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Publication numberUS873488 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1907
Filing dateJul 29, 1907
Priority dateJul 29, 1907
Publication numberUS 873488 A, US 873488A, US-A-873488, US873488 A, US873488A
InventorsAugustus H De Beaumont, Amos J J De Beaumont
Original AssigneeAugustus H De Beaumont, Amos J J De Beaumont
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Clothes-line hook.
US 873488 A
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' No. 873,488. PATE'NTED DEG.1Q, 1907.

A. H. & A. J. J. DE- BEAUMONT.






vof Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have invented certain Im rovements in Clothes- .Line Hooks, of whic the following is a specification.

The object of our invention is to provide readily attachable and detachable means for engagement withan ordinary fence to to serve as a hook or support for clothes lines.

In the yards of many city houses there is little room for the placing of clothes posts and it becomes necessary to rovide the fence with means whereby a clothes line may be stretched. It is desirable that the means employed shall not remain u on the fence when not in use, and it is furt er objectionable to drive nails into such fence or to screwordinary screw-hooks therein as the use of such devices tends to destroy the fence.

Our invention is designed to obviate these several difficulties, and is fully shown in the accompanying drawings, in which: I

Figure 1, is a perspective view of one form of hook embodyin our invention; Figs. 2 and 3, are views 0 structures substantially similar to that shownin Fig. 1, but madeof 4, is a perspective invention, Fig. 5, is a side elevation of a modified form of hookparticularly adapted for use with fences having flat strips mounted on top of the same, and Fig. 6, is a perspective view of the hook shown in Fi 5.

The hook structures forming t e subject of our invention may be made ofwire, bent Into shape; pressed into form from sheet metalor cast, and in Figs. 1, 2 and 3, res ectively, we have shown hooks made in t ese several ways.

The structure shown in Fig. 1, comprises a hook 1, made preferably of two runs of wire, from which hook depends apair of duplex members 2 having return bends 3 which are curved back and parallel each otherj being joined at the lower end, and the return bends are further turned or extended to form the part 4. This arrangement provides a gap etween the members 2 and 3 and the memher 4 whereby the structure may be readily Specification of Letters Patent. Appliiaatiim filed July 29. 1907- Serial No. 385.971.


Patented Dec. 10, 1907.

fitted over the fence top. The memberv 3 is bent back-or curved as shown so that the pull of the line against the hook will tend to throw the member 4 against the fence; to avoid dan er of such member pulling away and thus dislodging the structure, the lower end may be provided with a pointed projection 5. j

The structure shown in Fi 2, is of the same general contour as that s own in Fig. 1, andis made of sheet metal pressed into shape. The hook is indicated at 1" and extends from the double run formed by the portions 2 and 3, while the member 4* also extends fromsaid doublerun andis bent back to fit on the other side of the fence. This member 4 is provided with a projection 5.

,The structure shown in Fig. 3 is cast and comprises the bifurcated body made up of the members 2 and 4 with a hook 1 formed integral therewith; the member 4" having a projection 5 r The structure shown in Fig. 4 is provided with a hook 1 which extends below the top of the fence and has a return bend 6 to prevent the clothes line lifting from the same under the action of a clothes prop. The rear portions 4 engaging the fence are substantially the same as the member 4 shown in Fig. 1. In Fi s. 5 and'6, however, we have shown an em odiment of our invention adapted for en agement with a fence having .a flat top an in this; form of structure, supplemental hooks 7 are provided adapted to extend from the runs 2 and engage the under side of such to strip. The structure is extended forward y to form a suitable hook l for retaining the clothes line, and this hook is provided with a return portion or bend 6, of the same character as that shown in Fig.4.

We claim:

1. A clothes line hook comprising retain ing members dis osed on 0p osite sides of a fence, and a hook disposed a ove said members and formed continuous with the same.

2. A clothes line hook comprising parallel duplex members disposed on one side of a fence, .a retaining member on the o posite side, and a'hook disposed above sai members and formed continuous with the same.

3. A bifurcated member adapted to fit overthe edge of a fence, a hook integral names to this specification, in the presence of therewith and extending above the arch of two subscribing witnesses.

said bifurcated member, one of the legs of said I AUGUSTUS H. DE BEAUMONT. bifurcated member being bent outwardly, AMOS J. J. DE BEAUMONT. and a projection at the lower end of said out- Witnessesz.

wardly extem'ling member. MURRAY C. BOYER,

In testimony whereof, we have signed our Jos. H. KLEIN.

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Cooperative ClassificationD06F53/04