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Publication numberUS873881 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1907
Filing dateSep 16, 1907
Priority dateSep 16, 1907
Publication numberUS 873881 A, US 873881A, US-A-873881, US873881 A, US873881A
InventorsWilliam D Molony
Original AssigneeWilliam D Molony
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US 873881 A
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No. 873,881. PATENTED DEG.17,1907. I



DISPLAY-STAND Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 17, 1907.

Application filed September 161 1907. Serial No, 393.078.-

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, VVI'LLIAM D. MoLoNY, a citizen of the United States, ,residing at Oneida, in the county of Nemaha and State of Kansas, have invented new and useful Improvements in Display-Stands, of which the following is a specification.

My invention pertains to display stands; and it contemplates the provision of a simple and stable stand constructed with a view of holding an d displaying to advantage bananas and other fruits such as oranges, apples and the like.

The invention will be fully understood from the following description and claims when the same are read in connection with the drawings, accompanying and forming part of this specification, in which:

Figure 1 is a broken side elevation of the stand constituting the best embodiment of my invention known to me. Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the stand. Fig. 3 is a detail rear elevation, and: Fig. 4 is a broken horizontal section taken in the plane indicated by the line l-4 of Fig. 2, looking downward.

Similar letters designate corresponding parts in all. of the views of the drawings, referring to which:

A is the main post or upright of my novel stand, and B is the tray or holder for oranges, apples and analogous fruits. The post A is preferably of wood and square in horizontal section, and is provided adjacent to its upper end with a forwardly reaching arm or hook C, preferably of metal, which overhangs the tray B and is disposed about the proportional distance illustrated above the same.

The tray B is preferably, though not necessarily, shaped as shown in Fig. 4, and is made up of a body 0, preferably of wood, and a fruit retaining flange 1), preferably of metal; the said flange being fixed to and ex tending slightly above the edge of the body a, as shown. In the center of the rear portion of the tray-body is a recess or notch c shaped in conformity to and receiving the main post or upright A, whereby it will be seen that the tray body a is strongly held against horizontal movement on the post or upright, and is also prevented from tilting laterally on the post.

g The metallic strip or flange b is fixedly connected at its ends to the back of the post or upright A, Fig. 3, to contribute to the strength of the fixture of the tray B, with respect to the said post or upright.

As best shown in Fig. l, the post or up right A is fixed to and rises from a fore and aft disposed base or bed-piece D, preferably of wood; and also fixed to and rising from the said base or bed-piece is a forward support E and a rear support F for the tray B. The said supports E and F are preferably of wood and are fixed to the tray body a as well as to the base or bed-piece D.

The arm or hook C is designed for the suspension of a bunch of bananas over the tray B, and the said tray B is designed to hold and display to advantage a large number of oranges, apples and other fruits, and, therefore, with a view of contributing to the stability of the stand and precluding lateral tilting of the same I provide the arch G best shown in Fig. 3. The said arch G is preferably of metal, and is flattened at its middle and fixedly connected by nails or screws d to the back of the main post or upright A. At its ends the arch G bears on the ground; and it is preferably, though not necessarily arranged against lugs e on the back of the tray B. By virtue of this latter provision it will be apparent that when one side of the tray B is depressed, the lug 6 adjacent to the opposite side of the tray will bring up against the adjacent portion of the arch G, and in that way preclude undue lateral tilting of the stand as a whole.

As will be readily understood, the arch G effectually prevents sidewise tilting or fall of the stand no matter how heavily the same is laden in the manner described; and it will also be understood that the arch G serves the purpose stated without rendering the stand heavy which is an important advantage since it renders it feasible to quickly and easily move the stand from one point to another, as from the inside of a store to the outside thereof and vice versa.

The construction herein shown and described constitutes the preferred embodiment of my invention, but it is obvious that in the future practice of the invention such changes or modifications may be made as fairly fall within the scope of my invention as defined in the claims appended.

' ranged to hold thestand against lateral tilt- Having described my invention, What I claim and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, 1s:

1. A. stand for holding and displaying fruit, comprising a base, a post or upright fixed to and rising from the base, a tray joined at its rear to the post or upright, means for supporting the tray, interposed between the tray and the base, an arm carried by the post and overhanging the tray, and an arch disposed crosswise of the stand at the back thereof and connected to the back of the post and having its ends ar- 3. A stand for holding and displaying fruit, comprising a fore and aft disposed base or bed-piece, a post or upright, of angular form in cross-section, fixed to and rising from the base or bed-piece, a tray having an i angular recess in its rear portion snugly receiving the post, and a marginal fruit-retaining flange extending back of and connected to the post, and also having lugs on its rear edge at points adjacent to its sides, means for supporting the tray, interposed between the tray and the base or bed-piece, and an arch disposed crosswise of the stand at the back thereof and connected to the back of the post and arranged immediately above the lugs on the tray and having its ends arranged to hold the stand against lateral tilting.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing witnesses.


Witnesses: Y


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