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Publication numberUS87603 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1869
Publication numberUS 87603 A, US 87603A, US-A-87603, US87603 A, US87603A
InventorsHumphrey Tichenor
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Improved ahtb remedy for throat-disease
US 87603 A
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f. n REMBDY non moar-DISEASE.

Tmziivhomamy" i Be y it Vknown that I, GEORGE HUMPHREY Tronnl Non, ofV Canton, inthe county ofMadison, 'and inthe- SiaiteofV Mississippi,v have; invented a new and Vuseful Apparatus (Inhalat'or).and 'Reiedyfor the Cure of Throat and Lung-Diseases ;l and do herebyI declare that Y thefclluihgisa fullpcleanandcxact description there-.1

of, reference being. had to theaccompanying. drawing, making a part ofthis specification.

Figure l represents aper'spectiveyiewof the inhaf-V lator complete. I

Figure 2 is a vertical centralsecticn. j

Figure-3 represents zt-perspective view of theperforated drawer, or receptacle, in which the compound is placed, topbe converted-into medicated vaporV orfumes.

The compound consists of iodine (I odinium) and mul- 1' len, '(vlerbascum thwpsua) in equal quantities, and Vused 'in combinationwith atmospheric air.

` The compound is placed in the drawer', either upon heated stone,'or upon heated iron, or upon live coals of wood.'

The atmospheric air passes through the perforations e c e e e [of the drawer, uniting with the medicated 'i vvapor-or fumes at g, which passes through the `funnel' g F, intothe throat and lungs ofthe patient..' The vmedicated vaporpnfumcs ofthe compound are inhaled by the patient'at thejtime of the ignition, and cmtinued'in'dluaftion so long ,as the condition of the patient may require; 5 The proportionv of the vingrediei1ts'-l of t the compound is regulated to suit the condition; of the patient at each to m the@ Lamm' Parmi ma purer um .me

My invention further consists in an apparatus which I term an inhalator, as a generator of the medicated vapor 4or fumes, for conducting the vapor or fumes into the throat and lungs. L

, The inhalator may be'made of tin, sheet-iron, or of any other suitable material, and may be constructed in a cylindrical or anyfother form, and may also be pro# vided with a drawer, H, to be4 used as a damper to increase or diminish the draught, by opening or partially closing the same, or the drawer H may be dispensed `with altogether. p t -v The upper end of the funnel F is providedlwith a exible tube, I, to be' placed in the mouth of the patient while inhalingthe medicatedv vapor or fumes.

- Y What claimas new, and desire to secure by Lett'ers Patent, ist p The flexiblev tube I, in combination with the metal- .lic funnel-shaped tube F and drawer C, when the whole is combined, constructed, arranged, and operated substantially in -the manner shown and described, for the purpose set forth. Y

Also, the medicated'compound, composed of iodine,

'Godin/tum) and mullein, (Vewlmtsomn' thafrsus) and oxygen, 'combined in the proportions'as h erein set forth. In testimony that I claim the vforegoing apparatus (inhalator) and remedy for the cureof throat and lungdiseases, I'have hereunto set Vmy hand, this 26th day of December, 1868. j y

Witnesses: l JOHN' McOLnLLANn,

H. Bomann, 1 f

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Cooperative ClassificationA61M16/16