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Publication numberUS870944 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1907
Filing dateFeb 21, 1907
Priority dateFeb 21, 1907
Publication numberUS 870944 A, US 870944A, US-A-870944, US870944 A, US870944A
InventorsCyrus Root Fish
Original AssigneeCyrus Root Fish
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Clothes-line stretcher.
US 870944 A
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No. 870,944. PATENTED NOV. l2, 1907.





specification of Lettere Patent.

Patented Nev. 12', 1907.

Application filed February 21. 1907. Serial No. 358.589-` To all whom 'it may co'nm:

Be it known that I, (hmvs Roo'r Flsn, a citizen of .the United States; residing at Denver, in theV county of Denver and State of Colorado, have invented new and useful Improvements in Clothes-Line Stretchers, of which the following is aspeciication.

' This invention relates to clothes line stretchers, and the object thereof is to provide means in a manner as hereinafter setY forth to facilitate the stretching of va clothes line and for retaining the line in its stretched condition. v A i A further object of the invention is to provide a clothesl line stretcher which shall be simple inA its construction, strong, durable, eiicient in its use, conveniently operated, readily set up, and comparatively inexpensiveV to manufacture. Y k

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention consists in the novel construction, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter more specifically dcscrilml and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein is` shown the preferred embodiment of the iiivcntiomjmt it is to be understood that changes, varial ions, and modifications can he resorted to which come within the scope of the claims hereunto appended. v

lndcscrihing 'the invention in detail reference iS had to the accompanying drawings, wherein like ref; erence characters denote corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which:

Figure i is a perspective view of a clothes line stretcher in accordance with this invention. Fig. 2 is a like view showing the stretcher'securedftoa support and with the line attached thereto, one of the elements of the-stretcher being shown in section.` Fig. 3 isa [ront View Aparti)r in section of the stretcher. Fig. 4 is a side view partly in section, and Fig. 5 is a detail showing the Winding shaft.

Referring tothe drawings by reference characters, i denotes the base plate of a supporting bracket and 2, :i a pair of outwardly-extending suspension arms formed-integral with the hase plate l. The latter is formed with a plurality of openings 4 through which are adapted to extend the holdfast devices 5 for securing embodying a circular portion 7 and a rectangular portion 8, or, in other words, what may be termed a key-hOle-shaped opening. opening in the arm 2 is formed with a circular opening 9. Mounted in the openings of the arms 2, 3 and plO- jecting from cach of said arms is a winding shaft 10 having one end formed with a head il adapted to abut against the arm 3 so as to prevent the withdrawal of said shaft i0. 'lhe latter at its other end is provided with a flattened portion 12 adapted to be sca-ted in the` rectangular portieri 8 of the opening in the arm 2 so as to prevent movement of the shaft l0. The portion l2 terminates in a scrmv-threaded portion i3 which projects from thc. arm 2 and carries a headed thumb-nut 14 shown partly in section in Fig. 3. The function of 'ihearm 3 opposite the' the nut i4 is to allow the convenient shifting of the shaft 10 as well as preventing,r in connection with `the head .li of the shaft i0, the shaft i0 being pulled out of the arms 2 when said nut i4 is connected to the screwthreaded end of the shaft 10. lhe shaft vi() is furthermore provided with a lug l5 to which is secured one end of the line i6.

When it is desired to stretch the line the flattened port-ion i2 of the shaft i() is shifted out of the portion 8 of the opening in the arm 2 and the shaft Yl0 can then be rotated so as to wind the line 16 thereon. After the line is stretched the flattened portion i2 is then insaid nrmsnnd provided with u iinilcncd portion `adapted,

lo Inke in.the rccinnguiur portion of ihc opi-ning ihcrehy locking thc shaft. snid simii. further provided with n scrrwtimiuicii portion terminating in said iinlicucd portion, und n thumb-nut nttnchcd to snd scrcw-tiu'cnde pori ion. i

in testimony whereof' I hnve hereunto seimy hand in presence oi' two subscribing witnesses. l

Witnesses: r

Encan C. Conulsu, Mmuln iii. RYAN.

cYnns noo'r insu.


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