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Publication numberUS872097 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1907
Filing dateDec 22, 1906
Priority dateDec 22, 1906
Publication numberUS 872097 A, US 872097A, US-A-872097, US872097 A, US872097A
InventorsRene Van Buggenhoudt
Original AssigneeOtto Goetze, Rene Van Buggenhoudt
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Process of bleaching cotton fibers.
US 872097 A
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' bers are de lcomprising nove steps which will be hereinafter described and claime -tion of sodium or potassium 'hypochlorite UNITED sTnTEs PATENT oEEIicE REN VAN BUGCENIIOUDT, 0F NllW YORK, N..Y.,ASSIGNOR 0F ONE-HALF 'lO OTT() I GOlllZE, Ol NEW YORK, N.


Specification of Letters Patent.

-App1ioationled December 22. 1906. Serial No. 349.188.

No. 872,097. Patented Nov. 26, 1907.

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, REN VAN BUGGEN- HOUDT, a citizen of the Kingdom of. 'B`elgium, residing in New York, inl theborough of the Bronx, county and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Process of Bleaching Cotton Fibers, of which the followingis a specication This invention relates to an improved process of bleaching bers, such as cotton, ax, j

of water by centrifugal force in the well known manner. The bers are then removed from the extractor and dried'in the j open air or conducted through a drier, after which the bleached bers are spun-in the usual Way.

In the drawing A denotes the tank in which the bleaching solution is contained.

Bis the apparatus upon which the roll of bers b is supported, and which embodies an jute, ramie, hemp and thelike, also manufactures made from said bers, such as yarns or cloth; and for this pur ose the invention consists of the rocess o bleaching bers,

sprayed with bleaching solutionby means of pipes a1 leading from the pipe a of the supply-tank. Between the spray-pipes al there are arranged the squeezing-rollers a2.

C denotes the tank to which the bers are carried after being subjected to the spraying and squeezing operations described.

D is the centrifugal extractor by means of which the water is removed from the bers after the washing operation has been completed. From said extractor the bers are In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 illustrates diagrammatically the apparatus by which the improved process is carried out, and Fig. 2 shows a detail of the spray-pipes and squeezing-rollers.

In carryin out my im roved rocess the vered in a ap or s ive'r to an endless apronand subjected to successive sprays of a bleaching medium, such as a solulivered from said apron, after having been eectively dried, to a car or vehicle F.

For cleaning the bers in conjunction with bleaching the same, an alkaline solvent is added to the bleaching solution, which solvent has the roperty of removing the fatty matter and ot er impurities contained in the bers, producing thereby the cleansing of containing from 0.2 of 1 70' up to 2 70 of available chlorin. Between the repeated operations of spraying, the bersare conducted through squeezing-rollers, the operation of spraying and squeezing being repeateduntil a uniform and com lete saturation of the bers is obtained. he bers are then delivered automatically from the apron in superposed layers into a tank, by moving the apron to and fro over the tank. The impregnated bers are then permitted to stand or about two hours or longer in the tank, until the bleaching operation is completed, which can be lengthened or shortened according to the material to be treated. When the action of the bleaching medium on the bers in the tank is completed, waterv at ordinary temperature is let into the tank from the bottom and made to pass upwardly through al1 the layersin the tank so that the bleaching medium is thoroughly washed out of the bers. After the washing is completed, the water is drawn off from the tank and the lap or sliver of bers taken from the'tank to an extractor so as to remove the largestl amount of the same.

My improved process has the advantages that it shortens the time of bleaching bers, considerably, is carried out at ordinary teniperature, dispenses with the use of a keir, and produces a uniform and reliable bleachin action on the articles treated.

aving thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to' secure by Letters Patent: j.

The herein described process of bleaching bers, whichconsists in moving the same by means of an a ron to a tank and meanwhile -alternateiy spraying the same with a` bleaching solution and squeezin the same, then permitting the impregnated bers to remain in moist condition until the bleaching action is completed, then immersing or carried through a heated drier E by4 means of an endless apron e and said bers are dethe bers simultaneously with the bleaching ready' to be apron to carry the bers while they are being saturatin with Water to wash the bers and my invention, I have' signed my name in thoroug y remove the bleaching solution, presence of two sbscribing witnesses.

draining off the water, subjectin the fibers to the action of an extractor foremoving REN VAN BUGGENBOUDT 5 the excess of water, and finally further dry- Witnesses:

infr the fibers by heating the same. PAUL GOEPEL,

n testimony, that I claim the foregoing as' HENRY J. SUHRBXER.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61K8/22