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Publication numberUS87648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1869
Publication numberUS 87648 A, US 87648A, US-A-87648, US87648 A, US87648A
InventorsE. L. Demorest
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demorest and w
US 87648 A
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1 a giant @tutti @tibia r3* NWA-'lga Nm E. nnEMoREsT AND W. G. cooK, or New YORK, CN. Y

Letters Patent No. 87,648, (lated Mci/rch A9, 1869; antedated Ma/rch 5, 1869.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making parl: of the-same.

Be it known that we, Madame E. L. DnMoRns'r, of the city, county, and. State of New York, and W. G. O ooK, of the same place, have invented a new and improved Shoulder-Brace and Suspenders Gombined;

and we do hereby declare that the following is a full,

clear, and exactdescription of the same, reference being had to the drawing annexed.

Our said invention consists in the use of two arm- Aloops, each formed of a single piece of webbing, and

each terminating in two lobes, as hereinafter described, in combination with cross-ties, which are provided with a supplementary suspender, as hereinafter set forth, by

which the action of the suspenders as a shoulder-brace is governed by the pendent weight attached to the suspenders, thus embodying in the article a capability of self adjustment.

lo enable others to make and use our invention, we

.will proceed to describe the same.

i Referring to the drawing annexed, wherein the marks of reference correspond in all the figures- Figure 1 is a'view of the article as worn, showing part of a human ligure.

Figures 2, 3, 4, are views, in different positions, of

the hook by which the Suspenders are attached to the the back, the upper back part terminating in front, at il, and the upper front part terminating behind, and

sewed fast at the crossing x, under the arm, forming 4a complete loop.

This is one of a pair, the other of which is partially concealed in the drawing by the position ofthe figure.

The shoulder-braces are formed by means of crossties, O D,which are usually of elastic webbing like the suspenders, and are fastened to the upper part or armloopof the latter, formedas before stated.

Thesev four parts two suspenders and two crossties) form together one o rthe simplest, easiest-setting, most vters Patent, is-

more or less upon the loops A of the suspenders, tight ening them against the shoulders.

A furthergand important oliice of the suspender E is to prevent a tendency of the cross-ties to crawl up -on theyneck, which Objectis Well accomplished.

We will now describe the peculiar form and construction ofthe hooks 1, 2, 3. l' The said hooks are formed of sheet-metal, and .before being bent into the hook-shape, as in fig. 3, would have substantially the form seen in g. 1, the dotted lines showing the shape of the ends 5 6 before they are bent.

Figs. 2 and 3 show the hook in the second stage of progress. y

The end of the webbingis now inserted double in the opening 9, in the manner `shown in iig. 3, and the fastening of it in the hook completed by forcing the small end 5 through the opening 8, and then bending said end 5 upward on the back of the hook. Thus, the webbing is firmly secured. Beingl single in the opening 9, but double below, in the bight of the hook, it cannot be pulled out.' y i vHaving thus described the nature of our invention,

What we claim as new, and desire to secure by Let- The mode, substantially as described, of forming each arm-loop of the shoulder-brace into a suspender with two lobes, in combination with the cross-ties specified as connected with the supplementary suspender E, all substantially as and for the purposes set forth.


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Cooperative ClassificationA41F3/00