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Publication numberUS866495 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1907
Filing dateOct 12, 1906
Priority dateOct 12, 1906
Publication numberUS 866495 A, US 866495A, US-A-866495, US866495 A, US866495A
InventorsAbraham Marks
Original AssigneeAbraham Marks
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Exercising device.
US 866495 A
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No. 866,495 P ATENTED SEPT. 17,1907.



a, "'trttlc. a t i a 7 I! i v i 1 I I UNITED STA'lES PATENT OFFIGE- I 4 v I i i ABRAHAM MARKS, OF NEW, YORK, N. Y. i i

EXERCISING DEVICE; l i N 866,4 95 Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Sept. 17, 1907. j Application filed Octobe 12, 1906. Serial No. 338,598. l l To all whom it may concern: term the upper ends, are provided handles'S of the Be it known that I, ABRAHAM M ARKS, a citizen of the usual make. The opposite or lower ends of said elastic ll United States, residing at No. 1-11 West One Hundred cords 5 Larry rings thro ugh which run non-elastic and Tenth street, in the county of New York and State straps 9 provided with adjusting means 11, such as slide 5 of New York, have invented certain new and useful buckles. The lower ends of straps 9 carry each a. ring l Improvements in Exercising Devices, of which the fol- 12, silnilarto ring, 10, on which are hung stirrups 13. lowing is a specification. By intcrposing the non-elastic members 9 between My invention relates to exercising devices and has st-irrups l3 and the elastic cords 5 I am'enabled topmfor its object the provision of an apparatus of that charvidea means for regulating the resistance .of the elastic 10; acter'tobe worn by the user, and which shallcombine' Thus in movi' h e11 to-shorten-60.

eatilr'es of lightness,'-ease of wear, anddurabili y w lth'these ends in view my invention embodies the er ciser whereby in the performing of v g resistance offered thereto will impartmuscular de" I gagmgjthe opposltends velopment to the limbs and body of the user. i of the elastic cords 5 by the hands and feet of'the eXer-X The following specification discloses the preferrcdi er, coupled'with-the intermediate connection of said -'structure of my exerciser, the'relerence numerals therecords with the belt, provides a very simple yeteifici n w: 20 in referring to the accompanying drawings which: exerciser, whereby, not only the arms or the limbs are 7(I Figure 1.,- is a view in perspective showinglny device exercised and forcibly applied against the cords, but in position and in use upon a body. Fig 2 is a perwhen the arms are moved the limbs resist and the musspective view of the ex arciser. Fig. 3 is an enlarged cles of the limbs as well as the arms come into play and detailed view'of one of the guide means, and Fig. 4 is in many movements the muscles of the chest, back, ,25 a view detail of a stirrup and its adjusting stra waist and stomach are brought into playaspfor instance, Referring more particularly toLhedmivin'. ielerwhen theexerciserassumes theiposture shown in Fig.

ence' numeral :1 designates a belt-of anylpreierr ed-fmate-l, .rialjadaptal to-be \vorn about the waist of the user to h h' descn which adjustment it is regulated by the buckle 2. ew is: 1

bedmymvent o what. cl, m

30 y i mum! w l 1 are '1' membetm 1. An exercising apparatus comprising 1m adjustable 8 0, 3 .ed to carry the guiding rin s 4 oi the elasti 5. belt having guldlngmeanl; thrcndcd omen-Jaw guiding Said ring carriers 3 are provided with suiiabloopcnings means comprising a sliding plom'gnd a ring. said sliding l elastic cord passing through said ring and having u r members aim of f i prevent slipllaudle at one end. a fool piece, a non-elastic piece ltonl when Placed at l 'l The outer novling said foot piece and the elastic cord, and serving faces of the members 3 have eyes 7 adapted to loosely to regulate the tension of said cord, as and for the purhold rings '4 thus giving theni freedom of moveinent. F i I I l l L. An excrc sing apparatus comprsng 11 0 luv ng i ginde i' i are.p.refemmy mckued steel as L ulde members comprising a sliding piece and :1 ring, said will glve F l finish the apparatus' by sliding piece adapted to be set o any position on said belt 4i) smoothness obviate any chafing of the elastic cords 5 and by frictional Contact with the body hold in adjusted d h i h i d bijig l i th position. on elnstlc; cord passing through tlm rlnlz, 1t hundie at one end of said card, a foot piece, an adjustable ao i, bo ll rin 1 s1 norts 3 are first )silaws} t L g H nun-elastic means between said foot p'lcl'c and the cord, to lmmelhately Over the mp8 m which :uljusi the apparatus and regulate the tension of. thc clusihcre will be lrecdom for movement. ol'iho limbs. e ther lie ("l-(L as and for llnpill'jlust n iiimi.

porls it may, however. be moved on the hell I lo any posiliou ah -ul the waist of lilo wearer. and by reason of I i i ,uinhunlu MAitKS.

tllelrbelug iii couincl u'lth llu-v (Hiya-1'9. by l' i' m II-mum: A therewith; smtunrl) held to lll tll't itl pusllmlh Amour SM" M MM 50 At one end of each elastic cord, which i will here H- I- m:-

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International ClassificationA63B21/02
Cooperative ClassificationA63B21/1449, A63B21/02
European ClassificationA63B21/14D2, A63B21/02