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Publication numberUS875475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 31, 1907
Filing dateDec 5, 1905
Priority dateDec 5, 1905
Publication numberUS 875475 A, US 875475A, US-A-875475, US875475 A, US875475A
InventorsFrank D Warren
Original AssigneeFrank D Warren
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US 875475 A
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PATENTED 1330.31, 1907.



awewkm a M W W? Witnesses No. 875,475. PATBNTED DEC. 31, 1907. P. D. WARREN,


APPLICATION FILED 13120.5, 1905.


1 /9 11 neon V No. 875,475.4 PATENTED D30. 31, 1907.






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 31, 1907.

- Application filed December 5,1905. Serial No 290,453.

' Toall whom it may concern:

.' ,Be, it known that I, FRANK D. WARREN, a

loitiz'elipof-the United States, residing at-Boston, in-the countyofSufFolk and State of Massacl1use tts, have invented new and useful Improvements in Boiler-Settings, of which 1 character which Wlll be exceedingly strong f and durable, one wherein liability of the walls settling or warping is obviated, and one wherein efficient provision is made for the expension and contraction of the furnace walls under the action of heat. I

A further object of the invention is to pro-' vide a device of this character with simple and efliclent means for securlng the boiler or boilers in position on the setting, one wherein the latter is provided with intermediate and corner columns for strengthening the side walls, and one in which the bracin elements embedded in said columns serve t 1e further function of standards to which the tie elements for the. boilers are connected.

With these and other objects in view the invention comprises the novel 'features of construction and combination of parts more fully hereinafter described. r

- In the accompanying drawings: Figure 1 is a side elevation of a boiler setting embodying. the invention and showing a boiler in position thereon. Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudina boiler, the latter being shown in elevation.

."Fig.' 5. 1 Fi are composed of side, rear and division Fig. 3 1s a front elevation, partly in section,

the section beingtaken on the line 33 of 4 is a rear elevation, partly in section. F 1g. 5 is a plan view partly in horizontal section, the's'e'ction being taken on the line 5-5 of Fi Referring to the drawings, it will be seen that the .settingor structure, which comprises side walls 1 a front wall 2, rear wall 3 and division walls 4, is erected and sustained upon thefoundation 5 com osed in accordance' with the invention of l brtland cement, sand and broken stone mixed in suitable roportiongwhile the walls ofthe setting w 'ch as an inner lining 6 of fire brick or hre clay Portland cement, crushed k clay and furnace clinker or slalg mixed in suitable roportions. mbedded in and or strengthening the Walls are vertical co 6 breeze, fire section taken on a line centrally of the strengthening members or rods 7 and horizontal strengthening members or rods 8 composed preferably of high carbon steel, while the structure as a whole is further braced by means'ot corner columns 9 and intermediate columns 10, in which are embedded vertical 1 beams i1 projected at their upper ends as at 12 above the columns and constituting standards, as more fully hereinafter explained, there being also embedded in the cohunns vertical strengthening rods 13 tied to the bars 11 by means of horizontal metal tie elements or loops 14 arranged at appropriate vertically spaced in tervals. v

Formed between the walls proper of the structure'and the inner. lining 6 are air spaces 15 which permit of expansion and contraction of the wall, while the division walls 4 are provided with terminal expansive joints 16 preferably calked with asbestos packing 17, it being apparent that longitudinal expansion of the division walls under the influences of heat and cold is thus permitted and this without the integrity of the walls being destroyed.

Mounted upon and sustained. by the setting is a plurality of boilerslS disposed to extend from front to rear of the structure and spaced relatively in a direction transversely of the latter, there being attached to the boilers sustaining members or brackets 19 ada ted to rest upon the upper ends of the walls, while provided on the upper ends 12 of the strengthening bars 11 are perforated'hcads 20 in which are terminally secured connecting rods or elements 21, while embedded in and at the terminals of the division walls 4' are vertical 1 bars 22 which project slightly above the tops of the walls and are provided with perforated heads 23 for terminal engagement by longitudinal tie rods or elements 24 extended longitudinally of the structure between the boilers, the elements 21 and. 24 which are detachably secured in place servingto brace and strengthen the structure as a whole, and prevent bulging or spreading of the walls relatively. 1

It is apparent that under the foregoing construction I produce a structure which will be exceedingly strong and durable, one wherein provision is made for the expansion and contraction of the walls without injury thereto, and one in which settling of the walls of the structure and consequent injury to the latter is obviated. Furthermore, .it will be seen that the boilers are retained in proper positions u their move nent re ative to the latter obviated, Whi at the same time disconnection of the parts to permit removal and remounting of the .boilers may be readily accomplished. v Having thus fully described my inven tion, what i eiaim. as new is:

1. A boiler setting comprising a'fonnda ti'on, structure Walls erected on said foundation, strengthening columns formed integral with said walls and disposed at the ends and at intermediate oints between the ends of the walls, vertica I-beams embeddedinsaid columns and projected above the upper ends thereof, perforated bearing heads secured to the upper ends of said Lbeams, strengthening rods connected to said heads, intermediate walls provided with tongue and groove joints, and said jointsbeing 'calked with asbestos, boilers seated in said setting and'providedwith fire clay jackets, there being an intermediate air space between on the structure and said boilers and walls, substantially as dej scribed.

2. The herein described boiler setting comprising a foundation, walls erected on said foundation, andforrned of a concrete columns formed, I-beams embedded within said columns, rods embedded within material, strengthening integral With the walls,

said. columns, metal tie loops surrounding said rods and I-beanis, intermediate Walls provided with ten joints being pac red Wit asbestos, said I-bearns extending above said columns and provided with perforated bearing heads,

rods extending through'sai'd heads, boilers so I 35 ue and roove joints, said secured. in said setting and provided with fire clay jackets,

ate air space between said jackets and Walls. In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses' FRANK n. WA REN.



f o H. G. VAUGHAN.

there being an intermedi- I

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