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Publication numberUS864345 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1907
Filing dateNov 12, 1906
Priority dateNov 12, 1906
Publication numberUS 864345 A, US 864345A, US-A-864345, US864345 A, US864345A
InventorsJohn S Tollefson
Original AssigneeJohn S Tollefson
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US 864345 A
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PATENTBD AUG. 27; 1907.


LW mvm/e.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Aug. 27, 1907.

Application filed November 12,1906. fierial No. 343,097.

a new and useful Water-Filter, of which the following isa s it-cilicntion.

This invention relates to a filter for liquids and is designed more particularly for use as a water tender screen cup for supplying filtered water from the tender of a hu'ulllOtlVO to the boiler, and while the invention is particularly suited to this use, it possesses certain features whereby drinking water, or other liquids, can be freed from sediment, germs, and other foreign matter.

The invention has for one of its objects to improve and simplify the conslruction and operation of de' vices of this character, so as to comprise few parts which are easy and inexpensive to construct and readily assembled and taken apart so as to bekopt clean or repaired with great lacility.

A further. object of the invention is to provide a filter in which water can be quickly filtered or screened, and the sediment and foreign matter readily drawn off from the collecting chamberor well of the filter.

With these objects in view, and others, as will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the invention comprises the various novel features oi construction and arrangement of parts, which will be more fully described hereinafter, and set forth with particularity in the claims appended hereto.

In the accompanying drawing, which illustrates one of the embodiments of the invention, Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the filter. Fig. 2 is a.

well. These parts are preferably castings and made of the same diameter and are arranged ona common axis end to end.

The adjacent ends of the several sections are provided with transversely;extending peripheral flanges 4 which are carefully finished or ground so that the cap and collecting well make a fluid tight fit with the body 1'. The flanges 4 are apertured for receiving the bolts 5 whereby the cap 2 and collecting well 3 are se-' curely held on the body 1. While this construction is preferable, 1 do not desire to be limited thereto, since the casing of the filter can be made in any other suitable manner.

The casingis provided with an inlet 6 at the center of the cap 2, and into this inlet is threaded a'supply pipe 7.

One ormore outlets are provided in the wall of the casing for the filtered water, as, for instance, the outlets S and 9 located preferably in the body portion 1 of the casing. Bosses 10 are formed at these openings and the outlet pipes ll. and 12 are threaded in the same. The pipe 1], serves to supply the filtered water to any point of consun'iption, as, for instance, the boiler of a locomotive, and the said pipe is provided with a cutoff valve 13. The other pipe 12 is fitted with a faucet 14 whereby filtered water can be drawn oil into a bucket or other receptacle for any desired purpose. I

The filtering-clement. in the casing may be of any desired construction, depending largely upon the liquid to be filtered and the degree of filtration desired. The filtering element shown in the present; instance is intended to strain water supplied from the tender of a locomotive to the boiler, and for this purpose comprises a section of perforated pipe 15, the perforations 16 of which are of any desired size and arrangement. The tube or pipe 15 is arranged concentrically within the casing and is supported therein by a socket 17 cast integral with the upper end of the well 3; The socket 1'7 is supported by means of spaced webs 18, segmental openings 18 being provided around the socket so as to permit sediment and other matter to freely collect in the well 3 from the upper part of the filter casing.

, The socket 17 is interiorly threaded and the lower end of the pipe 15 is screwed into the same, the bottom 19 of the socket serving as a head or cap for the said pipe. The upper end of the filter pipe 15 is provided with a cap 19 that is removably held thereon, as by means of screw threads. Goveringthe perforations 16-is a straining device 20, such as a wire gauze of extremely on these inwardly projecting ends 21 of the outlet pipes are tubular gaskets 22, preferably of rubber or equivalent material. These gaskets are held firmly in with an outlet opening 23 at each pipe 11 and 12. In

assembling the parts, the openings 23 are caused to aline with their respective pipes 11 and 12 by means of a pin 24 on the flange 4 of the well 3 engaging in an opening provided in the bottom flange 4 of the body 1.

