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Publication numberUS863054 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1907
Filing dateMay 10, 1905
Priority dateMay 10, 1905
Publication numberUS 863054 A, US 863054A, US-A-863054, US863054 A, US863054A
InventorsGeorge Barclay Dickerson
Original AssigneeNew Jersey Car Spring & Rubber Co
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US 863054 A
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No 863 054. PATENTED AUG. 13, 1907.






Specfictou of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug'. 13, 1907.

Application filed May 10,1905. Serial No. 259.800.

Toll wlm it may www: 2.'

Be it known zhuti, (woman BARCLAY DIC'EEi-;OL u citizen oi the United Stat s, residem of Wesi'shl, County' oi Union, Shite ni New' .'orsev. have nvmied certain new ::nd useful ing'rownn-n in Mailing, of which the following is zispeeiiim ien My invention reiates to waiting made of rnhhe' or like mieral and han fer its uhje ,te provide a nmiing of this'descrptiun With :HI efieinr ''ping surface ri which can he easily and eifer'i vely viewed.

My invention 'wiii Le iniiy dsrt'hed hereinaiier nl the featires of noveity will he puind uut in the ap pended' claims. b

Reference is te be had to the :ccompnying drawing in which 4 Figura 1 is a plan 'View (f a piece of matting (-onetructed according to my i nventon; i'g. 2 is a secLional View thei-cef on line :l -2 of Figql and Fg 3 is a se& tional View on line 3-3'oi' Fig. 1.

A is the body or fundaton of the mutting which may be made f any suitable thehness. On this foundazion A are 'arranged torpedo shuped projections B, which prjections B ar double poinLed; and. &rentranged with the points extending in the same direction. The said p'cjections B further extemiahove the surface of the oundation A and round ed from Lop io bottom and also from left to right as shown n Figs. 2 and V From left to right in Fig. the said projeetions :me prefembiy ar'inged in :1 smgge'cd shion, it being understood, however, that from 'Lop to hmmm n shown in Fig. 1 the said projeetions are armnged in parane] iines. With !his Construction there Me no corne's 120 catch and retin the d't and ihere is no obstacle 'm prevent a brcum or other inpiemem From realy removing the nccum hted di t, from the series oi passages formul by the va,ri.ns rows of projeetims and running mm top 1:0 hmmm in Fig. i. The said w'jmrinns ure p'el'mnhiy nohled together with (he fuundniin' ahhuugh hs nm', zhsoiuleiy nevessn'n inasnnch as Lhese prujwitms B might, he n'ade sppn'ately and seemed te he found::.-

i m in any cmiveniem nanner.

By ioniing ;EL Fig. t Will he seen thai thepz'njm'- ii mx i are aiined in ihe direction in which he poirs xend. leaving spnwes .sm-h as a hei WDM] adjnrrent, pnints ni prjeminns B in the same row. These spzu'es u'e shgge-r--d in arijacent rows. su ;hm the hulges b ot' the prnjeetinns in ene ww are in imisverse aiinenem With the spaces a ui the adjacent TOW. In oi'seq:rru 01' In witness whe'eo, I have he'eunto set my hand in the 1 presence m' me suhse'ihing: witnesses.


ths 'arrangemenn i a broom m' ike unpiement s Ues a inter-ai movement toward the spat-r s and ihes' Cdrrectins in Letters ?ateni Ne 86%@54 epo It is hereby Certified that i letters Patent No. 863954, granted August l3, l907, upon the application of George Bar'cizy Dickersomef \-Vestfield, New Jerey, for an improvement in Mastngfi' erro's appear 'equirig the folowing cor rectiens: The drewihgs forming a part of said patent sloul have 'been corrected, as directed by the patente@ in a n amendment duly filed before the issueof the patent, as follows; On 'Fgure 1 the reference ehara cter a shnld appear ,to indicate spaces between adjacet points of projectons B 'in the same row and b should indicate the bulges of said pro l jeetious; and that the said Letters Patent should be read with these correct ions therein that the' same may eonfrm to the record of the case in the Patent OBee.

Signed and sealed this 31'& day of September, A. D., 1907.

` I E. B. MOOREQ I Commissoner f Pate z'a [SEAL]

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L23/24