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Publication numberUS869254 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1907
Filing dateDec 6, 1905
Priority dateDec 6, 1905
Publication numberUS 869254 A, US 869254A, US-A-869254, US869254 A, US869254A
InventorsJohn P Munch
Original AssigneeJohn P Munch
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US 869254 A
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SLOT-MA CHINE Specification of Letters Patent.

cttented Oct. 29, 1907.

Application ileli December 6 1905. Serial No. 290.5522x To all whom il may concern:

Be it known that l, JOHN l. Menen, u. citizen oi the United Sintes, residing at New York, in the county oi New York and Starte ol New York, have invented newand useful ln'rprovement. in Slot-Machines, of which the iollowing is o. specific-Miou.

This invention relates to slot machines such as are i adapted to be operated upon the insertion ol n coin to I deliver o. poel-inge containing any suitable material.

The objects oi the invention Iire to improve und simpliiy the construction of such machines; i'urthermore to increase their: dur';d ility und ellieiencj.' in operntion, :is well :is to decrease the expense attending their monul'ueture.

With the foregoing and other objects in View which will appear is the def iption proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and urrungement or' parts :1nd in the demils o construction hereinafter described r' and claimed us :t pr-.leticzrl embodiment thereof.

1n the accompanying drawing orminfbr part oi this specification, Figure l is a vertical central section through n machine c. nstructed in accordance with therl present invention. Fig. is o horizont-.rl section on the l line 2W-2 oi Fig. l. Fie. i an enlarged wrtieal seetion on the line :iw-3 on rig. Fig. 4 is :i .sefftionril detail view. Fig o is n vertical transverse section'. Fig. 0 is (1 detail view ol one ol the pl-.rtes for musing the reL volvine chamber to stop :it the proper point over thev stationairv slot mechanism. Fig. 7 is s detail vertiesl section showing the hase of the vertiefrlslmit, and the 'im plates.

` numerals indicate iorresponding nt lgures ol the drswing. e numeral l indiestes u base member which `i any suitable form and construction. Seated in the smi-.ible depression formed in the bose 17 ns shown in liiv. n vertical sini parts in the The i s n piste 2 to which is rigidly secured ll. The plete 2 is held in position by l means ol s eo, r piste 4, Resting upon the plate 4,

and .securely ros' cned thereto in any suit'irble manner is a com membeL having; an irre'rulor upper surface as l indicated in Fins. o und 7'. (fooinrnting with the com L member or pluie 5 is s similar com member o which is securely insiened to the bottom T of n rotary reeeptocle l S which surrounds the vertical shiu't 3 und is adapted to rotated tlnfreon by melius of suitable handles 9. The vbottom o' the rotary receptacle E formed with l :t dependingI annular member or ring l() which surrounds the com lotes und (j. The rotary receptacle 8 is formed with :t plurality of vertical connlizirtments such as ll adopted to contain columns oi pe. and provided with suitable weights 111 ior forcing the i packages rlfm'i1\\'a,iil. The lower end o1 each vertical compartment ll is partially closed by a plate 14 which is so shaped thata suitable plunger 1,5 connected, with the coin mechanism hereindter described may move bottom 7 of the receptacle 8, as indicated in F i0. 1,

l whereas the portion oi erich plate 14 intermediate the` ends thereof is disposed about on a level with a. ledge 17, formed on the base member as shown in Fig. 3, to

receive the package which is forced out of the compartl ment by the plunger 15, in the manner hereinafter' described.

Secured in any suitable manner to the upper end of the vertical shaft 3 is s dome 20 which is provided with u.

. de )endin annular ihm e 2l.l ittiny outside the u )Jer l A, s

end of the rotary receptacle 8. lt will be understood that the shaft 3 and the dome 2O are stationary and do not rotate with the receptacle 8.

