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Publication numberUS866304 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1907
Filing dateApr 18, 1904
Priority dateApr 18, 1904
Publication numberUS 866304 A, US 866304A, US-A-866304, US866304 A, US866304A
InventorsFinis E Roach
Original AssigneeFinis E Roach
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Removable artificial denture.
US 866304 A
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adjust itself laterally with respect to the natural tooth,

or teeth due to pressure in mastication. It has also showing the parts separated. Fig. 2 is an enlarged To all whom it may concern:

-tion of the sanie, reference being had to the accommouth for purposes of cleansing or repair. Such struc' that such mechanical structures are secured to the ,or the like is obtained.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 17, 1907.

Application filed April 18, 1904. Serial No. 208.668

Be it known that I, FINIS E; Roses, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of: the city of Chicago, inthe county of Cook and State of Illinois, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements in Removable Artificial Dentures; and 1 do hereby declare that the following is aiull, clear, and exact descrippanying drawings and to the letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

This invention relates to artificial dentures and more particularly to that class of. artificial dentures, including partial plates, bridges, crowns and other structures, adapted to be secured or par ly secured to the natural teeth or the roots thereof as the case may be.

Heretoiore, many attempts, ,have been made to provide artificial dentures which, though firmly held in place, are capable of being readily removed from the tures are usually connected with the abutment or anchor tooth by means not permitting the denture to thus exerting constant strain uponthe anchor tooth been very difficult to install the same for the reason natural teeth or roots by means making it necessary to secure perfect alinement of said structures to enable the bridge or partial plate to be secured in place.

The object of this invention is to provide removable, artificial dentures of any and all kinds, adapted to be practically self adjusting in the mouth and affording a very strong, though slightly yielding engagement with the abutments, and so connected therewith as to avoid entirely the necessity for arranging the fastenings therefor on the natural teeth or roots in alinement or in parallel relation, as has usually been the case.

It is also an object of the invention to provide means whereby, though the abutments on each side of the artificial denture may converge either inwardly or outwardly, a secure and positive support for the bridge It is a further object of the invention to provide means whereby, the frictional engagementoi the connection between the artificial and natural tooth may be varied at will, thus enabling any desired or necessary holding stress for the structure to be secured.

The invention embraces many novel details'and consists in the matters hereinaiter described and more fully pointed out and defined in the appended claims.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is an enlarged perspective view of a bridge supported upon two natural roots,

transverse section of a crown removably attached to a root bymeans embodying my invention.

As shown in said drawings; My invention embraces moans affording a ball and a socket joint or connection between the artificial and the natural denture and may, of course, assume many different forms de pendent upon the nature of the structure to be secured in place the material of which constructed and the character, shape and condition of the abutment or supporting tooth or root to which the artificial denture is to be secured.

B indicates the natural root at the top of which is socured a cope b in the usual manner provided with a central closed sleeve b provided with a peripheral enlargement b at its lower end which extends downwardly into the nerve canal of the tooth, enlarged for that purpose. In the construction shown the crown comprises a porcelain facing B connected with the usual metallic or any backing b in the usual or any desired manner and connected with a base b by means of solder or other suitable material which fills up the back of the tooth, said base 12 is provided with an upwardly extending ball shaped socket b which, when the crown is in position registers with the sleeve 1/ in the root and which, of course, in the construction shown is entirely surrounded and united with the backing of the tooth by means of the solder filling therefor and is also connected with said backing by means of the usual or any metallic pin b which is bent downwardly and soldered to the top thereof. Secured within said ball shaped socket is a ball b which as shown is provided with an axial threaded aperture therein adapted to receive the upper reduced end of the pin 0 which is threaded for engagement in said ball and on the outer or lower end of which is an enlarged head b to lit in said sleeve b and is split ior a portion of its length whereby its frictional engagement in said sleeve may be varied by spreading the sides of the head thereof farther apart.

Where bridges are supported on and anchored to natural roots, the ball and socket joint permits the pins to adjust themselves to the root canals of the abutments inasmuch as the outer or free ends of the'pins can be swung to any desired angle for insertion into said root canals as shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1 in which a porcelain bridge B is shown thus avoiding the necessity heretofore existing, of making the apertures whereby the bridge is anchored or secured, exactly parallel.

