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Publication numberUS866897 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1907
Filing dateNov 24, 1906
Priority dateNov 24, 1906
Publication numberUS 866897 A, US 866897A, US-A-866897, US866897 A, US866897A
InventorsJohn P Willey
Original AssigneeJohn P Willey
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Dusting and polishing device.
US 866897 A
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jluz/fTl izle (fl 5 No. 866,897. PATENTED SEI T. 24, 1907.







DUSTING AND POLISHING Specification of Letters Patent; Application flies November 24, 1906.


, Patented Sept. 24 1190?. Serial No. 344,951.

To all whom it may concern:

Be itknown that I, J onuP wrnnsv, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Springfield,

in the county of Hampden and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain newtand useful Improvements in Dusting and Polishing Devices, of which the following is a full, clear, and exactdescription. i

' cleaning, dusting and polishing,

" pets, and for other uses. 7 7 I 'lhe,improved device is hereinafter fully described,

employed as a part-of the device.

an improved device for the same being especially adaptable for dusting and cleaning walls, clean; ingand polishing hardwood floors and windows, and furniture, removing lint and like particles from car- This invention relates ,to

in conjunotion yzi t h the accompanying drawings, and the novel components, thereof are set forth in the claims.

In the drawings,-Figure 1 is a perspective view of the cleaning or dusting and polishing device as equipped for use, Fig. 2 is a crosssectional viewtrans'versely of the device on line 2'2, Fig. 1,'on e thickness or layer of the cleaning or polishing material being separated from the other layers and folded over and retained on the top of the holder. Fig, 3 is a perspective view of a weight block, to be occasionally Fig. 4 is a perspective view similar to Fig. 1', but showing the weight block as in place on the device.

Similarcharacters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all of the views. i

In the drawings,-A represents a holder for one or several layers a; x of flexible cleaning or polishing material, which may be of any substance or character having fitness to chamois skin or paper, said holder being constituted by a rectangular board, considerably longer than wide, having a bottom and opposite edge inclosing covering,

' b of cloth or felt and having p dding d to impart to the bottom of the body a convex f ation.

The holder-has a handle B-which in theexample thereof shown, has a lower arch shaped metallic portion e constructed with attachment feet ff which rest on and are screwed to the top of the body A. The said arch shaped metallic portion is arranged obliquely to the top surface of the body A and has a socketf receiving with a tight fit therein the lower extremity of thestalef This holder is provided with three sets of clips, spring fingers or; attachment devices for securing portions of the cloth or like material employed as the renewable cleaning or polishing medium with 'which the holder is, or may be, equipped. One set in the form of clasps g' are arranged on the top of the holder along one longitudinal edge thereof, and another setof, retainers h are arranged on the opposite thepurpose, such .as cloth, felt,

marginal portion of the holder, while 'a third set i are arranged between'the longitudinal edges of the body.

As indicated in the drawings, the medium for polishing or cleaning, or both, is comprised in arplurality of superposed layers at united by stitching .y, longitu-- .dinally, leaving their edge portions 3 free: These layers are wrapped aroundthe bottomand overlap on the upper marginal portions of 'the holderiand are firmly though vices g and h.

After use of the outer layer arranged as represented in 1, say, for dusting or cleaning, and it is then desired to use detachably held by theconfining dethe implement for polishing, the outer,

layer is released at its free edgefrom 'under the several l .co'nfining fingers, rolled or folded 'on' itself and can-ied over the confining clasps g and engaged under the confining devices '6, as represented in Fig. 2, whereupon a freshand clean layer of suitable material isexposed and available for the further utilization.

In detail the board 0 comprised in the holder has a longitudinally portion at a suitable distance iromitsrearedge, and a rod 1c of comparatively small diameter is sunk within said slot and embraced and confined by staples m m, the prongs of which penetrate and engage in the board f. Two sets of appliances each comprising a confining member '5 and a pair of confining members h are engaged with and held to their operative positions-by the said.rod It; and each of these appliances is formed of a single length of spring wire into axially alined spring coils n n encircling suitably separated portions of the rod it, while the end portions extending slot 7' formed in its upper having its inter'm'di. ate portion bowed or looped to form'the confining mem'-" her '5 having relatively outer portions thereof formed of said length of wire are bent into the arched confining fingers h h. The wires at their ends formed into eyes h for acquiring a good are preferably character f a hearing by the spring fingers h against the fabric.

D represents a weight block having a beveled rear side 0 to correspond with the obliquity of the por ion e of the handle, having a recess 0 in which may be accommodated a side portion of the socket piece f and having opposite hook members 0 to engage the portions of the arched frame like bottom of the handle at either side of such socket piece. This weightblock is to be used at times .when the cleaning or polishing device is tobe moved over and upon a horizontal surface under considerable pressure; but, of course at such times as the weight would not desirably be used it will be disengaged from the device and laid aside.

I claim:- 1. In a device or the character described, a holder, provided with a handle, and, having confining devices at its top near the opposite longitudinal edges thereof, for detachably holding a cleaning or polishing fabric or material adapted to inclose the'hottom and opposite edgewise portions of said holder, and an additional confining device at the top of the holder located inwardly from one longitudinal edge of the holder for detachably confining an already used and overturned layer of the said material.

2. In a device of the character described, a holder comprising a fabric carrying holder provided with a handle arranged obliquely to the topwof said holder and having a having its intermediate portion bowed orlooped, having outer portions thereof -formed into axially alined coils engaging about said rod, and having its end portions termed into confining fingers opposite from said intermediate bowed portion, operable to exert a spring bearing .at the upper portion of the body, near one longitudinal edge.

thereof, while said bowed" portion exerts a spring bearing against the top of the body to theside of the rod opposite said fingers, and ate point inwardly from the other longitudinal edge thereof, and-spring fingers on the top of the body at diflerent points adjacent the latter-longitudinal 80 edge thereof, and outside of said bowed spring portion.

shaped 4. In a device of the character describedfa holder coniprising a body, having a handle, and having at opposite longitudinal edge-portions of such body spring cloth confining devices, and having spring confining'devices at its upper side along a line inside of and parallel with one of its longitudinal edges and arranged to have,when it is opened,-the space between it and the top 0! the body open towards such longitudinal edge.

5. In a device of the character described, a holder comprising a body, having a handle'connected therewith and extended upwardly therefrom, a longitudinally extending slot in the top, a rod in said slot,and staples embracing the rod and having its prongs engaged in the body, a pair of spring'appliances at opposite sides of the handle, each thereof consisting of a single length of spring wlrehaving its intermediate portion bowed or looped, having outer portions' thereof formed into axially alined coils engaging about said rod, and having its end portions formed into confining fingers opposite from said intermediate bowed portion, operable to exert a spring hearing at the upper marginal portion ot the body, while said bowed portion exerts a spring bearing against the top of the body to the side of the rod opposite said fingers.

Signed by me at Springfield, Mass, in presence of two subscribing Witnesses.


Witnesses ,WM. SLBELLOWS, 'G. R. Dnrsconn.

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