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Publication numberUS867802 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1907
Filing dateJan 29, 1907
Priority dateJan 29, 1907
Publication numberUS 867802 A, US 867802A, US-A-867802, US867802 A, US867802A
InventorsWilliam C Cottrell
Original AssigneeWilliam C Cottrell
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Reinforced concrete jetty.
US 867802 A
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PATENTED OCT. 8, 1907.

No! 867,802. A


APFLIOATIDN FILED 32511229. 1907.


PATENTBD 00T. s, 1907.





Specification of Letters Petent.

Patented.' Oct.' 8, 1907.

Application filed January 29, 1907. Serial No.` 354,693.

To all whom vit may concern:

Be it known 'that l, WIL-Lian C. Correnti., a. citizen oi theV 'United States, and a resident oi Asbury Park, in the county oi Monmouth and Stato oi New Jersey, have invented :i new and improved Rcini'm'ood (lowx 'rrete Jetty, of which the following is n. lull, clear,a11d

exact description.

',lhis'invention has for its object to construct a jetty oi 'reinforced concrete piles, adapted lorhold the sand washed along?7 the beach by the currents oi' the ocean, and thereby build up the hear-h to the desired he Other objects relating to the s] e'cifie' r.onstru(.:1:1onand special arrangement ol the several parts of my invention will be understliiod by tho following description ind aus companying drawings, in whilxb. drawings like 'CharA aciers oi reference indicate like parts throughout the views, and in which Figure l. is a side elevation ol" a jetty embodying my invention; Fig. 2 is a side elevation of a series of piles end coping therefor, partly broken away, showing the interior construction oi the pi les and coping; Fi 3 is a H vertical section taken ou the line 3 3 oLFig. 2; Fig. 4 is a.' horizontal section taken on the line 4-4 oi Fig. 2;

Fig. 5is a side elevation ein jetty embodying a modification el my invention Fig. [i is a vertieelseetion taken on the line 6 6 of Fig. 5; Fig. 7 is a horizontal' section tekenen the line 7-7 of Fig. 5; and Fig. 8 is a horizontal section oi another modified form of my invention.

As illustrated in the drnwinegs the iles forming tbe jetty are 'preferably runde with n. hollow interior l., and

with longitudinal tongues 2 formed on one sidev oi' th.`

wallsvon opposite sides thereof, as shown in Fig. 4. The 'piles are einiorfed preierablyby means of longitudinal rods lconnected together by wire netting 5, or other suitable means. The eijl-ljs (l of the pile to be embedded in the sand may be clos'e'd, and a portion. 7 ol' the ends` may be beveled, as indicated in Fig. 2. The embedded ends of the piles n'iay he open, however, il desired A coj'iing- 8 is ,huilt 'along ythe upper ends oi the pile and pr1 vided W'ithf/longitudinal reinforcingr bars i) connected together by niennsoi netting/Sli), or used independentlywoi such material, il`1`desirell. By moans ol' xsuchcbping the upper ends oi the piles :ire [motcoted l'rom injury andthe piles bound together.' 'Iho piles when constructed are arranged to orrn a jetty, as shown in Fig. l1 ol the drawings. the embedded ends ol the piles resting on bard pau, and the upper ends projectingr aboye the beach to tbe extent to which it is desired to edd to or-build on to the beach. vWhile the side Walls oi the jetty may be plain.. as already described and sho'wn. in Fig. 2, I prefer'in mest instances to construct; the `jetty with vertical grooves or depressions and .filter-- ovulo piles inferior-king; with here ribs7 thereby-adapting the side walls of the jetty to more readily bold the sand Washed along the beach by the current. l To accomplish such purposes I prefer in most instances to arrange the piles in overlapping series, as shown in Fig. 7, in which the jetty is formed oi' e. rentral series oi piles il spaced from each other and overlapped on their edges by piles 12 arranged in outer series, the corresponding piles ol the outer series beiner clamped together by means ol bolts 1,3 extending through said piles. For this purpose l prefer to provide the piles 'with transverse sleeves 14 adapted 'to receive the bolts i3 and enable said bolts to be used without injury to the piles. in this connection I prefer also to use broad Washers l5 which distribute the sr ain on the side oi the piles caused by the nuts lli, thereby protecting the piles from injury. ,A coping 17 is used in such construction, Well as in the construction hereinbeiore described, end such coping is reinforced by means oi longitudinal rods 18 which muy, ilI desired, be connected byineans oi metallic nettingiO. I

Other constructions may -ire/'used to provide the side Wells el the jetty,vvithvertical grooves and alternately arranged proj actions. -with. tongues nndfgrooves as already described, and each aller-nete pi'ie made narrower than its adjacent `pile, as. shown in Fig. S. To this end the narrow-'piles ll] ine-y be made solid, ii' desired, while the adjacent.

piles 2li are constructed with a hollow interior. When :l jetty is constructed ol piles ol this ('lntracter, their npper ends are preferably provided witlral coping similar to thnt'shown in Pigs. l. and 5. l

ihilo in most instances l preier to construct the piling.: with a, hollow inter'mr such construction'is no)y essen tiel lo inf.' invention.

l-lavinf: thus described xnyin'vention, what i claim as nov and da' rolosefn Eby Letters al-ent is:

l. A jolly e plesarrnugod in inlm'lochio, l'c'ol projections and. delires lo formed in (hers-ide wallsof said jetty, 'suhslnnii l` shown und described.

` comprising' n scr s ol' hollow reinforced con- .u'h olhcr, nud :i reinforced conci-vlc coping: Xiondng nf'ross (hev upper ends of snid pilc's. subslnnlinlij4 :is shown und described.

i. A\ joli): comprised of n serios ol tongue und groove Thus the piles may be provided rcnl'orifl-: courroie hilos provided with :lllcrnui'o'vcrlical i ride-cs und depressions formed in lln` 'woll ot' snid jelly, subslnnlinlly ns shown :ind described. l

1. A jolly connu in inlorlof'lqnn' serios, with ibo sides ol' somo of the piles prot-rind lilrond ih(- Vncc of [he :ldjncent piles. sons lo I'orin vol-rien] (lepre 'ions in ille wnll ol" said jetty, substantially as shown :ind descrilmd.

in neilniony whereof lv huye sig-ucd m'y naine lo |'h` 'spendo-alivio in the inoscnceo'l' two subscribing witnes.

ll'iinose-:os i

HonorarI W. itinere, Ixo. M. IUTTER.

xg reinforced concrole nlcs arranged.

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