In operation, the liquid to be filtered is supplied place by engagement with the threads on the outlet 4 to the casing of the filter or screen cup, and the water fills the space between the filtering element and the maintaining the supply of water to the filter through casing. Thiswater is prevented from passing directly to the outlet pipes by means of the gaskets 22, and in order to pass to the outlet pipes, the water or other liquid percolates through the filtering element to the interior thereof and then flows outwardly through the outlet portions inciosed by the gaskets 22 and thence into the outlet pipes. It will thus be seen that the the pipe 7 while the drain opening 25 is open. When it is desired to clean out the interior of the filtering I element, the well 3 can be taken off with the filtering The cap 19 of the filterelement attached thereto. ing element is then unscrewed and the interior exposed for'the purpose of cleansing in any suitable manner; as, for instance, by directing a'jet of steam from a steam hose or pipe, so as to clean out the interior quickly and thoroughly.

What is claimed is: 1. A filter comprising a casing having an inlet and an outlet, a hollow filtering element having closed ends and arranged in the casing and through which liquid filters first inwardly in a radial direction'and then outwardly in a radial direction, a pipe connected to the outlet and a gasket on the pipe and bearing against the element.

I 2. A filter comprising; a casing, a hollow filtering element therein into which liquid enters by filtering through a portion of its wall and out of which the liquid passes by filtering through another portion, and a conduit arranged at one end in contact and covering one of the said portions.

3. A filter comprising-a casing,.a hollow filtering element having a pervious body, means for supporting the element in the casing with a water space around the element, a pipe communicating with the said space, a second pipe extending through the wall of'the casing with its inner end adjacent the filtering element, and a device between the inner end of the said pipe and the filtering element which forms a seal between the second pipe and the said wa er space. p

4. A filter comprising a casing, a tubular filtering element, caps closing both ends thereof, an inlet pipe arranged to supply liquid to the space around the ,ele ment, a radially extending outlet pipe arranged to receive filtered liquid from the element at a point inter- I mediate the ends of the latter, and a gasket secured on ment.

sensors" 5. A iiltericomprising a casing, a holiow body mounted in the same and provided with a pervious portion through which liquid: enters the bodyand anothei-pervio'us portion through which the liquid passes out of the body, a supply pipe discharging into the casing, an outlet pipe-passing through the wall of the casing, and a gasket between the outlet pipe and the last mentioned pervions portion of the said body.

6 A filter comprising a-casing, a tubular filtering element mounted therein, and surrounded by a space, a pipe for supplying liquid to the said space, a plurality of outlet the sections, a filtering element removably mopntcd in the socket and removable with the said section, a pipe communicating with the casing, a second pipe communicating with the interior of the filtering element, and a gasket on the end of the second pipe and bearing upon the exterior of the filtering element without mechanical con-' nection therewith.

8. A filter comprisinga-body section, a bottom well section, a cap on the body section, means [or detachabiy connecting the sectionsQa socket on the well section, a perforated tube mounted in the Socket, :1 screen around the tube, a cap on the end of the tube opposite from that in the socket, a pipe communicating with the casing, a second pipe extending into the casing, and a gasket on the second pipe impinging upon the exterior of the screen.

9. A filter comprising a body section, a bottom well section, a cap section, means for detachably connecting the sections, a filtering element supported solely by the well sectlonflind extending through the body. section and into the cap section, an inlet pipe attached to the cap section, a drainage means on the well section, a pipe extending into the body section, and a device forming a seal be tween the last mentioned pipe and the iiltcringelement.

'10. A filter comprising a body section, a bottom well section, a cap section, flanges on the said sections, bolts extending through the flanges for securing the sections togethena threaded socket provided on the well section, a tube threaded in'the socket and-provided with a perforated portion, a screening medium over the perforations of the tube, a pipe for supplying liquid to the exterior" of the tube for permitting it to filter into the latter,'a drainage device at the bottom of the well section, a pipe extending through one of the sections and terminating in proximity to said tube, threads on the inner end of the'pipe, and a cylindrlcalgasket engaging the said threads and having.

its inner end to conform to the curvature of the tube for JOHN s. TOLLEFSON.

Witnesses K. A. THOBSEN, 'l. G. Tnrxnson.

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