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Publication numberUS872905 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1907
Filing dateNov 1, 1907
Priority dateNov 1, 1907
Publication numberUS 872905 A, US 872905A, US-A-872905, US872905 A, US872905A
InventorsJoseph Connors
Original AssigneeJoseph Connors
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Attachable table.
US 872905 A
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No. 872,905. PATENTED DEC. 3, 1907.



' a sums-sum 1.

' or reading desk attached to I cle of furniture.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 3, 1907.

Application filed September 18. 1906. Serial No- 335.133- Renewed November 1, 1907- Serial No. 400271.

T 0 all whom it mayconcern: Be it known that LJosnrn CoNNons, citizen of the United States, residing at Louis- .ville, in the county of Jefferson, State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Attachable Tables, of which the following is a specification, reference being had thereinto the accompanying drawing. I v

Thisinvention relates to a table attachment, and particularly to a device adapted to be adjustably supported for use as a table any desired arti- The invention has for an obj cot to provide a novel and improved construction and "ar- Jrangement of-parts for attaching the table to an article of furniture, also for adjusting the same in a vertical planeand curved path upon its support, and alsoin a curved path at a right angle thereto together with a horizontal adjustment of the table whereby the same may be retained'either in a'horizontal plane or inclined thereto, as when used for a reading desk.

Other and further objects and advantages of the invention will be hereinafter set forth and the novel features thereof defined by the- .44, Fig. 3; Fig. 5 is a rear elevation of the table,.Fig. 6 is an edge view of the table adjusted for use in a horizontal plane, Fig. 7 is ,a detail vertical section showing a modified position.

form of post.

Like numerals of reference indicate like parts in the several views of the drawings.

' The invention is adaptedfor application to a bed, chair or other article of furniture by any desired means, a preferred. form thereof.

being herein shown, in which the numeral 1 designates a portion of a bed frame to which the invention is applied by means of the plate 2 bearing ,against the outer surface thereof and provided with a top plate 3 which receives the clamping'plate shaving depending portions 5 to engage the edge of 1parts in the frame and thereby retain these The adjustment of this 0 amping j late 4 is effected by means of the cam 9,

ig. 4, which is pivot-ally mountedupon the postt; extending upward'from the plate 3 and 7 disposed proper aperture mthe plate permits the latch to seat in 4. V This cam is attached to a thumb nut 7 by which it is operated. The adjustment of the clamping plate 6 is effected by the cam and the parts-are adapted to be locked in position by means of the wedge 8 (Fig. :1) which exin any desired manner, for instance by means of the sleeve 12 through which the post passes. The post is provided with the sh0ul der 13 to rest upon the top of the sleeve andv which is pivotally mounted upon theplate 2 iselamped in position thereon by the cap 14 bearing against the opposite end of the sleeve. This sleeve is provided with anan gular extension 15 disposed within a bearing 16 carried by the inner face of the late 2.

This plate is provided with a series 0 retainmg apertures 17 disposed in a curved path surrounding the axis of the sleeve, and the post is adapted to be retained in any of its adjusted positions in a vertical plane by means of the automaticlateh 18 carried by the post to travel in an arc corresponding to the apertures 1.7. This latch is normally held in contact with the plate by means of the spring 19 disposed ndthin the post and bearing upon a projection 20 carried by the latch, while the latch is withdrawn by means of the cam head -21 having the inclined faces 22 which when in contact with the post places the spring under tension and withdraws the latch from the apertuieas shown by dotted lines in Fig. 3, and when turned at right angles to the position shown in Fig. 1 one of the apertures 17 For the purpose of supporting the table 10 from a horizontal point an arm 23 is provided and has the angular portion 24 depending therefrom which is formed with angular teeth 25 adapted to contact with the cooperating beveled teeth 26 carried at the upper I portion of the post by which means the arm may be swung in one direction while resisting such movement in the opposite direction. Depending from the portion 24 isa stem 27 provided with an annular groove 28 surrounding the same into which a retaining screw 29 passes so as to prevent a complete withdrawal 'of the arm from the post while still permitting a rotative movement theren, and a'limitedvertical movement. This means permits a rotative adjustment of the' table in a horizontal plane.

