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Publication numberUS874991 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1907
Filing dateMar 8, 1905
Priority dateMar 8, 1905
Publication numberUS 874991 A, US 874991A, US-A-874991, US874991 A, US874991A
InventorsRudolph B Prien
Original AssigneeRudolph B Prien
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US 874991 A
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when snares Parana oration RUDOLPH PRIE N, OF ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS.

' warnaarna.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dee. at, more Application filed March 8. 1905. Serial No. 249.130.

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that L'RUDDLPHB. PRIEN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Rockford, in the county of Winnebago and State of Illinois, have invented eertalnnew and useful Improvements in Water-Heaters,

of which the following is a specification.

. any ordinary construction and has an opening in one side.

My improved, Water heater comprises. a body portion 2 provided with a flange 3 and screw-threaded openings 4 and 5. A cap portion 6 has a flange 7 and a screw-threaded opening 8. A section of pipe 9'has one end closed and its other end is externally screwthreaded and turned into engagement with the screw-threaded opening .5 of the body portion 2. A section of pipe 10 hasa screwthread connection with the opening 8v in the cap-portion 6. A packing M is plaeellbetween the flanges 3 and 7 and the flanges are held together by the bolts l2.- A pipe'13 has a screw-thread connection with the opening .8 in the cap 6 and its other end connects '.thread connection with the opening 4 in the with the tank'14. A pipe 15 has a screwbodyportion 2, and its other end connects with the tank 14. cold water inlet pipe 16 and hot water pipe 17.

At Fig. 2 is shown a detail'section of the,

. water heater, and the arrows thereon indiits . andlfi and-the heater, and-keeps the water" water first cate the direction of the flow of water. The

asses'through'the pipes 13 and 10, thence liy the pipe-9 along the outside of the pipe 10, and escaping byfth'e pilpel5. The water}circulatesfthrohgh, the pipes 13- .fin the tank atthe required; temperature.

The tank has the usual i The pipe 9 extends within the furnace over the fire and as the space between the pipes 9' ,and 10 is comparatively small, the water will be heated quickly.

This water heater can be placed in connection with any furnace-or other fuel burner by simply making a hole in the side of the furnace or fuel burner and extending the pipe 9 through said hole so that the pipe Wlll be located over the fire.

By making the ca portion separable from 'the. body portion, t e inner pipe 10 can be withdrawn and cleaned, and the rnainv pipe 9 can be cleaned on its inside without removing the heater from the furnace.

. i claim as my invention.

A water heatercomprising a hollow-body portion open at each end and having a peripheral flange at one end and at its otherend having the inner face cut away, said cutaway portion provided with screw threads, said body portion further having interme diate its ends a' screw threaded openipg, an

interiorly screw threaded flanged cap-piece connected to the flange of the body portion and of less diameter than the diameter of the body portion, a packing interposed between the flange of the cap-piece and the flange of the body portion, a pipe secured .to the screw threaded opening of the body portion,- a pipe secured to the screw threaded end of th'ebody portion and having the inner face thereof flush with the inner face of the body portion, said pipe projecting from that end ofthe bodyportion to which it is secured and having its free end closed, an open pipe secured to the cap-piece and extending through the bodyJwrtion and into that pipe" secured to one e of the body portion, and a pipe secured to the cap piece, projecting outwardly therefrom and forming $13011".

tinuation of the other pipej,connected with the cap piece.


. Witnesses:

;A. O. BEHEL, I E.-Bnnnr..

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Cooperative ClassificationF24C13/00