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Publication numberUS864672 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1907
Filing dateDec 17, 1906
Priority dateDec 17, 1906
Publication numberUS 864672 A, US 864672A, US-A-864672, US864672 A, US864672A
InventorsCharles Mccormick
Original AssigneeCharles Mccormick
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US 864672 A
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after deseribed and claimed.

.structions and combinations of gjlll CHARLES. ncoonniorc, on RUsSnLnmoWn.

earn-s ur, 1

Tatianaerret all whom it may concern; a i

Beit vknown that 1, CHARLES iroooamox, acitizen of the United tltates, and resident of Russell, in the county of Lucas and, State of Iowa,have invented certain new andusful Improvements Ainships, of which the following is a specification. a My invention, is ELILiIIIPIO'VGmGHKiH flying machines;

being in the nature ofa mechanical substitute'for balloon; and the invention consists in certain novel conparts as will be hereim in the drawing Figured is a top plan view of a Ina;

chine embodying my invention. Fig. 2v is a vertical Fig. 2.

' divide the circular aeroplane into aeroplane sections,

; longitudinal sectionthereof, and Fig. 3 illustrates asomewhat dili e rent construction :from. that shown .in'

By my invention '1 seek-to providea less expensive, safer, more convenient 'an'dfless cumbersome device than the ordinary balloon, andby adopting a inodification of a parac'hute'l provideflwhat for convenience reierencel call a circular aeroplane A, which may have" a canvas 01- other cover B,- anda iraineC whose ribs 0 the central ring C of the irame forming the margin of a central opening' D in the-aeroplane' A, as shown in Figs.

1 and 2 of the drawing. From the frame 0,4 I suspend by suitable hangers E, ajsu-ita'hle motor F, and a car G,- gthe latter being braced by guys H fron' the outer edge of the frame 0, as shown in Fig. 2 of the drawing. f

It will be noticed that the aeroplane slopes downy andthis may be effected'on curved lines; as shown in Fig. 2 or straight linesas shown in- Fig. 3 and' the'inclination may be varied as may be desired. A inn or pro- I peller wheel I driven by a motor F is-arranged in line withthe central opening Djand adjacent-thereto, being in position to force air outwardly below the under side of-thecircular aeroplane, as 'best shown in FigI 2 "in orderto'exert'a lifting tendency as more iiifly described l hereinafter; 'lhis propeller I it will be noticedwill throw the air-outwardly against the under side of the aeroplane A, :the axis of the fan being perpendicular and the being surrounded with a complte circleofdownwardly sloping aeroplane sections, theffan ap proximating nidiam'eter, the dialnet'er of thecentral p na eem-ini ia ai i v It will be understood that the air current generated qt -neat would n; beingldeliected-downward by the curved aeroplane have. a tendency to raise the same.

A150,;thiii iiting operationywill-jbaided by the elasticity oi the air, the fan having-atendency to rarefy the air above thqj'eraitand compress-the air beneath-the craft, inthe practical operation ofthe invention.

utilize thesuetionat the poles of the fan and to prevent the curi'ent'of air from being drawn upward,

wardly from its central opening towardits outer edge hangers IQ which maybe cords or some fienible con i Patented. Ag a; alone;

I not heneath the familplace a'guard in the form of plate J below the'ian and approximately' ;coeirtensive ther'ewith as best shown iii-Fig. 2 of the drawing.

A A flexible valve K, which may be of canvas 01' other 7 suitable material rendered air proof in any ordinary manner is secured atjite inner edge to the outer edge of the guard plate I, and extends thencejoutwaiqdly ha. y low the parachute and is connected at its outez 'edge by:

nections', as desired, the valve permitting the air-to pain outwardlybelow theaeroplane when the fan is operat "ing and also closing up against the under sidejo'iftlie aeroplane and shutting off the throat leading-to the central opening and forming a closed parachute as the,

apparatus descends, when the fan is stopped andijthje ,air presses upwardly against the under side of the 'pa ra? ch i l '1' lnconnection with the aeroplane A, 'lprefer to form atop oi ,crowjn 1 concentric witlrthe aeroplane andhav v fing a' covering 2 o icanvas orthe like and-being suppliedv 1 *with'r ibs O similar tothe ribs C i of thevaeroplane'; the 2 Center edge of the top or crown being connectedflwith the outer edge of the aeroplane by 'cords'or wires S. This a top or crown 1 is concave or dished on its upper side, theirever'se ofthe concavity 'of the aeroplane and it operatesto add buoyancy and strengthens'tliaentire apparatus.- Informing the doubleconcaves, canvas" form a parachute-likestructure as shown.-

cated ati one end below the centerof thecon cavity,

while its other end G extends out-beyond the center so an aeronaut maybe seatedin the inner end of the craftwhen it is d'esired to ride ona level or ma tmnsfer his weight toward; the outer endtef thebasket to rendered air-tight by any suitable preparationimay be i utilized and thear'rangeiiientot theribs is snch'as to cause that side of the to tip andthuszglideolfin Bitch direction: The course may be controlledby any suitable form of fan-or rudder, and th'at shown '2 may he emp1oyed-ftoadvantage. i

ward its outer edge and-having. a cove'ring'and a frame di vldlng the covering intoa series of aeroplane sections, a fan 01' propeller wheel in line' withsaid'opening and in too position to force air outwardly below the underside-of thecircular aeroplane sections toexert by the down ward deflection ol tnerair current below, the aeroplane a lifting tendency thereon, a guard plate below andcoextensive with said wheel, a flexiple' valve secured at its in;v ner edge to said guard plate, means suspending the outer edge ofthe valve from the aeroplane,'and :I car susp'euded from-the aeroplane, substantially as set forth.

2; in an alrfthip substantially as described,- a circular aeroplane havinga central-openingand a fan or propeller wheel in line with and opening-and in position to force air outwardly below the underside of the circular aeroplane to exert a lifting tendency thereon, aguard plate I below said wheel/and :i vnlve connected with saidfguardplate and controlling the throatbetween the saine and the aeroplane, substantially as set forth,

3. An air ship \havlng a circular. aeroplane provided with a central opening and slopingdownward ly therefrom'toward its outer edge, and a top or dorne ahove'sald aeroplaneand encircling said central opening and sloping upwardly therefrom toward its outer edge, a fan or propeller wheel in line with said opening and in position to force air outwardly below the under ,side of the aeroplane to exert a lifting tendency thereon, and algn ard plate below.

said wheel, substantially as set forth.

4. An air ship-having a circular with a central openlng and means for, forcing air outwardly below the underside of the circular aeroplane to exert a lifting tendency thereon, and a car suspended from said aeroplane and having one end extended laterally beyond the center of the aeroplane whereby the aeronaut aeroplane provided 7 may shift back and forth ir ij-the-car to control the.,lncllna' I tlon of the aeroplane, substantially as set forth.

5. An air ship having an aeroplane provided with.a"c en'-' tral opening andv sloping downwardly, from said opening gtoward its outer end," a top or crown sloping upwardly fromisaid central opening of-the aeroplane toward its outer edge,' and means connecting the outer edgeiof the pellen'wheel below thec entrnl opening and in line therewith and in position to force air outward below the under side of the aeroplane to exert a lifting tendency thereon, a guard plate below the fan or propeller wheel, a flexible valve connectedati its inner edge .withthe guard plate and extending thence downward below the aeroplane, and

v neons connecting the outer edge of the flexible valve with .toixjer crow-n with't hat'of-the paer0plane, a fan or pro--

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