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Publication numberUS865046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1907
Filing dateJan 2, 1907
Priority dateJan 2, 1907
Publication numberUS 865046 A, US 865046A, US-A-865046, US865046 A, US865046A
InventorsJackson L Kail
Original AssigneeWinslow Bros Company
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Means for hanging laterally-movable doors.
US 865046 A
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. J. L. KAIL.


w .PNN ...w w MN s m T. m H mm m QW @511. A

e Q m N .,.\\h H m A w M, A m.\\ W. K WN m S tnviririsn4 sTAfrEsPATENT OFFICE.

JACKSON L. minor CHICAGO, ILLiNois', AssIeNOR rfro Winslow BROS. COMPANY, or



Specification: of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 31907.

Applicants nea January 2, ieov.' sem Nt. 350.320.,

To all whom 'it may conerm Be it known that I, JACKSON Lf Kaul, a. vcitizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, `in the county oi Cook' and-Statev` of Illinois, have invented a certain' have a groove as shown at 5. I have provided a suitable movable frame 6 which is adapted to reciprocate upon thetrack l upon any movement of a door. which isadapted to move backand forth. The `frame 6 consists oi side bars 7 and 8 which are fastened at their ends to spacing blocksi) and 10 and at intermediate -plaecs by blocks k11. These side bars form the means of holding antivfrietional members or ball bearings 12' which are retained in recesses 13 and 14 upon the bars.

travel at one-half of the .speed of thedoor and after thebar 18 has moved a distance so that it will engage the spacing block9, the frame 6 willl have traveledv so that it engages a. stop 19 formed `upon or secured. to

`It is obvious that my invention 'maybe embodied` in structures differing in ways that` are notessntial from the structure which 1 have'shown as the embodi i new andl.useful Improvement in Means for- Hanging the frame 2, a similar stop 20 being provided at the .-60Jv LaterallMovable Doors, ofA which the following is a other end ofthe frame.. full, clear, concise', and exact description, reference VTo'prevent any displacemento the associated parts being had to the 'accompanying drawings, forming a during the movement of the door, an angle bar 21 may v part of this specification. be secured Ato the top of the'irame and may serve asav My invention relates to door hangers for laterally .guard for the bar 18A. The frame of the door may be 65 movable doors or other objects and contemplates-the l adjustably secured to the barl by means oi adjust-4 provision of means whereby a door may be supported able members 21a Aand`22` pivoted to thebar at 23 and upon av track by ball bearings. v v -l i v24 and firmly held in engagement with the' door by The object of ray-invention is to provide means bolts 25 and 2 6. These members are provided with '15 whereby the door may be easily .moved laterally and slots 27 and 28 disposed eccentrieally with respect tov 10 l to prevent the binding or sticking of the door in any the pivots 23 and 24, thus permitting the adjustment position. of` the door when necessary. `As shown, the bolts 25 A further object oimy invention .is to provide a V and 26 are secured to an L-shaped 'member 29 which is hanger which can be easily movable7 one that is dufastenedto the door 30 by means of the bolts 3l. 2O rable and that readily permitsthe adjustment oi the It' will be apparent that in providing the means 75 i door in. a vortiealrpositi'on. l which I have described there Will bebut very little i My invention will bebest 4understod by reference friction when a door is moved from one position to anto the accompanying drawing, in which other, and the associated parts are so constructed and Figure 1 illustrates my invention associated With a disposed as to occupy as small a space as possible. 25 door; Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken on One of the advantages which mydnveni-,mu has @yer 80 line 242 of Fig. l; Fig. 3 is a top view, eta movableI similar devices' `which have heretofore been usedis: iramc, and Fig. 4 is a side 'view of `Fig. 3. that heavy doors can be moved from one position'` to A fixed track 1 is secured to a frame 2 by means 0f another with comparative ease, and there isno tipping screws 3, 3, spacing blocks 4 being interposed between or binding action at either end of the ex'cursionoftlie.

this track and the frame. The top of the track may `door, 'i 'i 185' ment in which 1 have practically employed it.` I gibJ not, therefore, wish to be limited tothe precise' con-f'v struction set forth, but What I claim as new and desire to secureby 'Lettersf' `Patent is:

1. In a device of the class desribedfthe combination Y \vith"a grooved'traek secured` -to airtime; of a mdvable 95,AA frame adapted lto retain ball bearings in said grooivedtrack, a bar adapted to ride upon said bearings, hangers attached to said bar. and provided with curved slots, a"

Openings l5 may be drilled so that oil canbe admitted between the surfaces of the bars and the antirictional menibers. v Y

To quickly assemble the frameand its associated members, tliespaeing blocks may be -retained in posiwhen the door is moved back' and forth upon the track.

door, 'and bolts attaehedto said door 'end adapted to be..v

3. In a device of the elses described; the combination" witha door and a grooved'track, ot a.' supporting frame adjustably secured in the'slots olf-said hangers, substan- 100 tion by means of pins 16,16, which pass through Gpentiany as androlthe purposeget i ings 1n the bars and spacing blocks and which are held 2.- In a. device 'or the' class described, the` combinationin place by means of the Cotter-pins 17, 17. vThe anti- With a gl'onvedhck Hlned' t0 a -SUIDQrting fmml'of a irieiional members held in the framework 6 r movam frame hum? rec-8589's fm' holdmg ban beimngs i l ,l x k l l :Ldeda'ptedw said ball bearings being adapted to run .'in said grooved. 105. r f Pon 'u UM' ffm .me l'lterpose @tween truck, a bnr substantially siiorterithan said track adapted Y o0 1b(- iraek and a bar 1S which 1s adlustably secured to tu ride on said buntem-ings, hangers attached to said par the door, this bar lliaving a groove 19 which engages and Dlded with ulved Blois. 11 11901, and bolts attached the ami-lrietional members. By thus providing these t? Saldi uof'nd adapteg 2 9 diustbly clmd m thie o S means there will be but a small amount of friction o -s o al angels" s s n m y as escl e 11 4ing recesses for holding seid ball bearings, said balllbean ingsbeing adaptedl to run in said lgrooved track, a'ball adapted' to run on lsaid/ballbearings, hanger members atl' tached to said bar and having angularly disposedslots, and bolts attached to said 'doorfand adapted to be adjustably secured ln the slots 4of said hangers, substantially-as and for the purpose set. forth. l

4. In a device of the class Ldescribed, the.co1nbination with a door and a fixed grooved track, of-a movable carriage thereon, said movable carriage comprising parallel side bars' extending below said fixed grooved track and adapted to retain spherical rollers upon said iixed groovedv track, a bar adapted Ito ride upon said" spherical rollers andextending below the upper cdges of said parallel bars, hanger members 21.` and 22 secured to said bar and provided with curved slots, and bolts attached Ato said door and adapted to be adjustably secured in the slots of said hangers, substantially as described.

5. In a device of the class described, tl1e` combination with a; door, of a fixed g'rooved track, a movable carriage therefor, said carriage comprising parallel side bars T and 8 with recesses 13 and liljfifbrl retaining spherical rollers,

spherical rollers adapted to `move with said carriage, spacing blocks 9, l() and '11, pins 16, 1G adapted to hold said Ispacing blocks in place, cotter pins 17, 1T for retaining .TACKSQN LA KAIL.

Witnesses LEONARD W. NovANDnn, Amrmxcll` Bomrclmlg.

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