As indicated in Fig. 2, the rotary receptacle 8 is provided with u narrow piece of glass 23 in front of each ver tical compartment 11 so as to show et all times whether or not the compartment is empty.

llr'e stationary base member 1 is provided in one portion. thereol with a suitable coin controlled mechanism by means of which 2t prick-age may be'withdrawn or eX- tructed l'rom any oneoi the compartments ll. which may able mechanism muy be used for this purpose, it is pre- 1 iorred to employ s slide such 25 having a handle :2GA

The [nung-er l5 suitably secured to the rear end oi the .slide 25 as indicated at 27. The slide 25 is normally drown into retracted position yby meons'oi a coil spring 2S secured at its forward end to a hook 29 on said slide 25 Aand at its rear end to a pin 30 suitably Connected with the bose l. The slide 25 is locked in retracted position by :L lever 32 pivoted on the base 1 :is shown at 33 and iormed with n pointed upper end which engages any one oi u series oi' teeth formed in the under-surface ofthe slide 25. The lower end oi the lever 32 proj eets through n suitable slot 34 formed in an auxiliary sliding pluie 36 mounted to slide in grooves 37 formeel in the bose l. The auxiliary plate 3G is nearly drawn into' contracted positiorrbymeons oi n coil spring'BS mount cd in manner simil-uto the coil sp The plate j 36 is hn'med with on upward projection 110.

lt will be Apparent to those skilled inthe art to which the lever 32 prevents the slidoi from boing drown lor wurd. v'hen however .a Coin such :1s/l2 is inserted through the slot 43 so to look the slide 25 and the auxiliary plate. 36 together in the old and well known manner, pulling movement upon the handle 2li both the slide 25 and the plate 3G to mov. simultaneously, the plots 36 of course roc` he lever 32 so that its upper end becomes disengaged from the slide 25 und permits said sl ide to be drawn forward. As the slide 26 is moved outward, the eoin`42 comes in engagement with the b eveled-gor inlin edge 45 oi a bracket 46 whereby'the'coin-is forced-emot engagement with' the hook 40 anddrop's. nini a money drawer 48.

'The inclined member 45 liy which tliecoin '12 is forced v'l5 'the annular groove 51 ,.by means of a pair oi bell crank levers 5G mounted on opposite sides o thc ledge l?. The lower member o each lever 56 extends through n slot 58 formed in the slide 25. ,At the moment the slide 25 is drawn forward the levers 56 mounted at the opposite ends of the gate 55 are/rocxked, so as lo push said I gate upwardl and thus permit the plunger l5 to force the lowest package l2 out upon the ledge l? so that it drops down 0n to the Cover plaie G0 of the slot niechnnisnd As soon as the slide2li is drawn backward bythe spring 28, the levers 56 permit the gai e 55 to dropdown so as to prevent llxe insertion oi any instrument which might be used for snrreptitionsly withdrawing packages-from the f machine. The gute when in its lowest position preferably rests in a groove formed in the ledge 17 as in,y 90 dieated in Fig. 3.

. l The plunger l5A preferably is formed of a length greater than the width of the packags'lZ so that .while I it iyl'orcingl'ot the lower packaged it upholds the re-v mailling packages until it ilreompletely withdrawn l from the compartment 11 by the rearward movement of thev slide`25, after which the packages l2 descend so that a new package rests on the bottom plate l2.

kIt will be `understood that the cam plates 5 and 6 shown in Fig. 7, are employed soas to cause the rotary receptacle 8 always to come to rest with one of thecom pertinents 4ll directly in position over the coin controlled mechanism.

'Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new isfen .1. In unending.; machine, an ejector', n cylindrical rotary rreceptacle having.: n circumferential groove :it its lower groove and having." :in inlerrnpted part in register with the ejector. a gate preserving the continuity of the flange, und means interposed between velle inte nud ejector for opening the gauw as the ejector is shifted to discharge an article,

@al shaft on said hnse. a :stationary deine on said shaft, a ,depending innulnr flange on sold dome, :1 rotary receptacle snrroiindiig: said vertical shaft and tting at lts upper end inside. the depending flange of Athe dome, said rotary reeepraele heini: 'formed at its lower end with an annulmgroove, n stationair-.v nnnnlnr flange on said hnse extending; upward into the annular groove of the receptacle, n plurality ofverllcal compartments lnthe rotary receptacle, n closlngrpln'te at the bottom of erich compartment, a ledge on said hnseadnpted to receive packages forced out of the vertical compartments, a gate mounted on said ledge, angle levers for operating said gate, :1. slide for operating said angle levers, and a vplonger*'connected with said slide for forcing outpnckuges from snid compartments on to said ledge.' v j ln testimony whereof, I affix my signature in presence ,bf two witnesses. 4`




. .,KBALCH Louis;

edge. :i buse. n llnnge on the bnse extending" up into' the 2. A slot machine comprishn;v a hase, a stationary verti-

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