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Publication numberUS872353 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1907
Filing dateMay 3, 1907
Priority dateMay 3, 1907
Publication numberUS 872353 A, US 872353A, US-A-872353, US872353 A, US872353A
InventorsAlbert Konst
Original AssigneeAlbert Konst
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US 872353 A
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PATENTED DEC. 3, 1907.




' located that when the door is closed the broiler will be held in proper osition over the coals in the fire pot of t e stove and which will be withdrawn from the stove upon the oiplerning of the door.

A ther'object of my invention is to provide the stove with a suitable drip pan removably attached to the stove below such showi door'so as to catch all drippings from the articles on the broiler when said door is opened. v I I accomplish these objects as illustrated in the drawings'and as hereinafter specifically described.

That which' I believe to be new will be pointed out in the claims. In the drawings:Figure 1 is a perspec-, tive view of a portion of a cooki stove with my improvements attached t ereto and the broiler in lace within the stove, the or nary removab le annular lids of the stove being removed inorder to better illustrate the osition of the broiler. Fig. 2 is a view si 7 ar to Fig. 1 but showing the small door to which the broiler is connected open andthebroiler withdrawn from the stove.

3 is a vertical cross sectionthrough the parts shown'in- Fig. ,1, with the door closed asinFig. 1.

Referring to the several fi es of the drawings, 1n which corresponding: parts are indicated by the same reference numerals, 5. indicates a cooking stove or range which may be of ordinary construction.

,6 indicates an openi in the u per part of the front of thestove w "ch is adapted to be closed by a movable member,the movable .member being, as illustrated, an ordinary.

hinged .door 7, in which door are formed as usual air openings that are adapted to be closed' by the usual sli'di v damper. The door opening, it will be not d, is immediately Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed may 8.1907. Serial No. 871.687.

- out from the stove at times when t Patented Dec. 3, 1907.

below the top of the stove, and hence afiords access to the fire pot or space in which the fuel is burned.

.8 indicates a broiler that is attached to the inner. face of the door 7 so that upon the closing of the door, as shown in Fig. 1,- the broiler will be projected entirely within the stove and in position to lie above the coals inthe fire pot. as to leave, as is best shown in. Fig. 3, a considerable space between the broiler and the It is so attached to the stove top of the stove so that meat or other articles supported on such broiler will not rub or 'come in contact with said upper part of the stove.

In the construction shown, I- attach the broiler to the door by means of bent fingers 9 that are secured in any suitable manner to the broiler frame, and at their free ends proj ect into suitable eyeslO on the inner face of the door. By this construction, the broiler,

when not in use, can be readily and quickly detached from the stove door. As shown, a portion of the edge of the broiler is rounded or curved so as to enable it to. be swung freely in and out of the stove opening 6.

11 indicates a dri pan having a small upturned flange 12 all around it, which pan is attached to the stove front below the door 0 ening 6. This pan has ail-{portion of its e go surface curved to co orm substantia 1y to the arc of the circle described by the outer edge of the door 7 when swung on its pivots. By so constructing the pan 1t at all times protects the floor from havin grease dripped upon it from the meat carried by the broi e amount of material is used in its construction, and no unnecessary amountofroom is taken up by it. It is of course very desirable that this drip pan should not be plro'ecting e roiler r, and at the same time no extra is not being used, and hence, like the broiler,

it ismade removable, and, in the construction shown, this .ispermitted; by providing the pan 11 with two or more downwardlyprojecting pins 13 which enter, suitable .sockets or eyes 14 cast on or secured to the front of the stove erly hold meats, etc. that are to be broiled stantly withdrawn from the stove .for the purpose of inspecting the condition of the articles being cooked, and to enable such articles 'to be shifted in position on the broiler or turned over for cooking on the other side. It of course is important to have means provided for protecting the floor in front of the stove from drippings from articles being cooked when the broiler is drawn out of the stove, and by locating the an 11 as shown and described, such protectlon will be amply afforded. From the description above given, it will beobvious that .both the broiler and the drip pan can be instantly detached from the stove for the purpose of properly cleaning them, and also so that they will not be in the Way when the stove is put to other uses than broiling.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. The combination with a stove having an opening'through onefwallportion into the fire chamber, a hinged door covering said opening, and a broiler connected to said door, 0 a drip pan connected to the stove below .said opening, said drip pan having'an edge conforming substantially to the arc of the circle upon which the fre e edge of the door moves.



' E. E, MILLS,


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