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Publication numberUS874945 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1907
Filing dateJan 28, 1907
Priority dateJan 28, 1907
Publication numberUS 874945 A, US 874945A, US-A-874945, US874945 A, US874945A
InventorsArthur Jex Davey
Original AssigneeArthur Jex Davey
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Military equipment.
US 874945 A
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1%. 874,945. PATENTED DEC. 31, 1907. A. J DAVEY.




. I I In venior lboinwses.

No. 874,945. PATENTED 1350. 31, 1.907.

' A. J. DAVEY.



1110 12122" vim/ M0 i fixjiA/nw ma;

Tie-1874,5145. PATENTED DEC. 31, 1907. A. J. DAVEY.



iybliz uames 6067 507" I To all whom it may concern."


mnrr my EQUIPMENT.

Be it known that I, ARTHUR J EX DAi EY,

' subject of the King of England, residing at iVestminster, London, England, have in-a vented certain new anduseful Improvements in Mihtarv Equipinentspof which the-follow- 'ing is a specification.

This invention relates to military equip- -ments and th'elilre and has for its'oljiject to construct anequipmentwhich 'inay be adusted into dIiiG-IORCTOIIDS and Wlll be com-- 'i'ortable to the wearer.

J The present invention-relates to that type b of military equipment which comprises a belt and cartridge carriers, braces or shoulder straps for'the belt and attachments'for th'e'water bottle, haversack and knap sack, entrenching tool orother article's.

According tothis invention a belt is -pro- Vided with cartridge carriers which can be adjusted-in position on the belt and detached therefrom When desired, these carriers being inthe form of-a set of pockets adapted preferably to-contain cartridges in clips an'd having flap covers. Sling members which constitut'e the braces are connected to thebelt behind and to an upward extension of the.

equipment to adjust itself on the 'bod pi'il tlio wearer and balance .these or the sling members by tabsor shortstraps secured to the knapsack and engaging with b n'cirles on the sling mem bers no vided near he lower cartridge carriers in front and 'thus through them to the front portions of the belt. The

ends of these sling members extend below.

' thebelt and are adapted to form attachments for the 'haversa'cli and Water. bottle. The sling members are crossed over theback but. free of=each other and thearrangement is such that one end of one sling member is attached -t0 the back 5 art of thehaversack say on the left side an after crossing the right shoulder is attached to the front side of the Water bottle Whiletherear end'of the other sling member is attachedto the hinder side of the Water bottle onthe right and after crossing the left shoulder iscon'nected to the front, edge of the haversack on the left. These sling members thus also constitute braces and by reason of tl'icircross connection to the weights to be carried enahlethe it' n,,a.1:co.nvenientand comfortable in The napsack is-attaci'ied to t'b shoulderportions of A stend ing strap coiiv eniertlvi edge of the 'lniapsacli; m d cn-ci'n the belt.

specification Lettrsiatent. Application filed January 28.1901" Serial No. 36%582.)

, ven'ienily three pockets D? I face and adaptedto:conihnnfcaliiidlc in L "ll rims d1 nectionbetweeni-the wei hts two straps run- 'ningfrom the top of the imapsack crossover the backand are connected to the back lower edges of the cartridge,carriers;

conveniently made in Woven fabric though other materials may he. employed; for the whole or parts 0t it f round des rable. The

Patea io' c. 31,; 1907K,

i 'ifin ther;inlorder to seciirely holdithe kna g. t sackin place andprovide-a balancing con- 5O These-straps v may howeverbe dispensed with if desired.

\ The various portions of the equipment are buckles employed are preferably of akncwn ty somewhat resembling slides and without tonguesso that no perforation of the f t 1710f Figure 1': is an elevationoi' the complete equipment with v the belt open and vieired from the inside showing the surfaceswhich rest on they body.

straps is necessary. 7

vin the accompanying drawings,

of the wearer Fig.2is newcomer the equipment from the rearwith'jthe belt open and the exterior aspect o'ifthe' several parts displayed. Fig. 3 is a View'otthe outer side] of one of the cart1idge'carrie11s; View of the "inner face of one of that The belt A carries at one end a buckle A. of the type shown havingfingcrsj irhich engage the edges of the beltand tlius'avoid perforating the latter as i o uld be necessary Witha tongue. The bayonet frog A. is conveniently permanently ar a-lied to tliebelt by sewing. At suitable points onfthe portion of the belt and 'at'its upper edge are attached two buckles A Af nith which en: gage. respectively straps BK) iviiich constitute sling members and also serve asbraces. These sling members B 0 cross each: other at the back but are freeof each other being respectively connected to'otlier parts of the equipment ashereinaiter r-lescribedQ r Tupi-cartridge carrier-s1) 'gll'tijllflyitiifli 11::- spec tiv'ely for theright and left siilcuilthe belt .These cartridge carrier'sroi n eniently comprise a backing 1.) with te'o'orriroreron even along the clips; ilap ifi'io cover. et er allliie potzlicts being provided and fastened. down l ablenieans; -An u wardextrusion i) oft backing 5a one oi moresiniila r, pockets i) :ilsopr: iiapw Jhdflitiiii'C-i nearer-l" to vthe upper end- Fig 4 is a the belt have their ends connected again to this extension D to the lower rearmost cor- I ner of the backing D, to which it is attached by sewing or the like the free end of this strap being used in the manner to be hereinafter described. At either end of the backing iece D are .mounted C shapcd members D t 1e fingers of which are adapted to engage the edges of the belt and take a hold thereon as a means of attachment. As an additional means of connecting the cartridge carriers to the belt, straps D are attached to the upper edges of the backing D andv after encircling thecartridge carriers and thus through them to the front portions of the belt. The strap -C thus starting from the buckle A on' the right hand side of the back of the belt crosses over the left shoulder and passes down to the buckle D on the cartridge carrier on the left side, The strap B starting from the buckle A on the left side of the backportion of the belt crosses the right shoulder and engages with the buckle D of the right cart-ridge carrier. The front end C of the strapC extends down below and within the belt and is connected to a buckle E carried at one upper edge ofthe haversack E. To a buckle E carried on the back upper edge of the haversack E is connected the rear-endv B of the strap B. This haversack is conveniently arranged on the left side of the wearer. Similarly on the right side of the wearer the front end B of the strap B is connected to a buckle F attached to the front upper side of a water bottle holder strap F. This is provided with a buckle F at its rear upper edge with which engages the back end C of the strap 0.

