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Publication numberUS863728 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1907
Filing dateSep 20, 1906
Priority dateSep 20, 1906
Publication numberUS 863728 A, US 863728A, US-A-863728, US863728 A, US863728A
InventorsGilbert Legh
Original AssigneeGilbert Legh
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US 863728 A
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PATENTED AUG. 20, 1907.





WITNESSES WM No. 863,728. Y PATENTED AUG. 20, 1907.

' G. LEGH.


APPLICATION rmzn P120. 1906.






INV ENTOD WITNESSES MM7M such clubs as compared with Wooden GOLF-GLUE.

No. see-res.

Specification of Letters Patent,

yet-sated ring. .29

Application filed SeptsmhoiZO, 1906. Serial No. 335,347..

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GILBERT LEGH, a. subject oi the King of Great Britain, residing at The Drove House, Thornhzun, Kings Lynn, in the county of Norfolk, England, haveinventcd certain new onduseiul Improvenients in'Golf-Clubs, of which the following is {L specification.

Hitherto Wooden: and aluminium golf clubs have been weighted, so as to increase their driving inserting lead in the hollowed rear part of the club head.

According to the present invention such club heads are weighted so as to bring their center of inertia close up to the driving face, or at any rate to :i pos ion intermediate between that face and the center of the club head or line of attachment of the shaft; and further, the Weighting rii'aterial may be oi such a character and so shaped and disposed that the wooden or aluminium club head may in some cases be dispensed with altogether without detrinientally affectingthe qualities of or aluminium headed clubs, or such Wood or other material-may be retained in suitable form for deadoniin the sound of impact or adding to the appearance of the club- The weighting of the improved golf clubs is effected by disposing practically ilu- Whole of the weighting material in front of the axis or film of attachment of the shaft, whether the weighting material consists of added lead introduced into a hollow in the forward portion of the club head, or of a, heavy steel face plate with or without a steel sole, or of the combination of a metal face plate with added. lead weighting in the club head, these various methods of bringing forward the center of inertia of the club head having their own particularadvantages with different kinds of clubs, such as driv crs, wooden or aluminium headed driving irons, putters, and so forth.

When the Wci htin is effected b means oi a hcov Y steel face plate with or withouta steel solo or added loud, at considerable proportion of the iaco oi the club head covered by the stecl face plate is hollowed out, and the hollow may be filled with iudiwrubbur ul' other resilient medium, such resilient medium being interposed directly between the iacc plate and the added load weighting when the latter is used.

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings which show various approved forms of the improved golf club.

Figures 1 and 2 show a. front elevation and aplon respcctively of a. play club or bm'sscy having a wooden head a which is hollowed out and weighted with loud in the portion marked 1) immcdiotely in roar of the factplztt'e c which may be of lvuther, brass, or other usual materiel. Figs. 3 and i are similar views of a cloik or driving iron having a. wooden head a, a. heavy steel i'aice power, by.

1 plate 0 and lead weighting I) immediately in rest: of the plate c. Figs. 5 and 6 are s i or views 05 u clcik in which a llUllOvY (Z is left immediately in rear of the v'y steel face plate 0, this hollow having vertical dimensions which. may be equal to or less than tilrse of 1,118 i I-d Weighting b. The hollow (I may be i. vd with i lIldlJdlllJiJUI' or other plitstic iiizitoriul. l are similar viows oi a club which may be weighted partly by s. stool ioro plate but principally b Weighting 1; filled into a. wedge -.-*h:rped hole in l the shaft. In those the loco plate 1: n cured to Ilu' r-lunlu-iul by any suitable me: I the screws (1 which are countersunk into the moo Fig. 5) is it pliui YliW of n. pm I or and o. lmwy elm-i l'uuplut 51 which mnsiituics the solo weighting inni'uriztl. The head is hollowed out llrllfl 3- diatcly iii ii'itl of tlufaceplate as slmu'n, 5.! plate is .socurcd to the luwl b :piug its i mwrm'l to by studs orscrows p:v l l0, 11 are rcspectivel va. plim no .1 front wove ion of a club head in .Vllli'rl the weighting .if 1 heavy steel face plate 6 and u brrnid str-vi s b-j wits" preferably made integral with the face plots and i..- minishee in thickness towards the roan oi the club llcitll ms to keep the weight or the sole for forward as possible. In this construction the slmiiis secured to the wooden head in the usual manner. Figs. 112, 13 show respectively orfront elevation and a tnuisverse section of a further modification oi club shown in 11, according to which the weighting is oilcc some manner by swims oit' ofhcaz'y stcel an e r: and solo f, and in this case the face plattsnd solc no music integral with a metal socket y Tii which the slmit is sccurcd. This club may have s, voodoo heed o hello; out immediately in rear 01' the face plate as at it, or Wood may be entirely dispensed with, or only used I such oi-m as may improve the appear. use of the club head or diminish the sound of impact.

It will be understood that although the material here in specified for the heavy face plate sud solo is steel, wrought iron may be substituted therefor or any other suitable herd metal or alloy 11 02 exsrriple as nickelstcel, and the term steel hereinafter used in the claims round the LUU :md bvcl oi lbw r-iub "M Ir otals or alloys. Also in rosny cases, aluminium may replace wood in theconstruction oi the improved club heads.

1. In golf clubs, 2 club head wr lrhtml by l'" In the wood in line with the shaft. b" .l 3r plate on the striking flu-o, the loud Tm princigml weight, substantially as do Figs. 7 and 5.

must be interpreted as including these or equiv-clout.

inserted I ill? bearing a'gainst said lead, substantially as described.

2. In golf clubs, a wooden .club head having a hollow in its face containing an oblong lead extending substantially the length of the playing face and a heavy steel face plate 6. In golf clubs, a wooden club head havlnga heavy steel face plate, said face plate being lapped around the heel and toe of said wooden head and being secured to the head at the heel and toe, substantially as described.

7. In golf clubs, 9. club having a steel face plate, sole, and socket formed in one piece, said face plate being'attached to the sole only along its lower edge and extending 3; In golf clubs, n clnb h ead having a heavy steel face Lplate and a steel-sole integral therewith and diminishing in thickness. from said plate to the opposite side, substantiully as describd. "'rl 4. In golf clubs, at cldb head having a heavy steel face plate and a steel sole integral therewith, said sole being of diminishing thickness towards its rear edge, substantially as described. I

5. In golf clubs, 11 club head having formed in one piece, a socket, a heavy steel face plate, and a steel sole, said sole diminishing in thickness from said plate to the opposite side, substantlallv as dn milwfl v described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




upwardly therefrom clear of the socket, substantially as

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