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Publication numberUS871891 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1907
Filing dateFeb 15, 1907
Priority dateFeb 15, 1907
Publication numberUS 871891 A, US 871891A, US-A-871891, US871891 A, US871891A
InventorsHerbert H Roosa
Original AssigneeHerbert H Roosa
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US 871891 A
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'PATENI'ED NOV. 26, 1907.




@imanes cl aims.




Specification of Letters Patent.

:Patented Nov; 2B, 1907.

pplieatlon ledebruary 15. 1907.. Serial No. 357.49%

To all whom. 'it lmay concern:

it known that l, HERBERT H RoosA, citizen of the United States, residing at llincoln, in the county of Lancaster and State of Nebraska, have invented certain new and usefulImprovements .in lnsoles, of which the lol-lmvinfri's a' specification.

My invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in insoles and the object ot my invention is to produce an insole which will protect the foot when walking upon very hot or very cold surfaces.

My invention also provides an insole which is water proof and will consequently keep the sole of the foot dry eventhough the'sole of the shoe -of the wearer' is Wet through.

W'ith. these objects in view my invention consists in certain constructions and arrangements of parts, the preferred 'form of which will be irst described in connection with the accompanying drawing and then the invention particularly pointed vout inQ the Referring to the drawings wherein the same part is designated by the saine reference numeral' wherever it occurs, Figure 1 is a plan view with the., layers successively broken away to' show the interior construction of my insole. Fig. i3 is an enlarged l Adesignates a sheet of cotton illannel or similar materialv and which fornisthe top layer of the insole. 2 designates ra sheet of asbestos which forms the second layer of the insole..A This asbestos because of its being a non-conductoreffectively protects the `foot oi the wearer `tronc the eliect of both heat and cold.

-3 designates a layer of waterproof tag board or similar material which underlies the sheetol" asbestos and -'l designates the sheet of muslin which forms the under surl'ace of the. insole and covers th tag' board and protects the same [rein wear, the inuslin resting against the inside ot the sole ol the shoe.

5 designates the ordinary bindingr tape by which the parts of the insole arc held to gether. This tape is secured to the top oi the insole by thc ordinary stitching or in any other suitable manner.

From the above construction it will be seen that the asbestos sheet acts to protect the Vfoot of the wearer which rests upon the sheet of cotton ilanncl lroin the changes in temperature due to its being practically a non-conductor ol heat and cold. rl`he sheet olt water-prooi .board or siinilar material rendersfthcy insole Waterproof, and il" water or other'nwisture should soak through the sole of the slice ol the wearer, it would be prevented Vfreni aliecting the foot of the wearer by ineans of' the water prooiboard. rlhe sheet ol rnuslin which underlies the water-prooi board acts to protect the saine and prevent its wearing by coming in contact with the interior of the shoe.

It Will be seen that by the above described construction I have produced an insole which is siniplc in construction, cheap to manufacture, and one which will be very beneficial to the wearer by protecting?r hini.`

Jfrom the heat or cold of the pavenicrit or floor upon which he may have to stand or walk.

hile I have described what I believe to be the referred forni. ol` my invention, l desiro to lave it understood that inany changes may be made in the forni, construction and arrangement olt parts without departing from the spirit of my invention.

/Vhat I claiin as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is As a new article of manufacture, an insole lor boots or shoes composed of an upper thickness of flannel, a thickness of asbestos immediately beneath the ilanncl, a thickness of waterproof tag-board immediately beneath the asbestos, and a thickness of muslin covering` the under side ol the tag-board, the thicknesses being united together at their edges by a binding tape overlapping the same with its edges stitched together through thc thicknesses olz material.

.ln testimony nhereolil alli); niy signature in presence ol'v two witnesses.

l lEltlllCltl lll. llOObL ll'itnesses:

WAT/.rien li. ANDERSON. Manin GUNNERsoN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA43B7/142