Fby means oi the screws lill?. Outhoeross piece H is the block J' of noireonducting material preferably porcelain, secured thereto .in any desired manner, as for example, Cy means oi the screws Jl. inte this block, is set centrally thereof, the screw .l adapted to screw into the socket in the upper part oi the lixture. Surrounding the screw is the coi rtafrt piece Il o similar size and iorm as the Contact pier-e DE in the upper part of the lixture. The binding screw l* is in Contact with the screw J, and a binding screw .l5 is in lle manner con! neeted with. the contact piece .l A

The wiring to the lamps may be arranged in any desired manner. ln the drawing, i have shown two conductorsl l, lil, leading from the binding screws J4, .l5 respectively, and to the terminals oi one ,of the lmnp circuits. These wires may be pped by other branch wires, as lor example l?, K3, one pair 1ibading to each of the lamps ol the cluster. i I

l have thus described in detail, one form o my de vice, but it will be clear that the invention is suscepti ble oi embodiment in various forms oi construction and that considerable change might be unido lo moet vary ing conditions without departingirmn the spirit and purpose of my invention` Tlmrelore, l dolot limit myself to the particular forms, devices andconstructions here shown.

The use and operation oi the device will perhaps have been made sulliciently clear bythe foregoing. lt is one of the purposes of my invention te secure avery compact and simple forni nl' removable electric-light cluster, and one which will be at the same time sightly Lil and /capable oi' being used by unskilled persons Without the other by the ltwo Contact piecesDiA, 33, The latter parts, although cut away so as to give convenient access to the socket and screw, will always touch over a corisiderable portion oi their areas cannot 1 out or' l foi" any other purpose, the shell li'is simply unserewerl from the upper pzirL oi the tixiure, leaving the wiring to 5,

.the himps undistiv'lie'd. .1f 'it is nece iry to get at 'any oi the several wirs leading to the lumpsy this may he enilydone byreinol'ing the rr ,piece il. lliereiiiziy, ui Course.y he any number oi lutins, und there lliinpd may he of any desired type.

I dann'.

1. In iin electric light lixtnre, the eoinhinution ol' :i fixed bleek 0i insuluiiup; rnulerizil, hai'rine; :i Screw L centrally' thereof. servlnf.: Lies zin electrode. :intl un conrlntzl'inii' nniteriul struck from the renier ol .u 1`l.\' with 'n reniovzilile pnrt enrrylne' :i hlm-li oi ini; ruziieriui. a www derive ailluiitefi to en ew derive on the l .il Meek i i :serving :i ,in ehelirode. :in fire o niaiterinl siinlur tomlti .il uflzipteil 'lo he brought into (commet therewith when he 1mi-1K :1re in operative position. zin/l :i hlntlinu; posi. exit-urli: i through :in aperture 'in such e lui' elet-trollo 'nilo Venturi, with such screw device.

h other :irt-

2. ln an electric light: ixtnre. mhinution o1' :i tir. i: liloek et insnliuing.' ninterizil, a; ti-ew llerii'i: eeniriiily thereof, L'oriniim :in elwtrofh. :in ure oi' vout'lmtii insiteA rizil `sl'rneli from tho unter of such tlfvire, :i removable shell, :i reinorulile russ pier-+- oii sur-li shell. :i l lo l ol" insulating' inziler'il seeured to suoli erw tilt-rv, ri serliw device in snelililolfh serving :is un eleifi'rorle. und :in :ire of niulerizil similar io sut'h other :ire und inlziiitr-d to he broughtv int'o Contact: therewith when the pui-t9; :ii-iy in operative position.

Ii. ln :1n eleelrie light iixtnie, the (soniliiinitiori of twv) l epliriihle sections, one o said sections curi-,ringy ilu,- niiiiii tion chi vthe soutiens forniin: oney oi' the terminalsI ol thin` vir(4 .il'. .v :i inetullie purl'. on tluother s( line terminals, the other :i plnrzillty ol' lmnp. lumi-emi up on un operi circuit. with means for srlzurin'.; Hur-h srr- `toiellie'; :tml for losing the t-n nit lroin the nuiiu's .gli the lninyis. rompi-isili;1- u vonirul srrew on one ol ion with whirli the c uw engages :intl forming;- ihe mrrespontline: terminnl o` they circuit through Huch section. :ind :i huir ot' tgrliinlri eontuct nieves on the ser ions urrzinnetl eoiit'rnlrvnli;y with refzpect. to the screw th 'e sind :illnnted io l; liroug'hr into contuct when the si. tions :ire Screwed ioentlu-r, ill

rirnl Contact pieces heini; cnt :iwny :it oney side tn :recess to the other iifiir of terminals ineloser] thereby.

4. In :in electric lilg'ht iixtnre, the eumli'mnton of two miiuruhle sittions, one (if Suid sections ezirryiny; ilul innin line lerniiniilg, the other n pluriility of lnin1is connected nl on :in open'eirenit, with mezins It' securing such see- 'ions together :ind for el( ing the circuit from the mziins through the lumps, eompi sing` a central screw on one of the mations forming one of the terminnls ol this circuit, :i nietzillie nzirt on the other tion with which the screw ene-nues und forming; the corresponding terininul of the f-irruil through sneli section, und :i pziir of eonl'net piece@ on the tions uri-:mired voneentrieally with respect: lo the svi-ew dev :md adapted to he brought inlo eontliet when the see ions lire 1@crewed together,y sneh Contact ivres in the form ot' uros les than [circles :intl grenier thun lnilf nire-les.

ln zin ele. rie light lixtnre, :i relatively lixell si in: zi lilotrl: of insulating; nizitoriail, u eeulriil s( 'ew sboeizited with Suid block, :i vontuct pim :ii :tion eiiihedilel in the lilouk iind eonevntr srriiw devine, Suid screw (lei/ine :1nd eohtzu't, piece living; Qonneelefl with the inuin line wires', in eiinihinution sul" with :i removable section comprising' means for supporting :i pluriilit of liinpsl connected np un :in open t-irvuil. :i ii ,tk oi' .i :lling mnt'erizll, :i iii-tml screw derive :issu initetl therewith, :intl ii contat, i piece :trennte in ross :welion einhechleli in suitl lilork, such screw derive :intl onlin-i pieve formingY the terminalsl of the lmnp eirruit.

4'. lii :in electric light fixture, :i relatively tixwl swtiozi 'ngz :i block of insulatingv inziteriul in suitl .il amr-w (levil'e :issoeintetl with simi hlm-k. Section eniluulrlml iu the il Willi' hlm-'lt :ind roncentrie with suon screw devil'e. Suid Sri-eu' rleviw und contact peeeheing' tonneeietl with the nniin iine wirt in onihirmtieu with n reinovuhle seglion vom :i :..isini forming' with the other t" sinj.: un iiielosure lor il uninet nieves :intl their connections supporting' :i plurnlii'r ol` lmnp sot'kots connue u] up on :in lllfll fll" (Luit, ;i hl: ul' insulating: niuleriul in such euse. :i rentrul sr w lmn'e :issoeiutod therowiih, :intl :i eonluel piel-H :trennte in cross section eniln'thled in szlifl lilotk, surli srrew tievire und eontuct pieretorinnler the lrrmiinils ol' the linnn tzirlfuit..

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