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Publication numberUS868497 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1907
Filing dateJan 8, 1907
Priority dateJan 8, 1907
Publication numberUS 868497 A, US 868497A, US-A-868497, US868497 A, US868497A
InventorsCharles E Smith
Original AssigneeCharles E Smith
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US 868497 A
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To all whom it may c oncem: Be it known that I, CHARLES E. SMITH, a citizen of the United States, residing at Pawtucket, in the county of Providence and State of Rhode Island, have invented certain new and useful Improvemehts in Motors, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing. I My invention relates to motors adapted foUJse upon boats, automobiles and other. vehicles, as well as in manufacturing plants, and has .ior'itsessential objects compactness, cheapness, simplicity and lfreedom from vibration and noise. i

To the above ends my invention consists in a novel and convenient arrangement and construction of the -casing, driving units, and connected parts.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a longitudinal central section of my improved engine, and Fig. 2, a transverse section of the same on line x .T of

. Fig. 1.

Like reference characters indicatelike parts throughout the views.

The selected form of embodimentof my invention consists oi a casing, 1, in the form of a Greek cross in\ cross section, divided by partitions, 2, into longitudinally disposed -crank and combustion chambers,v 3, within the group of which are two chambers, 4 and 5, with an intermediate partition, 6. Mounted in bearings, 7 an'd 8, in casing, 1 and partition 6, is the driven shaft, 9, to which is fixed the gear, 10, which meshes with four radially disposed bevel gears, 11, fixed to theV inner ends of -four crank shafts, 12, mounted in bearings, 13 and 1 4, in thecasing, 1, and partitions, 2, respectively. The gears 10 and 11 are within the chamber, 4. The shafts, 12, provided with cranks, 15, are actuated through piston rods, 16, by moving in the combustion chambers of' the four cylinders, 18. Each cylinder is surrounded with the usual water jackets, 19, sparkplug, 20, the spring closed supply valve, 2l for the inlet, 22, from the pipe, 23, the pass over port 25, and exhaust port, 2 6. The ports,

26, open into the intermediate or exhaust chamber, 5,

`whence passes the exhaust pipe, 27.

In the described mechanism. the cranks are set at lquarters so that when the stroke in one cylinder is' completed the piston in the next adjacent cylinder or cham# ber is still performing its stroke. The impulse upon shaft, 9, from the cranks transmitted through gears, 11v

and 10, are consecutive, constant and equidistant. jar of parts is avoided. It is not imperative that the number of cylinders andoperating parts be' limitedto four, or. that they'be set at A quarters, or that their arrangement be circular, or that the cylinders be two-cycle rather than four-cycle,

although the described arrangement is preferable.

All the Vcombustion chambers exhaustinto a .common pistons, 17,

P atented Oct. 15, 1907.

jacent and in alinement with the chamber, 4', in which and. strength is increased.

The connection of the exhaust ports 26 of the group of cylinders with, ach'amber 5 within the' group, and the connection of the said chamber 5', in turn, with an exhaust pife 27 extending from the end o f the chamber, is advantageous because it obviates the necessity of employing considerable piping to carry off the products of combustion, and valso because it renders it unnecessary to use pipes at the sides of the cylinders. In this connection it will be no ticed that the iuelsupply pipes '23 and the exhaust pipe 27 are arranged longitudinally within the transverse 4outline of the group of cylinders.

What I claim is, 1. A -motor comprising,r a casing, an exhaust chamber arranged in the longitudinal center of the :casing and iaving a discharge pipe, a longitudinal-central shaft journaied in and extending from the casing, a 4plurality-oi casing and grouped about the longitudinal-central shaft and having cranks disposed in the crank chambers, gear ing intermediate said crank shafts and the longitudinalcentral shaft for driving the latter by the former, piston cylinders arranged in the casing and groupedabout the exhaust chamber' and having` inwardly extending exhaust cylinders and connected wiiih the crank-shafts, und ports for conducting fuel from ithe crank chambers to the chambers in the pistou of the pistons, with eference to the crank-chambers, and arranged to be overrun by the pistons.

2. A motor comprising a casing, an exhaust chamber arranged in the longitudinal center of the casing and having a discharge pipe extending from one end of the casing, n longitudinal shaft journaled in the casing and extending exhaust chamber-and surrounding the shaft, a miter gear chamber, fuel supply pipes extending from the ends oi'. the crank-chambers and having non-return valves, a plurality oi.' shafts journaied in the casing and grouped about the iongitudinahcentrai shaft and 'having crnnksdisposed in the crank chambers and miter chamber and.intermeshed`with 'the'miter gear on the longitudinal-central shaft, piston cylinders arranged-in having inwardly extending exhaust ports lending to` said chamber, pistons movable in said cylinders and connected with the crank-shafts, and ports for conducting fuel from the crank chambers to the chambers in the piston cylinders at the opposite sides of the crank chambers,

In testimony presence of two witnesses.

and. arranged to be overrun by the pistons.

Witnesses t `Holwrro E. BnLLows,

Wurm E. Goonwm.

intermediate chamber, 5, which is distinct from, ad'-4 is housed the gearing. By this meanscompactnessv ports leading to said chaniber, pistons movable in said fixedon said shaft and disposed in the gear-chamber, a plurality of crank-chambers grouped 'about the gear gears disposed in the gear l pistons, with reference-tothe CHARLES E. siirTrr.v

ylinders at'the 'opposite sides from `the opposite end thereof; with reference to the ex- I haust pipe, a gear chamber arranged in front of the4 the casing andgrouped about thetexhaust chamber and whereof I havehmxed my slglgature in

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International ClassificationF02B75/02, F02B75/26
Cooperative ClassificationF02B2075/025, F02B75/26
European ClassificationF02B75/26