The knapsack G has two short straps G on .its upper side which serves to connect the knapsack to the str-a s B and C buckles B C being provided for t is urpose and situated at a point in the straps Csuch that they Wlll lie approximately on the shoulders of the wearer.

These buckles can be slid into the desired positions on the straps B and C to fit the wearer of the equipment.

'fis also provided on its upper side with two The knapsack buckles G with which engage the ends of two stra s G G which are led over the back of' the apsack across each other and each terminate 1n buckles which serve to connect the free ends'of the straps D which extend from the rear portions of the cartridge earners D.

Thus the strap G passing from the upper right side of the knapsack crosses over to the left lower side and is connected to the strap D of the left hand cartridge carrier while the strap G crosses from the left hand upper side of the knapsack over to the right hand lower side and is there connected to the strap D of the right hand cartridge. carrier. To give additional steadiness to the kn apsack a short strap G5 is attached to its back just above the part that should lie al owe the waist belt.

'This strap G encircles t} e waist.- belt and is attached by a clip fastening G9 or 1n some other convenient way to the underside of the knapsack.

It will be seen from the above description that in the first place the cross connected sling straps B and C enable the whole equipment to adjust itself on the wearer and the parts to balance each other in such a way as to give more comfort. Further the attachment for the knapsack is on the one hand exceedingly simple being mainly bythe' short straps G to the shoulder buckles B C of the sling membcrs B C. Further byproviding the knapsack with the crossing straps G G and connecting these to the cartridge carriers a balancing effect between these cartridge carriers and the knapsack is obtained when combined with the cross connected sling members so that there is a freedom of movement between the various parts of the equipment which naturally allows freedom of movement to the wearer and enables the Weights carried to adjust themselves to varying circumstances.

The equipment is so constructed that in addition to all the several parts being easily detachable from the rest different combinations can be made to meet varying require, ments.- Thus starting from the equipment as a ,wl mle with the knapsack attached as showrrfih Figs. land 2 of the accompanying drawings first the knapsack maybe removed leading the belt with the cartridge carriers and the slings serving as braces for the belt and supports for the haversack and water bottle. Then if desired the haversack and water bottle may be detached from the sling members B C which then serve as being if necessary supplemented by other cartridge carriers of similar type attached to the belt in some convenient way. Further the sling members and cartridge carriers may be removed from the belt leaving the latter so that it may be Worn with or with out the bayonet for undress purposes. Yet

again the sling members B and C can be used with the haversack and water bottle without the belt, other cartridge carriers in bandoleer or like form if necessary being provided for use under such circumstances.

Additional cartridge carriersmay of course 115 braces or shoulder supports for the cartridge carriers on the belt, these cartrldge carriers be used with the equipment as a whole if necessary these carriers being either in bandoleer form or in the form of detachable pockets mounted on the belt.

What I-claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters'Patent is tion of a belt, cartridge carriers detachably connected to the belt, sling members, a haversackand a support for a water bottle or other articles to which the ends of the sling members are respectively cross connected, and means for connecting the sling members to the belt at the backxand to the cartridge carriers in the front as set forth.

2."In a military equipment, theco1nbina tion of a belt, cartridge carriers detachably,

connected to the belt, sling members, a haversack and a support for a water bottle or other articles to which the ends of the sling members are respectively cross connected, means for connecting the sling members to the belt at the back and to thecartridge .carriers in the front, a-knapsack and means for attaching it to the sling members as set forth. I

3. In a military equipment, the combination of a belt, cartridge carriers detachably connected to the belt, sling members, Ia

haversack and a support for a water bottle or other articles to which the ends of the sling members are respectively cross connected, means for connecting the sling mem-- bers to the belt at the back and to the cartridge carriers in the front aknapsack, means for attaching it to the sling members, and ste'adying stra s crossing the knapsack and connected at tieir upper ends to the knap-' two subscribing witnesses.

sack and at. their lowerends to the rear lower edges of the cartridge carriers as set forth.

tion of a belt, cartridge carriers connected with the belt, independent sling members connected with the belt at the back and with 1. In a military equipment, the combina' said cartridge carriers at the front, the connections between said shng members and the belt and cartridgecarriers being at points in the length of the slingmembers distant from the ends thereof, and the endsof the sling members extending below the belt towards the front and back of the sides of the wearer, substantially as and for the purpose described.

5 In a military equipment, the combination of a belt, cartridge carriers connected with the belt, sling members crossing each other freely at the back and detachably connected with the belt at the. back and connected with the cartridge carriers at the of the sling members and both'ends of each sling member extending below the belt, whereby each sling member is adapted to be directly connected with two articles arranged substantially opposite each other with relation to the belt.

In testimony whereof I have signed my 5 name to this specification in the presence of 7 ARTHUR JEXDAVEYQ Witnesses:



4. In a military equipment,the combina-

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