- -For the purpose of'permitti ng the adjustment of the table at the desired inclination the arm 23 is, provided with pins 30. adapted to engage in toothed bands 31 secured to-the iback'ot the table and surrounding the arm,

as shown inFig. 3. Bythis means'the table may beheld in a horizontal plane or inclined relative thereto ,while it may also 'be slid longitudinally on the arm when it is desired to draw the same that direction, and the pins 30 will then engage with the supplemental toothed bands32 which travel into contact with'said pins'in such movement.- j Any desired construction foftablerl'fl may be used, buta preferred arrangement thereof for use as a reading desk comprises the, adjustable strip 33 yieldingly mounted upon the springs 34 by which it is normally held in raised position under tension by means of. spring 34 bearing thereon, while this strip is also provided with an automatic latch 35 under tension of spring 36 so that when the .strip is depressed the latch is automatically forced into contact with thebody of the table and holds the strip flush therewith, as shown in Figs. 5 and 6.- 'The upper portion of the, table is provided with a book or paper holder '37 pivotally mounted thereon at itsupper ends 38 and there providedwith pins 39 dis posed at opposite sides of the 'pivot and adaptedin the travel of this holding loop to contact withthe fiat springs. 40 secured'at the back ofthe table and thus retain the holder-ineither of its adjusted positions.

If it be desired to-vertically adjust the table a supplemental? 0st, as shown in Fig. 7, may be used instea ofthe post 11 shown Fig. 1. This supplemental post, as shown at 41 is provided with. apertures 42 therethrough and slidingly mounted within the sleeve 12 so as to be adjusted to the desired extent therein and is'held at-such adjustment by the securing pin 43 which is provided with the head 44 and passed through the aperture 45 inv the sleeve 12 and. also through one of the series of securing apertures 46 disposed in the plate 2. As show'nin Fig. 1 these securing apertures are preferably disposed in a curved path concentric to theaperture 17 so seen that when the parts are adjusted as shown in Fig. l the table may beused-asa.

reading desk upon a bedor other articleof furniture and is adapted for a rotative ad-- justment in 'a vertical planeandv also in a ment ofthe inclination of the table '11 on its supporting arm-.- This permits the isposi-,-

tion ofthe table in the most convenientposihorizontal plane together with an adjust- 'tionifor readin' or otheruse, and when de-v v sired to be use as a flat or horizontal table,

the edge strip and holding strip may be re.- moved from the u per surface thereof,,as

shown in Fig. 6', an the table adjusted in a horizontal plane It will also be observed that the. tableis capable: of sliding adjust-- ment upon its arm in order to be drawn di-" rectlyinifront of, the user whenthe length of the arm; is not ordinarily suflicient fori that=- purpose". The attaching deviceis such as to permit a scope of adjustment sufficient for engaging the frame of a bed, chair, or other artic v to attach the table, and'the securing'wedge firmly holds the adjusting cam in position.

e of furniture where it may be desirable.

When it is desired to entirely remove the table from above the bed it may be. swung downward and beneath the same as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1, thus avoidingan inconvenience in ente H r 'set forth its merits, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. In a device of the class described, a supporting late, a post thereon or adjustment in a vertical plane,

an automatic latchcarried by said post to or leaving the be s i i now describe my invention and r pivotally -mounted engage an aperturein saidplate, and ahead for rotating said latch havingawithdrawing:

face adapted to contact with said 0st.

12. In a device of the class descri ed, a sup-' porting, plate, a post; pivotally mounted thereon or adjustment in a vertical plane, an automatic latch carried by said post to engage an aperture in said, plate, a head for rotating said latch havinga withdrawing face adapted to contact with said post', and a spring within said post bearing upon a projection carried by said-latch.

' 3. In a device of the class described, a post, an arm having a stem extended in said post and mounted for longitudinal movement therein, a toothed connection between'athe upper end ofsaid post and? said arm comprising a beveled tooth on one member and a straight walled tooth upon the other, and a table carried by said arm. Y 4. In a device of the class described, a securing plate provided with a-postupon its upper surface, a cam mounted upon said post, a clamping plate'mounted upon said cam, means for rotating said cam, and means for frictionally retaining said cam in its adjusted position.

5. In a device of the class described, a se curing plate provided with a post upon its upper surface, a cam mounted upon said post, a' clamping plate mounted upon said cam, means for rotating said cam, and a wed e extending from said ally old said cam.

6. In a device of the class described, a post provided with a supporting arm, rojections carried by said arm, a table, an a toothed band secured to the table and surrounding zlaid arm to engage the projections therepost to friction 7. In a device of the class described, apost' provided with a supporting arm, project ons carried by said arm, a table, a toothed band secured to the table and surrounding said arm to engage the projections therefrom, and a supplemental toothed band table to engage said projections in-the longitudinal movement of the table upon said arm.

8. In a device of the class described, a table provided with a holding strip yieldingly mounted at one edge thereof; and an autoto enga e the carried by the of the table when the stn is depressed.

9. In a device of the c ass described, a table provided with a holding strip yieldinglZ mounted at one edge thereof,. and a latc platepivoted u on saidystrip under tension ody of the table when the strip is epressed. 10. In a device of the class described, a table provided with a holding, loo extendin for the length thereof and pivotally mounte at the opposite ends of the table'and'projec- I tions at opposite sides of said pivot, and a sprin carried by the table in the-path of trave of both projections.

In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.




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