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Publication numberUS872987 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1907
Filing dateNov 30, 1906
Priority dateNov 30, 1906
Publication numberUS 872987 A, US 872987A, US-A-872987, US872987 A, US872987A
InventorsPoindexter W Capehart
Original AssigneePoindexter W Capehart
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Tobacco paper for cigarettes.
US 872987 A
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POINDEXTER W. CAPEHART, OF NORFOLK, IRGINIA. I A I Specification of Letters, Patent. Application filled Ntvembar 80, 1906. Berial No- 845-818- Patented Dec. 3, 1907.

'at Norfolk, in the county of Norfolk an State of Vir inia, have inventedcertain new anduseful mprovementsin' Tobacco Paper for Cigarettes, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to wrappers for cigarettes.

The object of the invention is to provide a substitute for ordinary paper and a tobacco leaf wrapper for cigarettes which shall be paper yet consisting mainly of tobacco. v

Further objects and advantages will be more fully described herein and specifically v pointed out in the claims.

To produce the paper, forming the basis of my invention, I reduce tobacco stems or leaf to a very fine powder to which is added a solution of wheat gluten in dilute acetic or phosphoric acid. The mass is then washed with pure water to free it from acid; The resultant combinationis partially dried and cornbinedwith rice jelly or paste and. thoroughly rmxed so as to form a lastic. consistencyadapted to be assed t ough cold lmbefore named mass obacco in fine powrollers to be rolled severa times the thickness that 1t s desired to-make the sheets after which the sheets are rolled between hot calender rolls the heat being sufiicient topartly cook the rice and hardening and comressmg the other ingredients into a compact r rolling a very-small percentage of moor orated after the "acid was rocess preferthe'following pro ortions for the hereder. "1000 -parts, acid solution of gluten, 8 to exible sheet ada ted to be cut into ciga rettefpaper.- If t e mass is not suificiently" 'stifi o wheat straw or other-vegetable {maybe 15 parts, rice jelly 15 to parts, straw pulp 6 to 10 arts.

Shoul it be necessary, I use a weak solution ofsalicylic acid to prevent decompov of the gluten when in. a

sition orsourin molst'state whic is accomphshed by Washing the'gluten after the first washing inv pure water.

' The gluten when dry is soft and elastic'and forms a flexible medium for the wraplpinf or cover for cigarette tobacco without) t e anger and discoloration'to the smokers-fingers now the case with linen rag stock or French pa er. v j The .pa er consists almost entirely of to-- bacco hel in sheet form bylthe rice jelly and glutinous material having no disadvantages of the ordinary white paper. v

Having described my invention what I claim and desire to secure byLetters Patent is:

1. A com ound of the' class described consisting of to acco, rice paste and gluten.

2. A compound of the class described oonsisting-of tobacco, rice jelly, gluten and a vegetablepulp.

i '3. A compound of the class described consisting of tobacco, rice jelly, gluten and a straw pulp.

- 4. A compound of the character s ecified ten sp'eci d.

POINDEXTER Witnesses: W. 'Es HaLsrnlin',

WALTER B. Bmuzow.


consisting of tobacco one thousan parts,

rice jelly fifteen .to thirty five parts, gluten eight to fifteen parts, and straw pulp s12; to parts 0r about the proportions

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Cooperative ClassificationA24B15/12