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Publication numberUS868687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1907
Filing dateMar 6, 1906
Priority dateMar 6, 1906
Publication numberUS 868687 A, US 868687A, US-A-868687, US868687 A, US868687A
InventorsDavid Myles
Original AssigneeDavid Myles
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US 868687 A
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W f/VfSS 5 PATBNTED oo'r. 22,-1907.




1n: unnnls IrrERs 00., WASNINEYON. a c.


/ GOLF-CLUB Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 22, 1907.

Application filed March 6, 1906. Serial No. 304,570.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DAVID MYLES, a subject of the King of Great Britain and Ireland, and a resident of v Dundee, in the county of Forfar, Scotland, whose postoffice address is 111 Gowgate, Dundee, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Golf-Clubs, for which I have applied for a patent in Great Britain, No. 5,121, hearing date 11th March, 1905, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to golf clubs, the object being to improve the driving clubs by adapting them to suit rubber cored or pneumatic balls, although I do not confine their use entirely to these. And in order that my ,said invention and the manner of performing or carrying the same into effect or practice may be properly understood, I have hereunto appended an explanatory sheet of drawings in which the same reference numerals are used to indicate corresponding parts in all the fig- ;nres where shown, that is to say Figure 1 is a face view showing the head of a driving club, drawn full size. Fig. 2 is a plan of same. Fig. is an elevation showing it in the act of striking a ball (and Fig. 4 is a sectional elevation at A. A. (Fig. 1.)

In carrying out my invention, I make the head of the driving clubs of metal instead of wood, as at present nd of the shape and relative dimensions shown in the drawings. (I have shown on the drawings a full size scale.) as the drawing shows the shaft socket is angled to suit the driving position and the head has'a face of "approximately even width and its length is twice its 1 width. Relative to any wooden or metal club at present'in use-the head is shortened very considerably, its depth is the same as the wooden driving clubs, while the weight is the same as the weight of a wooden club used by the same player and for the same purpose. I form the club with a vertically inclined striking face and with an oval projecting portion on its opposite face forming a balancing weight. I find alter making many experiments that the form which gives the best result is the form shown in the drawings the trajectory line being indicated by the line C. C. Fig. 3.

A metal head constructed in the manner and of the dimensions shown is much more efficient, thanawooden club of the same weight, because while it is in perfect balance its bulk is much less thus making it less inclined to swerve when being played in a strong wind. It also provides a harder and more dense material for the ball to bounce from. The advantages over the ordinary wooden driving clubs are as follows ;It will drive a rubber cored ball or a pneumatic ball a greater distance.

My invention has been conceived tomeet the altered circumstances which now obtain since the introduction of rubber cored and pneumatic balls, the relative resiliency being new all in the ball, whereas when gutta percha-balls were used the resiliency was partly in the ball andpartly in the wooden club. It can be used with greater precision. In cases where the ball is lying heavy it will play it cleaner being much smaller in the head. The oval projection at the back of the striking center may be more or less thick to suit varying weights.

Having now described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is;-

A driving club for golf with a shaft socket angled to suit the driving position having a metal head of approxi-' A DAVID MYLI-JS. Witnesses Gannon CAMERON humans, A. C. Douems.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63B53/04