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Publication numberUS866148 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1907
Filing dateApr 2, 1907
Priority dateApr 2, 1907
Publication numberUS 866148 A, US 866148A, US-A-866148, US866148 A, US866148A
InventorsAaron Levingston
Original AssigneeAaron Levingston
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Pen or pencil point protector.
US 866148 A
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fio.866,148. PATENTEDSEPT.17, 190v. A A. LEVINGS'I'0N.-




Specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented Sept. 17, 1907'.

Application filed April 2,1901 serum. saepo'li tector and my object is to produce a simple device oi this character which will cover or expose the point of the pen or pencil. with which it is equipped.

' .A- further object is to produce a device of this cha r actor which is of simple strong, durable cheap construction. V l

With these objectsirin view the invention consists in certain novclnndifpeeulinr features of construction and orgatnization as hereinefter described nndwlnirned; and in order that it may be fully understood, reference y is to-behad tothc accompanying drawings, in whicl Figure 1, icon elevation of a pencil equipped with protector embodying rny invention. Fig, 2, is e similar view with the rcciprocntory element of the protector covering the point of the pencil. Fig. 3 is a control, verticah'longitudinei section of the pencil and the protector. Fig. 4, is adetail perspective view of the clamp element of the protector.

" Referring to the drawings in detail 1 indicutcsu cylindrical sleeve of spring metal having t truncated I tongues 4. The sleeve is also slitted, longitudinally at is also formed externally at a suitable point with an outwardly projecting boss 8, which boss can be disposed inward of the internal diameter of the sleeve by ing inwardon the tongue 6.

press- 9 indicates a sleeve adapted to fit telescopically upon sleeve 1 and provided with a. truncated conic-u] from end 10 and with n longitudimtl slot ll, the lattcrheing adopted to receive the boss 8 of sleeve 1 after the sleeve 9 has been slid upon sleeve 1. until the slot is disposed opposite said boss, it being understood that the tongue 6 is pressed inward while the above adjustment takes place and when released springs outward and disposes that'the ends of the slot Eire preferably enlarged as at 12, for a purpose which hereinafter appears, and for convenience in sliding sleeve' 9 forward or rearward point, as the case may be, is being replaced. said boss in the slot, it being noticed in this connection upon sleeve 1; the former is provided with beads or In practice the protector withthe parts assembled as expleincd; ic slipped upon the pencil or any equivolent device until the truncated end 2 of sleeve 1 is. arrested by engagement with the sharpened or tapered end of the pencil or other device, the bowed ends 7 of the tongues pressing firnfily against the pencil or other dovice and preventing accidental movement of sleeve 1. thereon. If it be desired to use the pencil Figs. 2 and 3 to the position shown in Fig. 1, such movement being arrested preierebly by the engagement of boss 8 with the front end of slot 11. c If it is not desired to use the pencil the sleeve is left in the position shown inrFigs. Znnd 3 so as to protect the point of the pencil from breakage or from catching upon and injur ng the apparel of the person in whose pocket it may rest.

In the actual device the boss is preferably formed by punching 2t hole outwardly through sleeve 1, this method producing t boss which tapels outwardly and which under the resiliency of tongue 6 will be dis posed with its base portion or portion of greu test diameter, in either of the enlargements 12 and thus guard against .accidenlal downward or rearward slippage of sleeve 9 on sleeve 1 or against opposite slippage in (rice the pcncil is hcld in on invertod position or with the point downward; In view of this constniction it will be apparent that when the sleeve 9 is grasped and pushed in either direction upon sleeve 1 the tapered boss 8 will be pressed inward so that its smaller outer portion will travel intne slot, the resiliency oi the tongue rcpt-ejecting the boss outwarddnto the opposite enlarged end of the slotwhcn such end is reached; It will thus be seen that it will require a positive applicution of cudwiso pressure on sleeve 9 to move i fr either of its extreme positions of adjustment and consequeutly that the pencil point cannot he accidentally exposed or covered. 7

It 'will also be noticed that as the protector is of but little greater diumoter than. the pencil and has no material projections externally it need not be removed while the pencilhr pen is in use, being removed of course while the pencil is being sharpened or the pen Front the above description it will be apparent that I have produced a pen or pencil point protector possess ing the features of advantage enumerated. as desirable and I wish it to be understood that I dqnot desire to be hold the sleeve thereon} the sleeve being provided heiweeu its ends'wilh an oiiiwnrdly projecting h'oss, unda sliduhle sleeve having it truncated front end and fitting snugly on the spring sleeve and having a longitudinal slot engaged by the boss on the spring sleeveto guide its movenient" and further .provided at the ends of said slot with enlargements tov be automatically engaged by -si1id .bossrwherehy the movement of the slidable sleeve will be arrested and the said sleeve held in its adjusted position.

In testimony whereof I aifix my signature, in the presence of two witnesses. 1

AARON LEVINGSTOM Wil'nesses I II. C. Ronenns'i, G. Y. 'lliourn.

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International ClassificationB43K24/02
Cooperative ClassificationB43K24/026
European ClassificationB43K24/02C