The operation is as follows: The ball and socket connection between the artificial and natural teeth enables the parts to adjust themselves perfectly to the mouth of the wearer, enabling the artificial dentures to be positively supported upon the process or gum while the connection with the abutment, affords a strength and adjustability never before attained. From the construction described, it is obvious that the wearer may, at any time, readily remove the artificial denture byliiting upwardly adjacent ones of the ball and socket connections, thus releasing the dentures. Notwithstanding the facility with w ch the same may be re- "sandman... "was", H, My...

was... w,

I the tooth and artificial denture moved however, the construction firmly holds the d onture in place during mastication and insures the densocket joint, cause the denture to become somewhat.

loose, slightly spreading the head of the pin, enables any desired degree of frictional engagement to be socured. I

Obviously iny invention may be applied to dontures in many-different ways and it is immaterial 110w said pins are secured in' place in the part with which connected or if the same are secured the natural-or the artificial denture and in the drawin'gsfl have indicated but few of the many methods of embodying my invention, I therefore do not purpose to limit this application otherwise than necessitated by the prior art, as obviously many details of construction and applica; tion may be varied without departing from the principles of this invention.

I claim as my invention.

1. In an. artificial denture the combination with the natural tooth or part thereof provided with a rounded socket, an artificial denture adapted to fit said tooth and provided with a rounded socket and a pin provided'with a rounded head at each end adapted one to engage in the tooth and the other in the artificial denture thereby per mitting relative adjustment of the same.

2. In an artificial denture the combination with the natural tooth or part thereof, of an artificial adapted to engage the same, rounded sockets in said tooth andartificial denture, a pin provided with a. rounded and a cleft head adapted to engage in said sockets and secure adjustable engagement.

2;. In a device of the class described, a natural denture provided with a tubular socket therein, an artificial denture having a ball shaped socket therein, a pin engaged in the natural denture and a ball'iu said ball shaped socket having threaded engagement on said pin and affording a swiveled joint therefor.

4. In a removable artificial denture, the combination with a. natural denture or part thereof, of an artificial denture adapted Lo-be secured thereto, a sleeve in one of said dentures, a headed pin carried therein, an adjustable ball on said pin and a socket in the other denture adapted to engage said ball and permit yielding engagement between said denture 1 5. In a device of the class described, an artificial denture having a socket therein, a natural denture, a pin con necting said dentures. a ball in said socket adjustably engag .d on said pin allording a laterally yielding joint.

(;.-'lhe combination with a natural-tooth or root abutment, oi. an artificial denture, a ball shaped projection thereon, a corresponding tubular socket piece carried on denture- ,denturc adapted to be engaged thereon, a tubular socket in one of said dentures, a pin adjust-ably engaged at one end therein and means adjusl'ably engaged on the other end of said pin adapted to engage "in a complemental socket in the other denture and atford a ball and socket join",

in an artificial denture, connecting means comprising' a socket, a pin' provided at one end with a cleft head adapted to frictionally engage in said socket and means on the other end of said pin a!'i'ord ing a movable point with said denture. I

f). In an artificial denture connecting means comprising a ball shaped socket in said denture, acoinpiemental head therein, a pin having threaded engagemont with said head, and adapted when screwed inwardly to tighten the head in the socket, said pin aflording an adjustable connection with a natural denture. p 1

10. In 'an artificial denture the combination witha natural tooth or part thereof having a rounded ,socket therein, an artificial denture adapted to be engaged thereto, a pin pivotally engaged in saidartificial denture and provided with a cleftrounded outer the socket in said tooth.

l1. In an artificial denture the combination with a natural tooth or part thereof, an artificial denture therefor and means altordinz, a ball and'socket connection in both thet'ooth and artificial denture. v

12. In an arlificial denture the combination with a naturalooth or part thereof, of an artificial denture therefor, sockcls providcd in each. and a pin adapted to engage said toothand artificial denture in yielding relation and affording pivotal joint in both the tooth and artificial denture.

an artificial denture the combination with a I natural-tooth or part thereof, an artificial denture adaptend adapted .to engage .adaptin the artificial denture to be adjusted in any lateral direction.

14. In an artificial denture the combination with a elongated slot in one of the same, a pin engaged to the other and provided with a clett rounded headon its free natural tooth or part thereof of an artificial denture, an

end and adapted to-be inserted into said slot thereby I connecting said tooth-and artificial denture and adapting the same to be, vertically adjusted and means securing said tooth and artificial denture in adjusted position.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto sub bed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


Witnesses ALrnno C. Obi-inn,

W. W. \Vl'llIl-INUURY.

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