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Publication numberUS876091 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1908
Filing dateAug 13, 1906
Priority dateAug 13, 1906
Publication numberUS 876091 A, US 876091A, US-A-876091, US876091 A, US876091A
InventorsFlora C Reed
Original AssigneeFlora C Reed
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US 876091 A
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'NE Enom.. EATENTED JAN. 7, 1908. E. c. EEED.






Application iled August 13| To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, FiionA C. Rnnn, n. eitizen of the United States, residing at Pftonia, in the. county oi Delta, State of Colorado, have. invented certain new and useful .lm-

)rovements in Rubber-lvlolders; and Ido iereby declare the following to be :i full,x elettr, sind 'exact description of the invention, sueh :is will enuble others skilled in tfhe art t-o which it iippertains to make and use the sinne..

It is the object. of this invention to provide rubbers oiovershoes with ineens that will hold` or keep them on the out-er shoes when milking in mud rind :it other times where :ind when the overshoes nre likely to be pulled oli', pnrtienlnrly when they are. .not fitted on tightly, whiehis not desirable for reasons well known to the wenrers of rubber overshoes.

The Invention may be carried out by providing two straps und connecting one with the. upper insidenui-rgin of the'shoe :it the boek :tbove the heel end ndnptingit to be se cured vin front above the high poriionoil the instep, sind fastening the other sti-ip to (he sole of the shoe, either inside or outside, nud i bringing the ends up over the shoe :idjneeul to where the first-inentioned strap is ine-tened und see-uriug said endsrtogether :ind to the first-mentioned strn'p, so that they willnot :slide down out of plsu-e.

rlhe invention is clearly shown lin the nnnexed draining, forming u piu-1 oi' thiel speei- 'lient-ion, in View of'ivliielr it will first be described in detail with respect to ils eoustru tion :ind inode. of operation nud then be pur tieuhirly'pointed out in the appended elnims. The. drawing is n perspeeiive view ol' the invention showing it :is in phiee. on'u'n over- 4 shoe that is on nn ordinair)l shoe on th l'ootf ol' the 'we-:irera i ln the drawing, l() designates :in ordin:ir outer shoe, over Whieh there is drinvn ny rub i ber or overshoe il ol' usunl Forni.

To the inside margin of the upper edge. of the overshoe nbyve. the heel, :isn-t lil, there is secured n strep i3, the ends o f which ure specietion of Letters Patent.

Patented Jain. '7, 190.

190. Serial No. 330,325.

brought. around the ankle. of the wearer undl secured by bu/.zlchng or otherwise above the instep.

14 designates another strap that is secured to the soie 15 of the overshoe 11, on its inner side nezirthe heel, find the ends'of said strep are brought up over the instep and secured together at n. point ndjie'ent to the pointit Whieh the ends of the strap 13 nre hastened,

and ythe two straps may be secured together at this point to keep them from slipping out is claimed isz l. An over-shoe provided with it. sit-rap seeured to the inner innrgiu above the: h'iei and honing the ends provided with .feste-ning means` ndnpted to be brought together 'from opposite Sides uhove the instep, and n. siedhd slr-:ip secured lo ihl.- inner solo on'tiie iI'isile of' the overshoe zuid' having its ends provided with 'nstening menus that :ire adapted to be bio.iglit together :iho've the high point.' of thi.

instrpijdineeiiio the instellinge oil the first.- menl ione'tl si rop und n short strep eonneeting the intternvitli the irstmentioned strop.

2; Au ovfzrs'ho.` provided with :L sirzip'seen red io i he inner smit-eroi t he mnrgin n'nove the heel :ind lmving the ends` provided with test1-ning menus ndnpted to be brought tr gelher l'roinopposite sides` nbove the instep. :ind :i seeond strop seeured tothe. inner soleol' the overshoe :ind huvingviihi ends provided with l'nsteiiing iiie:1i1s,e:iid endsbeingbroughi up nbove [he high point ol' the instep :ind

f eonneeied with the first-mentioued strop..

ln test imoni' whereol", l :illix in v signutin'e,`

in presenee olA two witnesses.

'ii i)

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