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Publication numberUS876152 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1908
Filing dateOct 6, 1906
Priority dateOct 6, 1906
Publication numberUS 876152 A, US 876152A, US-A-876152, US876152 A, US876152A
InventorsFrank C Douds, Smith H Douds, Ralph A Douds
Original AssigneeFrank C Douds, Smith H Douds, Ralph A Douds
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Combined turbine water-motor and fan-blower.
US 876152 A
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No. 876,152.- PATENTBD JAN. 7.19am. F. C.. s. H. al R. A. DOUBS.



240 posed flanges 4, eerried by the edges of sind FRANK'G. DGUDS, SMllil H. D() UDS, AND .lliili A. DOUDL-OF NEW CA SlLE, PENNSYLVANIA.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 7, 1908.

Application filed October 6,1906. Serial No. 337,789.

To all whom if: f/zig/ concern.'

Re it known that we. FRANK C. Dorine, i Snrrn ii. Bonos, und ihren A, Dones, eiii i zoos of the United Steins of America, resiiling itt New Castle, in the county Lawrence und State of Pennsyl 'annu here invented oertnin new and useful l'innrmenients in at Combined Turbine lVaifer-idotor and FunH ,l Blower, oi which. the following is :t speeiiieni tion, reference being had therein to the ztel empfing/ing drawing, This invention relates to e combined turbine water motor-nud fon blower, und the iuvention has i'or its object lo combine these g i devices to forni useful und inexpensively operated fan blower. l Another object oi' this invention is to pro l vide a simple, durable and ei'iieient hin blower, free from injurjvv by ordinary use. lilith these und other ohjeets in View, g `which will more readily appear ns the iuvr-ul tion is better understood, the saine eonsiens` l in the .novel construction, ei'unbinntion nud arrangement oi ports to he lnsreinefrer more fully desoribed sind then specifically poinied out in the appended eluiius.

Referringr to the drow-iner forming port of l this speeiiieetiony like numerals of reference l designate corresponding ports throughout. the several Views, infwhioh:

i Figure i o front elevation of oneiuilf of the fan bloiver. Figi'. 2 is u vertical seetionul View of the combined motor end fun, und Fig. 3 is n cross sectional View folien on iine To put my invention into practice, i oonm struct the blower of two soini-arireulen' eusinffs Il und 2 seiured together by nuls und bots 3, which poss through the radially dis`l casings. The cosine; 1 is formed with n eini-` tral opening 5', find with n neel( portion o, which with the 'noch portion 7 of the rinsing forins en opnnhw .s in the lop of the blower,

` with oonsidorublo propelling force.

with considerable rapidity.

425 one opening serving es en :iir inl-et w'hiie the other serves as on nir outlet.

The easing,r 2 opposite the opening is i formed with :i bearing; 9 in whirh is mounted a sleeveor bushing iu. in ihe bushing il? i ou jonrnoled e sboft il havin;y u iilhdod wheel i i or fen 12 mounted noon its end un. iin t blowerleusing. it will he obserwo t bushing l irotrudes hej/ond the .beuring Y. and unen this prot riding end, i mount e, seniiwheuler turbine essinrr 14 having ft d iteehabieiiront plete l5. in the elsing 14m upon the end oi the shaft 11 is mounted a turbine .vhoel lo consisting of e plurality of buckets or oups 17, errang-ed in pairs. easing el is formed with u tongentizilly disposed waiter inlet port lh, containing' o. noz- Zle or nipple 11) udupred to discharge n stron-in of waiter against the turbine wheel 16 I The opposite side of the easingr 14 is provided with n water outlet port 2l).

'lo support tho combined blower and tur- The bineJ i use :i bracket 21, which is secured to the blower Casing, us :it 22.

The operation of my improved blower 1s f obvious from the abovedescription teken in connection with the drawing, still l desire to cell etten tion to the foi-t that by driving the equally balanced shul't ll lroni one ond j thereof, i :im ounblod lo operate tho blower The shaft 1l has the leest possible hearing sulfuro, (hereby reducing the. friction of the suine to o minimum.

i do not caro to confino myself to the size, proportions or minor details of construction, es suoli changes are permissible by the eppendod elniiu und muy be resorted to without departing from the spirit und scope of the invention.

Whitt l elniin und desire to secure hy Letters Potent, is:--

in u witter motor fou, the combination of e un easing formed of two sections secured together and .provided with on outlet, one of Suid sections haring :in nir inlet arranged approximately rentrzdly thereof' und the other of seid sections provided et :t point in eliueiuent with the renter of the :tir inlet 'ith-h luteriilly-OXtCndingbeziring, said beering projecting inwardly and outwardly With resin-ot to the section with which it is formed, e. 'bushing mounted within seid hearing and heving its inner end flush with the inner end of the bearing und its outer end projecting pest the outer end of the bearing, means extending hro'ugh the bearing for securing the bushing in position, e. supporting standard 'i for seid fen easing connected with one of the sections oi' th-s easing, o. sha-ft mounted for rorntion in said bushing und extending be.- vond both ends thereoi, e. ien mount-ed on ne inner end of seid shaftnothin-fthe.fen

rasing und lowing its. hub shutting aginst the inner end or the hearing ftndhthe inner end of the bushing, n. turbine easing mounted' on the enter end of said bushing end surrounding the outer end of the shaft, said turnular portion constituting a, Water inlet port portion and extending Within the turbine casing, and a Water outlet for said turbine casing.

In testimony lwhereof We aliX our signa- 15 tures in the presence ol two vm'tnesses.


C. A. MQQREADY, NELLIE @ROGERS bine casln having one side formed of a removable p ate whereby access can be had to the said turbine casing, a turbine mounted on said shaft Within the turbine casing and havin its hub abutting against' the outer end o thebushing, said turbine casing provided With an interiorly screw-threaded anarranged tangentiallywith respect to the turbine, a nipple secured to said screw-threaded

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