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Publication numberUS865707 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1907
Filing dateDec 28, 1906
Priority dateDec 28, 1906
Publication numberUS 865707 A, US 865707A, US-A-865707, US865707 A, US865707A
InventorsElbert W Jodrey
Original AssigneeGen Electric
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Self-sustaining field-magnet coil.
US 865707 A
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No 865,707. PATENTED SEPT. 10, 190'? B. w'. JODREY.


APPLICATION {1L5}? UB0. 88. 1908.

Fig. i.

Fig. 2.

Witnesses. Inventor 1' Elbert W. drag r in connection-with the accompanying drawing wherein -taining since the turns spread on the inner diameter UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. ELBERT W. JODREY. OF LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS. ASSTGNJOR TU GENERAL lILlIt TRll" ((M- PANY, A CORPORATION OF NEW YORK.


Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Sept. 10, 1907. Application filed December 28, 1906. Serial Ho. 349.?93.

T 0 all u'kom it may concern: and become loose. In accordance with my invention, Be it known that I, ELBER'I W. 301mm: a citizen of l in forming the coil. the first two layers 3 and 4 are made the United States, residing at Lynn county of Essex, in the usual manner and then a. thin llin' c: 5. consist- State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new ing of a strip of paper. iahric o the like, is secured to anfl useful Improvements in Self-Sustaining Fieldthese layers as By means giiiiellac; the coil is then com- Mngnet Coils, of which the following is a specification. pleted bywinding on tll'fremaininglayers. Coils madc It is desirable for a variety of purposes to makeusc in this manner are entirely self-sustaining and offer no of wirecoils wound in the form of rings each composed tendency to spread. of u number of concentric layers; the whole being com- The thickness olfthe binder is much exaggerated in pact; in form and self-sustaining so as to avoid the use the drawing in order to make the drawing more intelliof as'pool, of the like. Coils made of very tine wire can gilile; in actual practice, however the binder is made he wound on a universal winding machine so that thcy so thin that the transverse dimension of the coil is not Will e hin th ir shape: unless they are subjected to appreciably increased. I prefer to use thin. tough pnmugh usage. Where wire is employed, how- 'p'er fo'r'the bindensii ce it is cheap midis easilyworkcil. ever, itvhaa hepnfound that the inner layers fail to hold By reason of the location of the binder within the body together, but spread renderthe coil useless. of the coil. it is protected against injury and need only The object of my invention is to efiectively prevent be made of material which will withstand the slight such loogening nnd spreading of the inner layers or stresses exerted by the coils. turns in a simple and cheap manner and without add What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters ing' to the size of the completed coils. To this end Patent of the United $tates, is,- after the first layer or two of the coil is wound in place 1. A selt-sustalnlng lunh'ersully-wound wire coil com- I insert a h Strip f paper or h l d secure i i prisingba plubrality g0 centric grew; wound one rlir f-l l' position by P or some meazls; the rest llft l ei n th; llrsffhewiififef 11,23: 2221 321 of the coil bemg than wound up in the usual way.

For full Of my invention reference 2. A self-sustaining tr niversally-wuund wire coil made layers.

i to b h dw h f ll i d il d d b -i i taken up of a number of concentric layers wound one directly upon the other and hurl ng a thin layer of paper secured hetween the first few inner layers anti the remaining layers. l

3. The method of proliucing a self-sustaining: universallpwound wire coil which consists in winding a few layers. securing a strip I paper about Sflltl layers. and then winding on the remainin layers.

Figure 1 is a plan view of a coil embodying the present invention; and Fig. 2 is a cross-section through said coil.

Referring to the drawing, 1 represents a coil adapted for use as the field magnet coil of 5mm such as In witness whereof. I llmve hereunto set my hand this fan motors. e coil consistsof a number of layers of twenty sixth da of Dece oer. 1mm. coarse insulated wire 2 wound in a universal winding ELBERT JODREY machine into the form of a ring rectangular iii crossi aeetion. Ordinarily a coil of this type is not self-sue

Cooperative ClassificationH01F27/2823