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Publication numberUS869572 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 29, 1907
Filing dateAug 4, 1906
Priority dateAug 4, 1906
Publication numberUS 869572 A, US 869572A, US-A-869572, US869572 A, US869572A
InventorsJames H Hunt
Original AssigneeJames H Hunt
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Covering for mangle-rolls.
US 869572 A
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PAT ENTED OUT. 29. 1907.




@ w/m/ ss s; 1



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 29, .1907

To all whom it may coricem:

Be it known thatI, .Lmss H. Hour, of Greenwich, in the county of Fsirfield and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Coverings for Mangle-Rolls, of which the following is aspecification.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in coverings for mangle rolls, and the object of my invention is to provide a new and elastic covering which is exceedingly durable and is so held desired c'pshioning effect may he produced.

The covering for mangle rolls as now generally used in large factories for the manufacture of shirts, collars, cuffs, and the like, has to be renewed about five times intern on account of the hardening of the fibers and the consequent loss of the cushioning effect so necessary to turn out good work. In addition to this hardening effect, since the coverings of the mangle rolls are in peripheral contact witha highly heated revoluble cylinder, the intense heat, together with the pressure to which the fibers of the covering are subjected, scorches the fibers of the covering and at the some time renders them hard and stiff so that the rolls become gradually less efficient, and finally the renewal of the covering fiacomes' necessary at considerable expense and loss of me incident to the stopping of the triangle. I overcome these difficulties by employing a, fireproofed felt covering which is of such a nature as to resist scorching and at the same time preserve its cushioning cffcci, notwithstanding thehigh heat and grout pressure, and

by winding the covering spirally in such it way that its 40 sod-.1, tungstste of soda, and water, and also to ugoiu treat the felted material with the same solution during, the last step of the felling process. ()ihcr solnlions maybe employed with good effect, and 1 our not licrciu claiming the method of lire-proofing, as I am aware that such fire-proofing processes are old pcr sc, but I believe it is new to have a mangle roll covering of felt which is fire proofed, irrespective of how this fire proofing is accomplished, whether by chemicals or otherwise. After the material is felted and is iirc-prooied, it is cut in somewhat narrow widths with bcvcledndgcs and these strips are then wound upon the rollers spirally. At each end of the roller I provide :1. slccvc or Collar to which the ends of the spirally wound strip are connected. These slcevcs or collars are arranged so that they may be freely'rotated with respect to the roller but are provided with clamping screws permit ting their position to be changed with rcspcci lo rhc oxlc or jourmils of the rollers in order that the propcr icusiou only be given to tho covering so tlmi rhc ])r'i|]n'i'1*ll l|iHIi mu be produced. lulso dccm it advisable lboi rh covcrings not only have ilicir edges lHYllOll N llllll tho ouc lightly overlaps the other, but it is ui o di 'rublc to crowd llio covering onto the roll, and this i \'cr \wll effected by means of the sleeves or collar .u'orcmil My invention therefore consists in thc muuglc roll covering hereinafter more porticuhrrl; lltlll ildl in its preferable embodiment and their dclinilcl) sci. forth by the claims at the end horcof.

In the accompanying drawings which rcprcscnl Lllv prcfcruble embodiment of my invention: i igurc l is J sectional view of part of a laundry machine having various rollers showing the application of my ili\'cfl tion. Fig. 2 is a side elevation, partly in scction, and Fig. .3 is a perspective View of a roller covered in accordance with my invention.

Referring now to the aforesaid drawings by reference letters; In Fig. 'l of my drawings is shown a machine, commonly known as a mangle in which the steam heated cylinder A is surrounded by a plurality of mangle rolls 1), thcso last mentioned rolls being cov cred, where they come into peripheral contact with I the aforesaid steam heated cylinder A, by means of a felted fabric B. ,This felted fabric is firc-proofcd by any desirable means, but preferably by means of a solution consisting of ten percent of silicate of soda, five percent of tungstate of soda, and eighty-five percent of water. After this covcring is iirc-proofcd, it is cut in a continuous strip of suitable width with the side edges bevcledus indicated at b. This strip, with its beveled edges is then wound upon the cylinder or mangle roll D, and to each end of this strip is secured one of tho collars dcsignated by the letter E, thcse collars being capnblc of free rotation upon the shafts d of thc mangle rolls l) and yet are capable of being socurcd ihcrcto by means of clamping screws c. These collars may he used to tighten the spiral winding 10 any dcsilcrl cxfcut, and then the clamping scrcws e um cmploycd to clamp the collars E to thc shafts of the rolls. This providcs u covcring of. fcltcd lircproofed fabric which is hold upon thev rollcr at the proper tonsion and this covering will be found cxcccdingly ellicicnt and of lasting quality thc lire-proofing preventing scorching and hardening and the thick fclt--which is prcfcmblyfrom scvcn to nine sixtecuths of an inch in thicknessproviding a cushion which, bccause of the spiral winding and adjusting collars, may he changed as desired. i

i am well aware that it is old to fire-proof various materials; and I am also aware that it is old to wrap rollcrs with spirally wound matcrinl. Nevertheless I believe am the first to employ a l rc-proofcd fclt covering for o. mangle roll and also that I am the first to eoerrm 1. lo a machine of the character described, a roll having :1 covering o1 iireqvrooied i'eli, said covering being spirally wound upon said roll, :lllil menus [or holding the some tin-rein Jil'ill winding comprising one in r of sufficient iii '2 to form the (it-sired cushion, substantially inc ot the character described, a roll having :1 tuiti'illg o1, iire-prooi'ed i'clr, slid coverinnbi-iug spirally wound upon sui i roll, means rerolubly supported with relat on iu the roll and its spiral winding r nd arranged to be ion with relfition thereto to change the tension of the conning, in is also being arranged to be held with relation to tlr roll and covering, so, as to hold the letter at the tension (it ired, substantiiilly as described.

51. in a machine of the character described, ii roll having it core 'Zlliy weund thereon, combined with means supper [ii relation to the roll and its spiral winding to freely rotate irhercby th covering may be adjusted to provide the prover tension ind cushion, and said ireely ronimble means being also arranged to be held withrclation to the roll and HS covering so that the latter may be maintuiutd under the proper tension, substantially as described.

4. in a machine of the character described, a roll having it covering:spirulij'v'ouncit1 eon, said covering having'its ktl .l!t$ b( /Qlkfd whereby one cage sligv ly.overlirps the other,


combined with means supported with relation to the roll and its spiral covering to freely rotate whereby said covering may be adjusted to provide the proper tension and cushion, and said means being also arranged to be held with relation to said roll and its spiral covering as to maintain the latter under the proper tension and cushion, substantially as described.

5 1n a machine of the character described, a roll having :1 covering; spirally Wound thereon, combined with it collar freely rotatable with respect to said roll and its spiral covering whereby said covering may be adjusted to provide the proper tension and cushion, and said collar having means for holding it fixed with relation to the roll and covering whereby the spiral covering inay be maintained under the proper tension and cushion, substantially as described.

G. In .1 machine of the character described, a roll having a covering spirally wound thereon, said covering having its edges beveled whereby one edge slightly overlaps the other, find means for inaintaining the said spiral covering under the proper tension and cushion, said means comprising a collar freely'rotntabie with respect to the roll and winding and a device'for holding said collar in fixed relation to the said roll and its covering thus maintaining the proper tension and cushion, substantially as'described.

Signed by meat Glenvllle, C0nn., this 3rd da y of August 1906. JAMES H. HUNT.

Witnesses V "CnAiiLEs DOBBROW,


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